Tales: First Generation

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A Shliean's Camp

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Submitted: April 05, 2013




After that night, the three refugees, Aezera, Edmund and Phoebe, were rescued from the possessed elite soldiers of the recently-fallen Kingdom of Saither. The leader of the group 
Joao led them to their camp.
"May I ask why you were being chased by those soldiers?" asks Joao.
"We were running away from those soldiers. They were possessed. We have seen them killing innocent people who were also running away from the invasion" answers Edmund.
"An invasion?"
"Yes. The Kingdom of Saither recently fell. We managed to escape from the onslaught"
"I see. You three had it really rough. By the way, what are your names?" asks Joao.
"Edmund Wingguard. These two are my. . sisters, Aezera and Phoebe" says Edmund with a pause.
The conversation was disturbed when one of the Joao's men arrived. Aezera was startled why Edmund lied. 
"Why did you tell him I was your sister?" silently asks Aezera.
"Why? It's for your own good. Just play with it a little. I know how these people think. You can't trust these guys" Edmund whispered back.
"These people? What is with them that made them like that?" curiously asks Aezera once again.
"They are Shlieans" says Phoebe. "They're very mean people"
"Very mean? What are you saying?" asks Aezera.
"I'll tell you later" says Edmund with a serious look.
Edmund's answer made Aezera very anxious and it showed in her face. Then Joao came back and notices Aezera's look.
"Your sister must really be terrified, Edmund" claimed Joao. "I can see it in her eyes. I can't blame her, though"
"Who wouldn't be?" Edmund added.
"Please stay in our camp. It's much safer here rather than the woods" Joao offers with a little bit of confidence.
The three had no other options to choose.
"Thank you. The three of us are in your debt" says Edmund.
The three were guided to their tent and took rest. After an hour, Joao's men dispersed and went to their tents. Aezera noticed that Edmund is still awake so she asked already for 
an explanation.
"So tell me. . . Edmund"
Edmund sighed and started to explain everything.
"These people, the Shlieans, are said to be a group of people. They plunder villages and towns to kidnap people and treat them as prisoners. The women were used as entertainment 
and the children were kept and raised as Shlieans. There also some said that a cult that belonged to this group used the hostages as sacrifices. To a demon"
From that point on, Aezera became disturbed.
"Do you still want to know more?" he asked.
With an unsure and nervous tone, she answered a yes.
"I see. . . In the past, Shlieans were feared. They were notorious of being the most brutal and destructive group in history. Right now, their numbers decreased by a third because 
of the raids that were spearheaded by the Ylian Senate, Council of Peramus and the Kingdom of Saither"
"Our kingdom?"
"Yes. However, even with those actions, the number of lives Shlieans took is still rising even today. As their way of taking lives, they disguise themselves as merchant caravans 
or small military camps. Those who are unfortunate are made slaves or sacrifices"
"Then aren't we in danger?" she asked with a low voice. It was clearly evident that she was afraid.
Aezera quietly trembled with fear when she suddenly some rustles and faint voices outside their tent. This made Aezera shriek a little and covered her mouth. Her fear took over 
her mind and she started to cry. After that, Edmund tried to wake Phoebe but the moment when he touched her, she turned and she appeared she was not sleeping the whole time.
"I'm sorry" whispers Phoebe. "I cannot sleep because it is not safe to sleep"
The two immediately packed their things silently. Edmund held his sword tightly and Phoebe was putting small balls on her pouch.
"What are you two doing?"
"Getting out of here before we become human sacrifices, obviously" exclaims Edmund. "Pack your things already. Are you going with us or what?"
Startled, Aezera gathered her things and she tried to peek outside. Out of the blue, Edmund stopped her from looking.
"Don't! They might have not noticed us yet so we can't risk our chance" says Edmund.
"Are you planning something?" asks Aezera, with a dull glimpse of hope inside her.
"Yeah. Don't compromise us" he says, then handing a sword to her. "Can you still hold your sword?"
While trembling and very unsure of her options, she grabbed the weapon. . . Suddenly, it got a little brighter and noisier.
"I will try to make a path and you two will follow so watch my back, okay? On three . . . 1 . . . 2. . . 3!!!!"
Edmund charged and went outside. Then two followed him.

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