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A stubborn Princess living on a planet known as Dynamira. Little drama now, but what happens next?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dynamira- Chapter 1

Submitted: July 25, 2013

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Chapter I




To Diana, it was a prison. To her family, it was a sanctuary. To other worlds around them, it was untouchable. It was Dynamira. The most powerful, and most feared, planet in the north point of the Andromeda galaxy.

Both man and woman on the planet were trained for battle. When one would reach their 6th cycle, they were forced to start their training. That was one reason of Dynamira's reputation of fear. The other was their advanced technology. Not in weaponry, but in buildings, transportation, and commutation. The only people authorized to possess a weapon, were the Dynamiran guards. They had cannons and turrets attached to their ships and hand weapons were always carried while on duty.

Diana was almost a full cycle in training. She had become an expert in almost every field of weaponry. However, her most lethal skill was with the dagger. She never missed her target.

“Princess! Princess Diana!” A shaken voice called as she climbed down from her ship.

“I'm here, Freya,” she replied irritably as her personal maid sped towards her, a look of worry stamped on her round, aging face.

“Princess, the royal family has been worried sick. You mustn't stray too far from the planet,” Freya informed as she ushered Diana quickly from the Launch to her room.

“I know, Freya. Sometime I just can't stand it here. I feel trapped,” Diana said softly, almost to herself as Freya prepared her cleansing.

“Princess, you know you shouldn't say such things. You're family loves you very much,” Freya said as she led Diana to the cleansing room.

Diana rolled her eyes as she peeled off her flight suit and stepped into the large glass box, Freya closing the door behind her before waving her hand over a small section. Not a moment later, a key pad, along with some options, appeared after her sweeping hand.

Diana stood, feet shoulder-width apart, with her arms outstretched on either side of her as a blue light blinked three times before remaining still, signaling the scanner's activation. It rotated once around her body. A sort of grey mist spurted from the machine, coating her body and hair in small droplets. After a moment, the scanner rotated once again around her, a warm, scented heat massaged her skin. The scanner came to a stop, the blue light disappearing as Diana stepped out of the glass container where Freya assisted her into her white bodice with a long white skirt.

“Why do I have to wear this damned thing anyway? It's just dinner,” Diana said before gasping as Freya pulled tightly on the ribbons located along the spine of the bodice. Diana scowled as she studied the long blue gown that was spread neatly on the chair before her.

“You have to look extraordinary tonight, Princess. You're meeting your fiancé,” Freya said as she pulled on the second loop, causing Diana to let out another gasp and place a hand on the stiff material at her stomach.

“Prince Alton is not who I want to spend the rest of my cycles with,” Diana replied breathlessly.

“Prince Alton is a nice, handsome, man. He will be very powerful one day.”

“Oh Please, Freya. He is not the man for me,” Diana took another sharp breath as Freya tightened the last loop, tying the ribbon just below her shoulder-blades.

Diana tried to breath as she attempted to move her torso, however she was unsuccessful.

Freya slipped the smooth, silky gown over her head, guiding her arms through the dark translucent sleeves. The skirt of the gown dropped around the white underskirt to the floor.

“You must remember to be on your best behavior, Princess,” Freya said as she buttoned up the gown so that it fit nicely around her body.

“Don't worry, I'll just focus on breathing,” she muttered as Freya lead her to the back of the cleansing room, sitting her at the Preparation station.

“Freya, can I ask you something?” Diana asked before wincing as Freya ran an brush through her dark abyss of hair.

“Of course, Princess.”

Diana looked at herself in the mirror. Her piercing orange eyes complemented well with the blue gown. “Have you ever wondered of what lies beyond the Andromeda galaxy? What lies in other galaxies? Maybe life we've yet to discover.”

Freya stopped brushing her hair suddenly. Staring at Diana's reflection in the mirror Her lips pressed together in a tight line. “Princess, you know it is forbidden to ask about such things.”

“I know, but, you must be curious, right? Haven't you ever thought about other worlds similar to ours beyond our knowledge?” Diana's raised her voice subconsciously.

“That's enough now, Princess. They could be listening.” Freya looked away from her as she busied herself with brushing Diana's hair.

Diana sighed she leaned back in the chair. Whenever the Coms picked up talk about forbidden subjects, they listened in. Wonder about life beyond the Andromeda galaxy was one the the restricted matters.

Freya finished Diana's preparations without another word about the banned topic. She bent down, strapping her silver heels to Diana's feet.

Diana rose to her feet to examine her appearance in the mirror. Her dark hair was half pined up in a neat braided bun. The bottom half cascaded around her shoulders and open back in waves. Her make-up brightened her eyes and her red lips complement her fair complexion. The gown's black sleeves coated her arms, shoulders, and chest in a translucent material, studded with silver gems. The material formed a point at the top of Diana's hands, connecting to her middle finger with a loop acting like a ring. The black cloth also covered back to her shoulder-blades. The silky blue fabric was well-fitted around her breasts and upper waist before dropping to the floor in a flow of unwrinkled material.

Freya led her from the room to the hall where she accompanied her to the doors of the dinning room. “Go now, Princess. You don't want to keep them waiting,” Freya said before bowing her head and departing through a servant hallway.

Diana sighed to herself. “No, I most certainly do not.”


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