A Mysterious New World

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Mystery seems to follow Copper Around after he death

Chapter 1 (v.1) - A Mysterious New World

Submitted: December 10, 2009

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Submitted: December 10, 2009



I slowed down before I got to the gate, it was shut but if I got any closer it would open for me, I wasn’t ready to go through the gate. I decided not to go through it yet and wait for as long as possible, besides I was getting tired, I was also cold so rolled up my windows then I put the driver’s seat as far back as it would go, it wouldn’t go horizontal but it was better than sleeping sat up. I leaned back as far as possible and closed my eyes and fell asleep surprisingly quick.
I was woken up not long after I fell asleep by a car honking its horn they obviously wanted to go through the gate, I can’t recall the reason for going through the gate I just knew I didn’t want to. Well now I have no choice the road I too narrow for a u-turn. So I started the engine of the car, which is very strange because I’m 14 years old and never been behind the wheel of a car and never actually paid attention to the driver of a car, but now it came to me naturally. I went forward as slowly as I possibly could hoping that the car behind me would change their mind but they only became inpatient  and honked their horn at me again so I sped up a bit. As I got close to the gate it started to open I sighed and went through it.
This place was beautiful but kind of eerie at the same time, it looked stunning with silver, gold and even some platinum status, big beautiful trees, rear flowers and even some thought to be extinct plants like the Cry Pansy and the Hawaii Chaff Flower... how did I even know any of this I have never heard of any of those flowers, this is really weird what earth is going on. What made it so eerie was that there was not one single animal in this place... not a fish in the river, not a bird in the air (which was a pretty gold colour not sunset gold but actual gold like the statues) and no mammals wandering on the grass this was really strange. The only other person here was the person in the car behind me.
After I while I came to a fork in the road, there was no sign post no way of telling which way was which but both paths led to very different places. The path to my left led to a very light place with buildings that looked like they were made of white marble and had doves flying in the sky, which was blue there. To the right there was a very dark place with sky scrapers and street lamps. That sky was as black as coal; it had lots of stars and a full moon. I suppose I was supposed to choose one but neither look particularly nice to me or a place where I wanted to live... well I assumed that that was the reason for choosing (I would soon find out it wasn’t). In the end I chose the dark city, I liked the dark but it looked far too much like New York for my taste.
I drove down the path to the ‘New York’ city I drove faster than I had done all day all I really wanted to do know was sleep and find out how I got here... the path was longer than I estimated, but I didn’t want to go any faster even though there is nothing any were near me I could probably still crash or flip the car, something along those lines, it was a miracle that I hadn’t crashed already. When I finally got to the gate someone tapped on my window “Oh no please don’t be anything bad” I whispered, the second I said it horrible things went through my mind like; what if I went to the wrong place would they send me to the other place, what if they never let me out I would be trapped even worse what if they executed me. I was close to hysterics when the man tapped on my window again. I rolled down the window.
“What are you doing here?” the man asked.
“Well there is a fork in the road down there and I figured that I was supposed to choose which place to go to...” I said then added “Why, aren’t I supposed to be here? I’ll go if I’m not.”
“No no, it’s ok. You weren’t followed were you?” that question seemed strange if we were supposed to choose where we wanted to go why did it matter?
“No the car behind me went to the other place I think...” I paused trying to remember... I couldn’t but they weren’t behind me so they were either there or still at the fork in the road. “Well they are either there or still at the fork in the road. Why?” I couldn’t help asking.
“Well it has to be your own choice you know free will and all that.” That was good enough for me.
But now I was worried that I might need to pay to get in this place and then for a hotel and I didn’t have any money. I had a duffle bag with clothes, shoes and toiletries in it I also had a backpack with food and water in it. I don’t remember packing any of these things and I don’t know how I knew what was in them, but I couldn’t remember how I got on the car either. 
“Would you like to go in?” the man asked.
“Yes please umm... what’s your name?”
He chuckled and said “Luca” whilst he was opening the gate, it sounded like a really old name to me, well I’ve never heard it before and it could be foreign and it still sounded old, but still he looked so young, handsome and absolutely perfect.
“Thanks Luca” as I went through the gate I added “I’m Copper.”
“I know Copper” he shouted as the gate began to close, that confused me but I drove for I little while longer before I found a car park and parked my car, got out of it grabbing my duffle bag and rucksack, my car was a Daewoo, apparently I don’t know much about cars scratch that I don’t Know anything about cars. I walked to the door of the building the car park was for a man met me at the door he looked younger than Luca but just as handsome.
“Come with me I’ll get you a room and I’ll bring you some stuff to make you feel more at home later.” His voice sounded sweet, but how would he know what made me feel at home? I was more curious about him...
“What’s your name?” I asked.
“Everett” He replied.
“I know that name, it means brave.” I shouted, at first I was proud of remembering it but after a while I felt kind of embarrassed, I felt like I should explain myself “Sorry, it’s just that I know someone with that name and we researched people’s names and their meanings and stuff like that, and I’ve never heard of the name Luca you, know him from the gate.”
“Yes I know him.” There was a pause. “Now I’m going to ask you a question, please answer honestly. What is your first memory?”
It was a strange question but I answered it anyway “Slowing down at the first gate here the one that leads to the place with the gold sky.”
“You’ve lost a lot of your memory... well all of your memory.” He touched my shoulder...
I was seeing myself and I was falling... Falling from a cliff then I hit the floor and started to feel numb and everything went black.
The next thing I saw was me in the car slowing down at the gate.
A horrible realisation came over me...
“I’m dead” I whispered.
“Yes.” He said “I’m sorry.”
Tears stung my eyes “Why it’s not your fault, I fell off a cliff it’s nobody’s fault.”
“What? ... How much did you see?” he asked
“I saw myself falling that’s all... why should I have seen more?”
“Yes you should have seen your entire life not just your death, that’s my job you see, removing blocks from people’s memories. It didn’t seem to work on you though I wonder why... and another thing you are the first person I have met with a fully blocked memory.” Tears were spilling over my eye lids now. “Please don’t cry.” I could see he was feeling uncomfortable and I tried to stop but it made me cry more.
“I’m s-s-orr-rr-y.” I tried to say it smoothly and didn’t succeed. I took a deep breath in then out, that helped and I managed to say “I’m sorry I don’t know why I’m so upset.” I started wiping the tears away from my eyes. He waited till I was finished.
“Don’t worry Copper, we will figure this out” he told me.

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