Does Anyone Notice, Does Anyone Care? - Frerard, My Chemical Romance-

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Gerard Way gains a new room-mate at the hell-hole (Boarding School) and guess who it happens to be? The one and only Frank Iero. Read to find out how their friendship grows over time, whether they want it to lead into something bigger and what of their music? Mikey joins the story, shouting out comments about unicorns and how he wants to join in in their relationship and Ray joins in the fun too. Comment me what you think and I'll love you forever! This is my first My Chemical Romance story by the way, be nice ^_^

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Does Anyone Notice, Does Anyone Care? - Frerard, My Chemical Romance-

Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013




This is my first My Chemical Romance story and I have no idea whether it is any good or not *Pouts* If you guys could help me out that would be great, thank you! This story is mostly a Frerard one, but it will focus more on the friend relationship first, then build up over time and it focuses on the band too, (Mikey + Ray) Thanks for reading everyone ^_^

Chapter 1: Turn Away, Your Awful For Others To See.


All it took to wake me up was a loud thump of something hitting the floor and along with that, came the slam of a loud door shortly afterwards. I shot upright in my bed and looked around the dorm room, a huge rucksack had been thrown to the floor by the other bed on the other side of the room and the bathroom door had been slammed shut. I swallowed hard.

My newest room mate was here at last.

Look alive, sunshine. You have to look alive to the world.

I ran a hand through my thick black hair which was in desperate need of a cut and wash and I stood, stretching. I had been waiting for the new kid all afternoon and that was not how I wanted to spend my Sunday, I checked my watch and realised that I had been sleeping for 4 hours straight. So, I probably looked like hell.

I glanced in the mirror and my assumptions were correct, the under-circles of my eyes had started to go a deep red and my stomach grumbled in need for food.


Pulling my dark covers up to the pillows on my single bed, my new mysterious room-mate returned from the bathroom and went over to his bag, searching for something, keeping his back to me (Probably on purpose, he didn't want to look at you Gerard, no-one wanted that...)


I tapped his shoulder from behind, ignoring my conscience and he gasped before turning around, stunned. Hadn't he noticed that I was here? I looked him over, ah – headphones. He ripped them out his ears and flashed me a small, nervous smile.


I held out my hand to escape the awkwardness, also to create a little gap between our bodies. “I'm Gerard, Gerard Way. Your room-mate I assume,” I said to him nervously. He was...Staring at me with lost, blank eyes and he was insanely pale, like me in that department, he wore red eye-liner that rimmed his eyes and his hair was slightly messy, but short.


“I-I'm Frank, Frank I-Iero.” He replied, practically shaking in front of me as he shook my hand rather weakly before turning away and shoving on a black tight jacket-hoodie type of thing over his long sleeved black tight shirt, which had an unusual dark grey pattern over it, paired with it Frank wore black skinny-jeans, like me.

He didn't say anything else before he grabbed a notebook, shoved it into an inside pocket of his hoodie, along with a pen before he walked out of the dorm and down the stairs to the rest of the school campus. Wait, what just happened?


I got the urge to look through Frank's belongings that he had brought with him but I decided quickly to go against it. That was completely wrong, Gerard! You perverted bastard! I shouted at himself mentally for it. To distract myself I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and face, dried off my hands and I hummed a little song that I had been working on. Yes, I wrote songs, problem? I didn't think so...


I needed something to escape this stupid hell-hole that my parents had forced me and Mikey to go to. Apparently it would do us some good, to go to a boarding school instead of a public one. That's just because at the last school Mikey and I had mixed with the 'wrong-crowd' and it almost ended up in us being killed. Here? We get pushed around like dirt. Which is better?

Getting high off your face, so you can forget all the crazy shit that's going on...Or, getting beaten the crap out of so you pass out and then forget about it because you're temporarily 'out of it'?


I shoved on my black hoodie, quite similar to Frank's and I shoved in my headphones, zipped it up before making my way over to Mikey's dorm, I needed some brother bonding time. Maybe his new room-mate decided to show up too?

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