Come Out

Book by: xmusicallyinclinedx


Dylan is an outcast at school and home. His parents don't accept his sexual preference.

Only one person accepts him for who he is.


Chapter11 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 18, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 18, 2014




Aaron held me in his arms, as if I were going to evaporate any second. He tapped his foot on the ground, in a nervous gesture, pretending to watch TV.

“Will you tell me what’s wrong?” I whined, tilting my head back to look at him. He shook his head and kissed my cheek a few times. “Please.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He frowned suddenly.

“Tell you what?”

“Your family kicked you out?” It was more of a question, as if he was trying to get his facts right. I looked back at the TV, sighing.

“It’s no big deal.”

“Yes it is! Why did they kick you out?”

“I’m not good enough,” I said faintly.

“What?” He asked, clearly not hearing me.

“You know what,” I stood up from his lap. “It doesn’t matter… it is what it is.” I faced him, frowning. “I just wanted to hang out and not worry about the shitty people in the world for once. Why does it even matter to you? It doesn’t affect you.”

“I-I-“ He stuttered.

“Can we just forget about the world for an hour?” I pulled on the sleeve of my ratty t-shirt.

“If you promise to eat and take a shower,” He mumbled, re-composing himself.


And so I did. I took a ten minute shower, making sure every inch of my body was clean. Walking back to his room, I saw the sweatpants and t-shirt that he laid out for me on the bed. Picking up the pants, I saw a pair of his boxers underneath and blushed.

The next thing I felt were arms wrap slowly around my waist and soft kisses on my shoulder. “Here,” Aaron breathed, holding up a thing of deodorant.

I took it, embarrassedly. “Thanks,”

“I’ll wait in the living room.” He pulled back and headed out of the room, shutting the door behind him.


Once changed, I felt a million times better. I walked back to the bathroom, squirted toothpaste on my finger before rubbing it on my teeth. I exited the bathroom after finishing and found Aaron lounging on the couch, smiling up at me. “You look cute in my clothes,” I smirked slightly, rolling my eyes playfully.

“How cliché of you to say,” He laughed lightly at my response and waved me over. I advanced over, feeling more like myself than I ever have. “How do I smell now?” I asked, sitting beside him. He pulled me closely and sniffed me jokingly.

“Very good,” We both smiled goofily at each other. “Will you stay the night?” He asked, leaning closer to me.

“Don’t you have to ask your mom?” I asked, pecking his lips deeply.

“Hm?” He closed his eyes, distractedly, puckering his lips. I laughed lightly and kissed him again.

“Don’t you have to ask your mom?” I repeated, watching as his smile grew wider.

“Hmmmmmm?” He trailed.

“Aaron!” I whined, grabbing his face between my hands, gently.

“Kiss me,” He muttered, keeping his eyes closed.

“Not until you answer.” He suddenly opened his eyes, pouting, sitting back.

“My mom won’t care.”

“I want you to ask her.” I crossed my arms over my chest, watching him.

He sighed and pulled out his phone, dialing a number before leaning forward to kiss my cheek quickly. “Hey, mom.” He said into the phone, rubbing his thumb on my side. “Yeah… can Dylan stay the night? Thanks. Love ya, bye.” He hung up, quickly, placing his phone down. “She said yes,” He crawled over top of me, leaning down and kissing me deeply.

Before we could get any farther, someone clearing their throat interrupted us. We both turned our heads over to Izzy’s smirking face. I blushed, and covered a hand over my face. She laughed, “You guys are cute.”

“What do you want, Iz?” Aaron asked, nuzzling his nose on my cheek.

“What do you want for dinner?” She asked, tapping her fingers against the wall.

“Whatever,” He mumbled. “Anything.”

“Dylan?” She asked me.

“I’ll eat anything,” I said honestly, uncovering my face.

“I’ll get on it,” She answered, walking back into the kitchen.

“Is she older than you?” I asked, running a hand through his hair.

“Yep,” He pecked my lips a few times. “Your lips are really soft.”

“So are yours.” I chuckled, turning my head so he was kissing my cheek.

“Do you want to go upstairs?” He asked, moving his lips up to my ear, nibbling on the lobe. My eyes widened and I squeezed his side gently.

“U-Uh sure.”  

He stood up, faster than I had thought possible and made his way towards the steps. I was quick to follow, adjusting my shirt as we went. He shut his room door behind us and fell onto his bed, smiling. “I want to take you out.”

“Out?” I bit my lip, walking slowly toward the bed.

“On a date.” He smiled wider and sat up to look at me.

“On a date?” I repeated, raising an eyebrow. This was news. I couldn’t help but feel excited. Yet, he didn’t want people to know about us… maybe this was him outing himself? Would he take me out in public and act couple-y? Were we even a thing?

“Yes. A date. How many dates have you been on?” He suddenly questioned. I looked down and picked a piece of lint off my shirt.

“One,” I murmured. “But, uh… it wasn’t a date. It was a joke.”

“A joke?”

“When I first came out… this guy, from our school, told me he was interested in me. He said he knew I was gay before and always wanted to take me on a date. I went… uh, long story short, I’ve never been on a date.” I speedily cut to the chase, realizing how stupid I sounded. “Forget I said anything. How many have you been on?”

He gave me a look of pity before responding, “Too many. But, they don’t matter.” He sucked his teeth and stood up. “I want to take you on a classic date; dinner and a movie.” I nodded my head, a smile slowly making its way onto my face. “Right now.”

“Now?” I looked around the room, panicking. “I’m not prepared for this!”

He laughed, watching me. “You don’t have to prepare. You look fine.”

“Mentally. I have to prepare mentally.” I breathed. “And I thought you weren’t ready!”

“I wasn’t… but, then I began thinking.” He shrugged. “I thought a lot.” 

“I’ll go on a date with you…” I trailed, “If you give me a day.”

“I’ll give you until Friday. But, you better not stand me up!” He joked, chuckling. I rolled my eyes.


“I wouldn’t dream of it.” 

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Come Out

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Dylan is an outcast at school and home. His parents don't accept his sexual preference.

Only one person accepts him for who he is.

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