Come Out

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: April 02, 2014

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Submitted: April 02, 2014



The problem with the phone bill being overdue was that my mom was the one who was paying for it. I didn’t think she would stop just because I wasn’t into girls like other guys were. I couldn’t catch a break. How was I supposed to keep in contact with Aaron?

Today, I had decided to sit at the dinner table with my family and catch up on everything. I obviously wasn’t included in the conversations nor was I looked at, but I was there nonetheless.  A lot of the time there were awkward silences and my parents would just stare at each other. My older brother would chew on his food slowly and glance my way every few seconds. I felt out of place; like I didn’t belong there. It wasn’t an unusual feeling, as they had always made me feel that way since the outing. But, I couldn’t help but feel more sad than usual. Wasn’t a family supposed to love you no matter what? Weren’t they supposed to support you in every decision?

Once dinner ended, I cleaned up my plate and ran up to my room. I fell face first into my pillows and cried silently. I just wanted to feel loved from my own family. I just wanted people to enjoy my company. The only person I could really feel safe and happy around was Aaron. Some kid I had just met the other day. Who knew how he really was? I barely knew anything about him. I just put all of my trust into him, hoping that he wouldn’t let me down; hoping that the one good thing in my life for the past few days wouldn’t disappear too soon.

I sat up, grabbed my phone and pulled up Aaron’s contact, changing his name to a shorter one: ‘Aaron <3’. I decided to shoot him a quick text, not feeling in the greatest mood.

Dilly: See you tomorrow.

Aaron: Sleep well, Dylan.

I smiled slightly and lay down, falling into a deep sleep.


I leaned against the locker beside Aarons as he dug through his searching for the book he needed after lunch.

“Fag,” Someone mouthed to me, walking by. I slid a hand into the front pocket of my jeans, frowning.

“Let’s go, Dyl.” Aaron stood in front of me, smiling. I nodded and pushed myself off of the locker. We walked side by side to the cafeteria. “I want to drive you home today,” Aaron suggested, as we sat at our usual table.

“Uh, alright.” I pulled my sandwich out of the baggy and bit into it.

“Would anyone be home?” He raised an eyebrow, pulling his lunch out of his bag.

“Probably,” I shrugged, not really sure, considering they all avoided me at home. “Maybe my brother…” He snorted in response, starting on his lunch. “What?” I narrowed my eyes, the hint of a smile playing on my lips.

“Nothing,” He smirked, placing a few chips on my lunch bag. I smiled in appreciation and ate them.

“Well, I’m not sure who would be home, to be honest with you.”

“Would I be allowed in to do homework with you?” He asked, scratching the back of his head. I bit my lip. Would my parents care? I mean, I guess they wouldn’t. They barely even looked my way, I’m sure they wouldn’t notice him.

“Yeah, I guess.” I mumbled. He smiled, eating more.

“Homework is always fun,” He said sarcastically, laughing. I nodded, rubbing a hand on my thigh nervously.




We got into Aarons car and he drove us to my house, smiling that cute smile he does. As we began getting closer, I began feeling more nervous. What if my parents kicked him out or something? I doubted it, but it could happen.

“Here,” He announced, parking the car. I exhaled deeply unbuckling my seatbelt.

“Let’s go,” I got out, grabbing my school bag and heading for the door, Aaron following close behind. I opened the front door and waited for Aaron to walk in before shutting the door. “We’ll go to my room,” I mumbled, heading up the stairs.

Once we entered my room I shut the door and threw my schoolbag in the corner of my room. “Where’s your bed?” Aaron asked, looking around. I turned around and blinked slowly.

“Umm…” I felt my heart drop into my stomach and tears fill my eyes. Where was it? Why was it gone? Where did it go? Surely my parents wouldn’t go this far as to torture me for being someone they didn’t want. “I-I don’t know. Are you alright with sitting on the floor?”

“Yeah! That’s cool,” He walked over and sat on the carpeted floor, placing his schoolbag beside him.

“I’m sorry.” I muttered, sitting across from him. Where would I sleep? This was becoming a problem. I shouldn’t have sat with them at dinner. That must’ve been what gave them the idea.

“It’s alright,” He pulled his homework out of his bag, placing it between us. “Do you have homework?”

“Oh yeah,” I crawled over, grabbing my school bag before getting back into my place, pulling the stuff I needed out. I searched for a pencil in my bag, seeing Aaron watching me in the corner of my eye.

“Are you getting a new bed?”

“Probably not,” I sighed, leaning my head on the top of my school bag, closing my eyes. I wrapped my arms around the school bag, using it as if it were my last life support.

“Hey…” Aaron trailed, pushing the books out of the way and sliding over to me. He wrapped his arms around my abdominal, pulling me to him and off of the schoolbag. I gripped onto his shirt, burrowing my head into his neck.

“I’m sorry, this wasn’t a good idea.”

“No, it’s alright.” He gulped, holding me close to him. I squeezed my eyes shut tighter, feeling bad for him. We had only just met and he was already holding me like I was some sort of baby.

“Let’s do our homework.” I pulled back and he slid back cautiously.

“Okay… so, first is Math.” He pursed his lips, pulling the worksheet out. “You’re going to need to help me with this.” I took a deep breath before nodding. He slid around to me, sitting beside me with his legs crossed. I grabbed the worksheet and looked it over.

My breath hitched when I felt Aarons arm on my thigh and him leaning over, looking at the paper with me. “Do you know how to do it?” He asked glancing up at my face with his lips parted slightly. My head started spinning and I nodded slightly in response. Wow, since when did he get so attractive?

“Yeah, I think so.” I looked back at the paper, erasing the thought out of my mind. I then began explaining how to do it. He listened intently, never removing his arm from my leg.

“Thank you,” He smiled once I was done explaining.

“No problem,” I gazed down at him, wrapping one hand around to his side. He leaned more against me, putting the paper on the floor in front of us.

“Your room is very nice, by the way.” He gave me a crooked smile.

“Even without a bed?” I rolled my eyes, looking around. There was nothing specifically eye catching about my room.

“Even without a bed,” He continued smiling, before lying back on the floor, taking me with him. I ended up on top of him; his arms wrapped around me. “You looked upset when you saw it was gone. You didn’t know about this, did you?”

“No…” I sighed, looking anywhere but him. It was actually pretty uncomfortable. I didn’t want to lay on him and make myself at home. I was sure he’d feel weird about that, knowing I wasn’t a girl. So I kept my arms on the ground, holding the upper half of my body up.

“Where are you going to sleep?” He asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“The couch, I guess.” I murmured. He smiled sadly up at me, rubbing a hand in small circles on my back.

“We should finish our homework,” I gulped, sitting up and out of his reach. I wasn’t one for pity, and this definitely was what he was going for.


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