Til Death Do Us Join

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Zoey, her brother Jace, and their parents move into a new town, and into a new house. Zoey's life was perfect before, and she loved it. She had the perfect friends, and the best family. She had been interested in psychic stuff, ghosts, and hauntings before, but had quit out of fear.
Zoey and her family move to the new town, and into their new house. There's a secret to the home, and why it's been empty for almost a hundred years. Zoey and her brother go through it all, and their parents think they're crazy. They meet up with the previous family, but not in the way they'd ever expect.
When Zoey meets the young boy that lived there before, she falls madly in love, and he loves her back, although, they are from two different worlds, and the love seems impossible, especially with his father pushing them apart.

Chapter 1 (v.1)

Submitted: August 21, 2008

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Submitted: August 21, 2008



I awoke startled, with tears actually running down my cheeks. I was crying, for my dream, the boy in my dream. He was murdered…by his father, his own father. I had seen it all; I followed the whole story in my dream. I was hoping it was just some freaky nightmare, and hoped my psychic abilities weren’t kicking in. I thought I had shut them out. I took in a deep breath, and wiped a tear from my cheek. I checked my clock, 3:24 am. Perfect. Right in the middle of the witching hour. Damn. Whatever, probably just a coincidence. I pushed the dream aside, and hit the power button on my stereo. It began to play Within Temptation, my favorite band. I drifted off to sleep, listening to the song Angels.
The rest of my night went by without any dreams…another thing that used to happen when I dreamt about the past or future. I awoke around nine to my mother shaking me lightly.
“Zoey, you have to get up. We need to get everything else in the car. Your father and I have been up since five, helping get the furniture and such in the moving truck.” I sat up and put my hand on my head, trying to ease my small headache.
“Ok, thanks again for letting me get new furniture.” I said quietly. My parents were letting me leave everything here, and get everything new for my room. My brother said he wanted to keep his old stuff.
“Your welcome, I love you. Now get up. You have to pack anything your taking. Get dressed, get your stuff, and get downstairs.” My mother said putting her hand on my shoulder. Her and I were close, so were my brother and I. I waited for my mom to step out of the room, and jumped out of bed, a little too quickly. My vision went blurry and I became dizzy. I fell to the floor instantly. I heard someone laughing in my doorway. I looked up to see Jace, my older brother. He’s sixteen, we’re two years apart.
“A little clumsy sis?” He asked, pulling me up.
“Just a tad.” I replied laughing at my pathetic clumsiness. I was always a klutz. Always have been, always will be.
“So are you riding with mom and dad, or me?” He asked as I went into my bathroom. I shut the door, and pulled off my clothes, getting ready for my shower.
“What?” I said through the door.
“You can go with mom and dad, or you can go with me. I’m driving the other car.” He said, I could tell he had moved to stand by the door.
“Definitely you, I’m surprised you had to ask.” I said laughing a little, brushing out my tangled hair.
“Alright, I’m leaving around ten thirty. So hurry up.” He said leaving. I sighed, and turned on the shower, letting the water run hot.
After my shower, I blow dried my long blond hair, and curled it straightening my bangs, letting them cover half my eye. I lined my bright green eyes in black, and added some lip gloss. I put on a pair of blue jean shorts, flip flops, and a black tank top with a silver vine and fairy printed up the side. I checked myself over in the mirror, and checked the clock. 9:30. Good timing for me. I pulled a large bag out of my closet; I put all my writing stuff and c.d.’s in. I then checked under my bed and noticed a small book. I pulled it out. It was black leather and had a lock on it. I then found the key next to it. I opened it, and realized it was my old paranormal journal. I had written about all my experiences in it. I stuffed it into my bag, with all my other little possessions I wanted to take with me.
“Jace!” I yelled down the stairs.
“Yeah?” He answered, walking into my room.
“Can you help me? Could you carry my clothes box down to your car? I can get my bag.” I asked pointing to a box on my bed that was filled with my clothes. He nodded and picked it up. I followed him out, taking one last look at my old room. I sighed and went outside, dropping my bag in the trunk and hopped in the passenger’s seat where Jace was waiting for me.
“You ready for a new house, town, school and crappy neighbors?” He asked sarcastically. I laughed.
“Hell yeah!” I said as we pulled out of the driveway.

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