Falling For The Wrong Guy

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Average 16 year old Raylen Bishop is living the normal teenage life. She's not a geek but she's certainly not popular, she has a best friend and a cute crush. But she finds out that her crush has a hot new cousin who just happens to take interest in Ray and her beautiful dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Does her new boy mean that she will stop liking her original crush? Or will she stick with what she knows, even though he has a girlfriend? What if it's all to much and she pushes both guys away. Maybe she'll end up falling for the wrong guy.

Please read and give me feedback! I'm only 13 and this is my first book so don't be to harsh. Pleaaase enjoy :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Falling For The Wrong Guy

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013




"I'm not going to just walk right up and tell him I think he's hot! Are you crazy?" Me and best friend Tanner are at the beach on a warm Friday late afternoon. We both live about a block from the school and this beach, so we come here quite often. I'm a smart honey brown brunnette, with bright blue eyes. I'm not exactly popular, and not very good with boys. Like at all. Where as my beautiful blonde bestie Tanner has had about 5 boyfriends since grade 8. So 5 boyfriends in 4 years."Ray!" She moaned, pushing on my leg. "No. I'm not doing it." I say, then lean back, throw my shades on and strip of my shirt, revealing a nicely toned tummy. She threw her hands up in defeat and lied back down on her red and white beach towel I got her for Christmas. As a joke, every day after Christmas we hop into the freezing Arizona water, count to ten and bolt. This year we lasted 15 seconds then collapsed on the beach. Good times. The hot beach blondie notices me staring at him and my eyes attempt to dart away. He makes eye contact with me and smirks. Kill me now. "Oh, I gotta go T." I say as I check the time. "Landon." Landon is the hottest guy in school. He's so hot even our old history teacher made a comment about how cute he is. Hense the word 'OLD' teacher. He's not very good at math, so I tutor him every Sunday Tuesday Thursday and some Friday's. Depends on his schedual. Tanner and all the rest of my friends are exremelly jealous of me. But there not missing out. He's a jerk.A hot one too. I pack up my stuff and pull my loose cropped t-shirt 
back on. "Bye Ray Ray!" I wave good bye to Tanner. "Bye T." When I get in my corvette I start the car and toss my stuff in the back and text Landon. 
I pull into his massive driveway full of BMW's and Porche's and eject my keys. Before I get a chance to knock on the door Landons maid Gertrude opens it. "Hello Raylen." "Hi Gertrude. Do you happen to know where Landon is?" She nods and points up the stairs. "Thank you." I've been here plenty times before so I already know what she means by upstairs. I enter his room before knocking and immediatly regrate it. I find him on his bean bag chair with Kendra Wilson on his lap making out. Kendra and Landon have been on and off since grade 9 and is known as THAT couple."Sorry." I mutter and close the door after they break apart uncomfortablly. "Why is that here?" I hear her ask rudely. "She's my tutor. I have to go." I hear them get up and back away from the door. "Sorry." I repeat when they come back out. She gives me a death glare but he says, "It's fine." When Kendra leaves we get to work. "What's the square root of 16?" He thinks for a moment then replies. "4." "Good. Now divide that by 2, multiply it by PI and you have your answer." He begins to do his work but then he stops. "Do you want to come to a party tonight?" I feel my mouth drop open. "Yes. Yeah, that'd be great." I say lamely. "Why?" I ask after a while. "I need you to be here and tell  your parents your still helping me study. I'll pay you extra as long as you make your mom tell my mom that I'm doing good." Oh. He's only bribing me. "Oh, uh, ya. That'd be cool I guess." Then we get back to work. What he said stirs in my mind, and I can't really think clearly. "Can we take a break?" I blurt out. He looks up from his math and smiles. "I thought you'd never ask." 
We sit at the granite counters and eat fruit in silence. "Wanna play the spoon game?" I look at him questionally. He pulls out of his chair and makes his way around the island to where the cutlary is. He came back with a spoon and stood directly across from me. "You just flick it up." He said as he put the body of the spoon on the table and flicked the main part. It flew right up to my face and I caught it non chalently. "And then you catch it like that." We played that game ight up until I go home and change into a cute skirt and a shirt with some converse and a distressed denim jacket. The nicest clothes I have. For the only highschool party I've ever been to. I tried to convince Tanner to come but she had to babysit. I almost didn't even bother coming to the party, but she said she'd kill me if she didn't. So I did. Because I'd like to live a bit longer then 17. Landons at the door greeting people as they walk in. It's all the popular kids in the school. That's a lot of competition. I nervously walk up to the door and smile at Landon akwardly. "Hey." He smiles and folds me into a hug. "Hey, you!" Yup, he's already wasted. After kissing my cheek he let's me go to enter the party. People are all moving and dancing and I feel a bit shifty. Every single person in this room is hot and popular. Except for me. I sigh and grab a cup of punch. "Look how hot he is!" I hear two girls gossiping and assume their talking about Landon. "Who is he?" I follow their gaze and see none other then the hot blonde I saw at the beach. "Landon told me he just moved here. It's his cousin." I set my drink down and move to the hallway. It's quiet, and nobody is there. Plus Landons hot cousin can't see me there. I slide down the wall and land on my butt. Why did I even come here. A couple stumbles past me. They look down at me and spit, landing right on my forehead. I stick my foot out and rrip the boy, then quickly grab my purse and push my way through the crowd. I hear a slow song come on and everybody partners up. I try and bolt out the door but a hand grabs my arm. When I turn I see him. Blonde, brown eyes. Plain t-shirt and jeans. Looking right at me. "May I have this dance?" Everybody gasps. "M..me?" I stammer. "Yes, you." I can't talk so I nod, not able to breath. He takes my hand and leads me towards the center of the living room. As he places his hands around my waist I notice that we're dancing next to Landon and Kendra, who are both bug eyed. "I'm Kyle." He said, breaking the silence. "I'm Raylen. But most people call me..." I look at his face and don't realize that I've trailed off. He looks at me hopefully. "Call you?" "Oh, call me Ray." He smiles warmly. "I like that name a lot." I feel my freckle spotted cheeks burn and I avoided eye contact. "I saw you at the beach today." He said. "Oh yeah..." I remember gazing at his beautiful abs then getting caught. "I got this bruise." He pointed at a black and blue spot on his forehead. "Ouch. How'd you get it?" I ask. He laughs softly, and tightens his grip o my hips. "I was staring at this beautiful girl." It takes me a second but I finally realize that he's talking about me. I blush once again and step forward, closing the little space that was between us. He was tall enough that the rim of his hat went over my head when he looked down at me. Or maybe it was just that I'm 5'4  and he's about 6'0. "You are so pretty." He said, soft enough for only me to hear. "You shouldn't say that." I whisper. "Why?" "Because guys like you shouldn't like girls like me." He puts his finger under my chin, lifting it up to see his pretty brown eyes. His blonde hair was up like Justin Biebers new hair, except hotter. "I've never met a girl like you, though." I sucked in dry air and let it all out. Right before he kissed me. 


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