When The Battle's Over, War Doesn't End

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In the last episode of Xena, Xena purposely died to save one thousands souls. This is how I thing Xena should have died if she had to have died. I wrote this for school 125 or more words a day, so the chapters are short.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Only Herself

Submitted: September 29, 2013

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Submitted: September 29, 2013



It was quiet in the ancient land of Japa. No birds to chirp, no wind to whistle. The trees were tall towering over everything, but the leaves were thin enough to show the sky It was foggy, but the sun still blazed through.

A lone warrior stood on the top of a hill, half covered by the fog. As the fog rolled on, hints of sunlight glinted off the golden metal armor. Red and black leather shined off the droplets of water from the moister in the air. The warriors long raven hair blew in the wind as she starred down the hill. Her crystal blue eyes closed and she listened, not to something, but to nothing. "Don't listen to the sound, listen to what's behind it."

She turned her head. Thats when the sound of drums filled her ears. Though they were miles away, she heard them loud, as if they were beating right next to her. It was a steady beat, much like the sound of her heart.

She could hear the sound of army now, all 6,000 of their voices echoing through her head. But she stood there alone, with no army. Only herself, her Chakram, bow'n arrow, and Katana, with no one there to help her if she needs it. No one to help her out of any situation. Only herself against those 6,000 Japanese Samurai, only herself...

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