My Amazing Abusive Boyfriend

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - My Amazing Boyfriend

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Submitted: June 10, 2009



" OMG i'm so sorry Mia!!! " I didn't mean too. " It really hurt's Jason " Mia said." Sweety I was just jealous and stupid,i wouldn't blame you if you already dump me "." No it's ok " Mia replied. " REALLY!!!!! " Jason said. " Really " Mia replied back." Alright wanna go back downstairs ".Sure ''.

When they were downstair's she saw Sarah talking to Micheal Connor with her flirty face on." Would you like to dance "." Sure " Mia replied blushing.When she got tired after a hour of dancing she went to the bathroom. When she came back out walking toward's Jason,someone tap on her shoulder. When she turn around it was a cute guy with blonde hair blue eye's." Hi wanna dance with me "." Sure " Mia replied back.

While they were dancing Jason pulled her away and whisper " What do you think your doing!!!! "." Dancing " she replied back." Are you cheating on me " Jason said." No I was just dancing "."With a diffrent boy " Jason said squeezing her arm." Owww Jason that really hurt's!!! " she said trying to break free.

"Come upstair's!!!!" as he dragg's toward's the stair's. Helplessly she just follow.He pushes her in his room and slap's her across the face 5 time'sboth side's ." STOP PLEASE!!!!!! " she beg for mercy." NO !!!!!!". Mia pushes him to the floor and kick him ran downstair's. " SARAH SARAH SARAH!!!!!!". "Hey" Sarah said." Let's go!!!"."Why I'll tell you when we get home.Did youcall Ethan to pick us up? Crap Mia thought to herself.

"No just let's go ". Ok said Sarah.When they were almost out the door." Mia I'm Sorry someone said behind her. She look around it was Jason.Mia grab Sarahand left.

Would already tell me what's worng? Mia told her everything. " He ask you out and hit's you for just looking and dancing with two diffrent guy's!!!"

" Yup "!!!! "I'm going to kill him " said Sarah. " Let's just get home I had to to much in one night". " Ugh Fine " Sarah said.

When they got home all the light's were off it was 11:30pm. Mia and Sarah was suppose to be home at 10:30pm. When they got up to Mia's room they turn on the bedroom light's and someone was in the room." Well Well Well look who it is Mia and Sarah at 11:30pm at home from a highschool party who were suppose to be coming home at 10:30pm ". I'M TELLING MOM I'M TELLING MOM!!! " said Ethan." Oh shut up Ethan!!! "replied Mia. Sarah giggled.

"Don't you just love me "? " NO!!!" Mia said." Fine I never like you " Ethan said with a smirk." FINE !!!"Mia said back to him.

" So how was the party "? Ethan asked. " Umm It was ok" Mia said quickly.

" Ok "Ethan said supicious." OHH you kiss a boy!!! "Ethan bursted." GET OUT!!! ". " Fine ". When Ethan was about to leave... ETHAN MIa said. " Yeah ". " Did you hear anything about dad "?. " They didn't find him yet " he said with a hesitation. " K " she said all disappointed.

(Sorry that this chapter was so short I'll go with Chapter 4 tomorrowThank's for reading and leave a comment). :-)

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