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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Child of Areos

Submitted: May 07, 2011

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



(A large space vessel gently drifts through the darkness of space. Quietly the ship’s occupants go throughout their normal routine of life. This is the MSS ANGEL—one of the famous warships within the Human space fleet.)
(A young group of people busily chats within the main dining hall. All looking over each other and looking casually out the space windows every once in awhile.)
Rachel: So Becca (pats Becca on the back) when are you going to talk to him?
(They turn to look at Yuri and Becca begins to blush.)
Becca: Well…I…Um—
Rachel: What? You mean you haven’t thought about asking him yet?!
Becca: It’s not that I don’t want to! It’s just I’m—
(Yuri and Felix walk towards them)
Yuri: Rachel—Becca (holds out his hand to Becca)
(Becca gently shakes Yuri’s hand and he casually walks away while Felix stays behind.)
Felix: Yuri might be interested in you girl—you never know.
Becca: Right…
(Suddenly the door opens and Commander Jolie walks towards Becca and the others and grabs Becca by the arm.)
Becca: Hey! What’s going on?!
Jolie: You’ve been asked to come to the research lab.
Becca: The research la—
Rachel: Hey if you’re planning on taking her to that stuck up place just because of my father you can tell him to go burn in Hell!
Jolie: Trust me…We really need her…
(Jolie immediately takes Becca away from the others and out of the dinning hall. She then leads her down the hallways within the ANGEL and soon they walk into the Research Lab, where Doctor Anbo is busily looking at files.)
Jolie: Doctor! I brought her here.
Anbo: (looks up from file) Ah Becca, I hope Jolie wasn’t rough with you.
Becca: (pulls away from Jolie) Not at all…
Anbo: Right…well she had a reason to bring you here.
Becca: Which would be?
Jolie: You and your mother were researching the Areos Mythia correct?
Becca: Yes, along with the Buru and Veldi Mythia. Why?
Anbo: We believe we found something that relates to the Areos Mythia last week…We just realized something strange about it today.
Becca: ?
Anbo: I guess it would be best for us to show you more than talk about it.
(Anbo and Jolie lead Becca to a cryogenic chamber where she instantly realizes a young man frozen in a chamber.)
Becca: What in the world did you do to him?
Anbo: We did nothing to him…We found him like this…Inside a cryogenic pod floating in space last week…
Jolie: We had just cracked the pod open this morning when we found him…Along with this…(holds up a bag that has been thawed out.)
(Becca takes a bag and instantly her eyes grow wide.)
Becca: This is the symbol of Areos (points at a strange symbol on the bag)
Anbo: Just as I thought…which means the tattoo on his neck would be another symbol of Areos.
Becca: (goes to look at the boys neck and clasps a hand over her mouth) It’s a symbol of Areos…but…it’s also an advanced symbol.
Jolie: Which means?
Becca: It means he’s been chosen by Areos…to receive the Nebula Mythia…
(Anbo and Jolie grow surprised and look at each other and then at Becca, and then at the boy.)
Anbo: This is what we’ve been searching for…
Jolie: I have to tell the Captain…
(Becca immedietly turns around.)
Becca: I can already tell you he won’t woke up until his Journey begins.
Anbo: Right…his journey…the beginning of his knowledge gathering…
Jolie: I still need to tell the Captain…whether he’ll wake up now or ten years from now…(walks out)
(Becca turns back to the boy.)
Becca: What in the world is he doing out here though…Areos’s followers were all in South America…
Anbo: Maybe they sent him out here long ago so he could be safe
Becca: Maybe…but this form of the Areos symbol…it’s the earliest symbol…which means he was alive way before technology even existed…
Anbo: Are you certain about that?
Becca: Positive…Which is so strange…Even more strange is the fact that only those that have received the Nebula Mythia can live forever…
Anbo: Maybe he already received it.
Becca: I believe that’s it.
(Suddenly a monitor appears out of Anbo’s wristwatch to reveal Rachel and Felix)
Rachel: Dad!!!! If you make Becca work I’m gonna hit you!!!
Felix: Same goes for me!
Anbo: Relax you two, we just needed Becca to confirm something for us…That’s all.
(Becca steps towards the boy and suddenly a small breeze catches her attention.)
The Journey…
Begins with you
(She turns around to look at Anbo who is still talking to Rachel and Felix. She looks around and realizes no one could have sad anything to her.)

Becca: (whispering to the boy) What in the world have we discovered?

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