Come Out

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: April 02, 2014

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Submitted: April 02, 2014



Waking up to a text message was something new to me. The smile that followed was even more novel.

Good morning, Dyl.

I typed a quick response back before heading downstairs to grab a muffin and some water. I jogged back up the stairs, setting my breakfast down. Checking the time, I smiled. In less than three hours I’d be seeing him; my only friend. I began eating, showering and getting dressed. I was hoping for a good day.

~ ~

I sat at the table in the café’ part of the library, while Aaron was up and ordering us drinks. He sauntered back over, looking calm, cool, and collected. He placed my soy latte in front of me and I mumbled a thank you. To say I was nervous was an understatement.

“How’s life?” He smiled brightly at me.

“It’s been better… lately.” I glanced up at him. “I think it may have to do with someone.”

Aaron smirked and said, “Oh really? And who is this someone?”

“Fred,” I murmured, pursing my lips. I watched as he fake pouted. “Sorry not,”

“Well Fred’s a very lucky trash can,” He replied, jokingly.

“Indeed,” I nodded, taking a sip of my drink.

“What do you like to do for fun?” He asked, taking me by surprise. I racked my brain for something I could use.

“I talk to the dead,” I said as serious as I could. I began cracking up as soon as I saw Aaron’s eyes widen. “I’m kidding!”

His face eased up immediately, “I knew you were kidding.” I rolled my eyes, playfully.

“Yeah, sure. But, in all seriousness… I like to listen to music.” I did like to listen to music; just not as much as other people did. It wasn’t common to find me with ear buds in.

“That’s cool. What kind of music are you into?”

“What are you into?” I countered back, not really having an answer. Like I said, I barely listened to music.

“Alternative… punk rock; stuff like that.” He shrugged and I nodded as if I knew what he was talking about. What kind of music was that? He laughed, eating a piece of the muffin that was placed in the center of the table for us to share. “You don’t know what that is, do you?” I shook my head, picking a small piece off and eating it.

“Not my style.” I looked up at his smiling face and couldn’t help but smile back.

“I’ll have to show you the good songs.” I nodded and stood up. He eyed me warily, taking a sip of his coffee. I smiled and walked over to the table with lids, straw, etc. and grabbed a few napkins. I turned around to find Aaron looking at a lower region on my body before quickly glancing up to my eyes, smiling with no shame. Either he didn’t notice getting caught, or he just didn’t care.

Why would he be looking at me like that? Maybe it was just my imagination. Yeah, probably. I headed back over and sat in my rightful spot, handing him a few napkins. “Why thank you, kind sir.” He chuckled, watching me.

“No problem,” I smiled a genuine smile. “We should probably search for books soon.”

“Why? I got all the time in the world.” He leaned back in the chair, stretching his arms out. “I’m enjoying this da-day.” He stumbled over his words.

“I am too,” I smiled shyly, picking at the muffin. He smirked before picking the muffin up and leaning across the table.

“What kind of bites are those! Mouse bites!” He put the muffin up to my lips, causing me to laugh.

“What are you, my mother?” Although, my mother wouldn’t even put a finger anywhere near me.

“Eat up.” He shoved the muffin into my face, causing crumbs to fall onto my lap, and the rest to stick around my mouth.

“Aaron!” I whined, a mouthful of muffin dropping out of my mouth. He sat back in his seat, cracking up.

“Wait, wait, wait. Stay there.” I pouted as he pulled out his phone, lifting it up and snapping a picture. He then pressed a few things before facing his phone towards me. “Look how cute,” He cooed, showing me his wallpaper of the picture he had just taken. I wiped some of the excess muffin from my face and leaned across the table, wiping it onto his cheek.

“Take that,” I sat back, crossing my arms over my chest like a three year old who just won a fight with their sibling.

“You don’t play fair,” He scowled, “You copy-cat.”

I was about to answer to his complaints when the manager of the café walked over to our table with a stern expression on his face. “I’m going to have to ask you boys to leave. Your behavior is unacceptable for this type of establishment.” I flushed, grabbing a napkin and cleaning my face off.

I looked up at Aaron, watching as he rolled his eyes and stood up. “We’re going.” He walked around to my now standing state and grabbed my hand, pulling me toward the entrance of the library/café. Once we got outside, Aaron burst out laughing, leaning down to catch his breath. “That guys face though.”

“That laugh though,” I muttered, as he sobered up and turned to stand in front of me. He suddenly reached down and began wiping the crumbs off of my pants. My eyes widened and I looked around to make sure no one was looking. I could’ve done that myself…

“All clean,” He leaned back up, smiling. “Where to now?” I shrugged, smiling. “Are you hungry?” He bit his lip to hold back more laughs. “It seems you had a hard time finding your mouth.” His index finger traced the corner of my mouth as he wiped a few more crumbs away.

It took me a few moments to come back to reality. My heart began racing and my body began tingling. Who was this kid? Where did he come from? Why did he want to talk to me? “I could eat,” I mumbled, coming back to my senses.

“Want to go to my house? No one’s home,” He questioned, smirking at me. I raised an eyebrow, pursing my lips. “I’ll make you food,” He added, trying to convince me.

The logical side of me would think about this option. But, considering there was no logical side of me, I agreed without a second thought. It wasn’t like anyone would be looking for me, or care for that matter.

“Sweet,” He smiled wide and began walking the opposite way from me. I walked behind, stuffing a hand into my pocket.


We sat on Aaron’s couch, eating the rest of the popcorn, while watching The Human Centipede. I really had no interest in the movie, seeing as, it was raunchy. But, Aaron insisted.

“This is so disgusting.” I scowled as the man began assembling the centipede. Aaron’s facial expression resembled mine and he began to slowly scoot toward me.

“Yeah…” He murmured, now at my side. I tried to focus more on the movie than Aaron’s close proximity. The movie was far too gross, but a good looking guy sitting close to you when you’ve had no physical contact for the past month is a whole new world to me.

“Ew!” I groaned, once another gross part came up. My mind then went into overdrive as Aaron unexpectedly nuzzled his head into the crook of my neck, whining.

“Who comes up with these movies?” He complained. I bit my lip, beginning to feel greedy. I wanted this, no, I needed affection. Some form of human touch. My prayers were answered when Aaron slowly snaked his arms around my torso, nuzzling his face deeper into my neck. “You smell good,” He whispered, making me feel overwhelmed with emotions. My arm found itself around his waist, pulling him closer and keeping him tight against me.

“Thank you,” I muttered, not so much about his compliment, and more so for his random appearance in my life, making things better.

Maybe he wasn’t gay… but, I still could use a friend. A friend was better than no one at all. “We should put on something less gruesome.” He said, his smirk apparent against my neck.

“I’ll change it,” I quickly said, grabbing the remote and gripping onto his shirt, sending yet another prayer that he wouldn’t move.

I switched off of the movie and went through the On Demand options, putting on The Notebook. Aaron made no move to even tilt his head to see the TV. I looked up at the ceiling, thanking the heavens for one good thing in my life.

“Good choice,” Aaron muttered dozily. I smiled, loosening my grip on his shirt warily. His arms tightened around me before loosening. I glanced down, noticing his body relaxing into a sleeping state. I smiled and wondered what it’d be like to fall asleep at such ease, with no worries in the world. With no one in your business about whom you wanted to be.

I found myself lightly pressing my lips to his head, letting them linger for a few seconds, a single tear rolling down my cheek for many reasons. For being here, with someone who didn’t care that I was gay.

The feeling of Aaron’s smile against my neck made me stiffen. Was he still awake? I could’ve sworn he fell asleep. Then again, that was quite fast for someone to fall asleep. He lifted his head, his smile still on his face until he looked at me. “Why are you crying?” He furrowed his brows, a worried look on his face.

I cleared my throat, looking over at the TV. “The movie,” I mumbled.

“Okay…” He trailed, laying his head back on my shoulder, knowing that I was lying. The movie had just started five minutes ago.

I breathed deeply and closed my eyes, leaning my head against his. His thumbs gracefully moved in small circles on my side, making me feel like I was walking on clouds. Butterflies formed in my stomach and I pulled him impossibly closer to me, relishing his touch.

“I’m tired,” He whispered, dozing off. I nuzzled my nose into this hair, smiling. So this was what it felt like to be happy again.

“It’s only four o’clock.” I chuckled lightly. He hummed in response, sliding a hand higher up my side.

~ ~ ~

We both ended up falling asleep on the couch; him with his head tucked into the crook of my neck, and mine lying back on the couch. The sound of a vacuum was what woke me. I opened my eyes slowly, seeing a middle aged woman, pushing a vacuum around the room in front of us.

I glanced over, seeing a young girl picking up our trash, throwing it out in the kitchen. I blinked a few times, taking in my surroundings. The vacuum suddenly stopped and the lady looked at me with a bright smile. “Hello,”

“H-Hi,” I stuttered, aware of Aarons arms tightening around me. He made a few small noises before lifting his head and smiling at me. I glanced from him to his mom and he raised an eyebrow before looking over and sighing.

“Hey mom,” He murmured. My eyes widened slightly before I closed them. Of course it was his mom. Who else would be in his house?

“Hi, sweetie. How has your day been?” She asked, putting the vacuum away.

“Very good, yours?”

“Pretty decent. You guys made quite a mess with that popcorn.” She laughed and I opened my eyes again.

“Sorry about that.” I apologized quietly.

“Hello,” The young girl said, walking over and standing in front of us. “You’re cute,” She smirked at me, making me feel uncomfortable.

“Thanks,” I bit my lip, looking down slightly.

“Get out of here, Izzy.” Aaron grumbled, tightening his arms once again.

“So who is your friend?” His mom asked, still with a smile on her face.

“This is Dylan,” I noticed him looking at me in the corner of my eye.

“Nice to meet you, sweet heart.” She nodded at me.

“Nice to meet you too,” I smiled slightly, feeling my phone vibrate. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw a text from my phone company telling me that my bill was overdue. My heart stopped and I locked my phone. “Uh… that was my mom. She wants me home,” I lied, not feeling exactly comfortable in this situation: Aaron wrapped around me while his mom and sister watched us.

Aaron gave me a questioning look before untangling himself. “Alright,” He said suspiciously, standing up and straightening out his clothes.

“Sorry,” I flushed, also standing. “I’ll uh… see you Monday,”

“Yeah, Monday.” He smiled slightly, watching me. “How are you getting home?”

“I’ll walk. It’s not too far.” He nodded at my answer and walked me over to the door, away from his family.

“I’ll see you soon,” He wrapped his arms around me in a hug. I hesitated in surprise before returning the hug.

“Yeah. Thank you, for everything.” I mumbled, pulling back. He frowned, looking like he was having an internal battle with himself, before smiling.


“No problem, Dilly.” I turned on my heel and opened the front door before stepping out of his house and making my way home.

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