Love Runs Thicker Than Blood

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



Chapter Four

They say with death comes new life. As Aiyana drifted in a place that was neither death nor life, she no longer believed. She had grown up with the same values as everyone she’d ever known, and had anticipated that reincarnation truly awaited her after death.

In such an empty place, Aiyana lost her faith. At first, she anticipated her new life. Aiyana had been granted refuge from the pain of death, yet yearned for peace. Instead, there was nothing. Time became endless and Aiyana became nothing. By some point, Aiyana would have welcomed any fate – rebirth, an afterlife, or even final death – in exchange for what she had: emptiness.

With no warning, out of the darkness came an intangible euphoria. Aiyana was enveloped in all-consuming joy, her spirit lifting and her heart exulting. She no longer feared eternity, but embraced it. Visions stole her breath away. Caressed in the gentle embrace of love, Aiyana heard a woman murmur to her, “Aiyana.” With that came the sight of her father, sturdy and healthy, and a supple woman by his side. Because she faced away from Aiyana, recognition failed her until the last second. Her mother!

Yet, in a heartbeat, everything abruptly slipped away.

She awoke.

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