Falling For The Wrong Guy

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: May 22, 2013




"Hey girlies!" Exclaims the soul brunette from the stupid trio. 
"Hey." I say. I avoid eye contact because they are busy scanning the decor. It's beautiful with marble  floors and a gold chain chandelier. My eyes dart from the room we're currently in to the room where all the noise is coming from. The dumb chic leads us in the doorway and we enter a party room with strobe lights 
flickering and a group of mixed genders gathered around an empty sprite bottle. 
"Ray!" I see Kyle pop up from his cross legged position to embrace me. 
"Hey, uh, didn't know this was a boys and girl sleepover, not that I mind it's just..." I trail off hoping he'll catch on. 
"Oh, no. We aren't sleeping with you." I sigh and then smile. We sit down around the can and I wait for instructions. 
"It's spin the bottle. You know how it goes right?" Kendra asks us like we're 2. 
"Of course I do Kendra." I snap. "I'm not stupid." She glares at me harshly then spins the bottle. 
"How does it go exactly." I ask quietly towards Kyle. 
"Whoever it lands on has to kiss the person who spun it." "
Oh." I say, feeling very stupid. It landed on Adam, the jock that spilled the food on me. 
"Come here." She says happily then plants a sloppy kiss on him; leaving him speechless probably thinking he'll get lucky later. I glance at Landon who doesn't appear to like that very much, it was his turn next.As it spun I saw all the girls breath in heavily. They were making it quite obvious that wanted to kiss him. But then again, who wouldn't? It finally skidded to a stop and tilted left. On me. My first thought was 'Yay'! For some reason. Then I brought myself back to reality and looked at the major issues I had. Kyle and Kendra. Kyle was my almost-boyfriend who cared about me a lot who would never do this to me. Then Kendra. She is going to kill me! And she's the most popular girl in school. That means she can ruin my life. I locked eyes with Landon and he stood up, sat down next to me and grasped my neck. And then kissed me. Just like that. As our lips collided I remember exactly how it felt. Better then any kiss I've ever had. I felt my stomache churn once we broke apart and eyes widened. When he sat back down non chalently I saw him smirk at Kendra's scrunched up face. She was seething. She has to learn how to take her own medicine I guess? When I looked over at Kyle, he didn't seem to mind that much. His face was indifferent, as if nothing had happened. 
"Pizza's here!" I heard a voice shout. I looked over to see one of the jocks at the door, hands on his mouth to echo his already-loud-voice. People trip themselves as they scatter out of their seats. 
I stay seated with the few smart people there was: Kyle, Tanner, dumb blonde who looked confused and Liz Anderson, a really nice girl from chem that just happens to be Kendra's best friend. 
"Not hungry?" Asks Kyle. 
"Nah," I reply. "Just kind of claustrophobic." 
He nods. "Didn't seem that way with Landon." I feel myself flush and look at Tanner. 
"You know what? I suddenly got hungry. Let's go get some food." I eye T and she stands up unsure.
 "We'll be back."
"I knew I shouldn't of came." I wailed in the locked pristine bathroom to my best friend. 
"Ya, I know. It's fine hun. Trust me, he'll get over it in a heartbeat if you just show him a little sugar sugar if you know what I mean." She gave me a winky face and I hit her lightly. She has always been a bit more...experienced then me. She had her first kiss at 12, where as I had my first kiss was at 16 with a geek just because she kept nagging me about not kissing anyone. I mean I still don't understand why she would dare hang out with me when she could be Kendra's bff if she didn't accuse her of being a whore.  A knock on the door  causes me to hop off the sink and her to sit up from the toilet seat.
"One sec!" I answer. I open the door and see Landon eyes go wide when they land 
on Tanner, then back on me. 
"Oh," I say with a laugh. "No, no, no. It's not like that. We were just talking." He stepped closer and whispered, 
"That's what they all say." As non seductive as that was he somehow said it with a pur.
 "And I'm sure you know all the excuses." He smirks then twists me around and shuts the bathroom door behind him.When I arrive downstairs I see a movie playing on the stunning 76' TV. They are all snuggled on the big couch with the odd couple on the floor. I see Kyle at the edge of the couch and he pats the 
sliver of a space. I peek at Tanner and see she's looking for an empty spot. There isn't one. 
"Uh, where's Tanner supposed sit then?" 
"The floor." I hear Kendra mutter. 
"If I throw a stick, would you go away?" I say to fast for me to really process it. I would've taken it back, but it's just Kendra. Her mouth opens but I say, 
"She can sit there." 
"No." She protests, finally saying something. 
"Where will you sit?" I look around and realize I can't protest since there's really no spots to choose from. 
"Right here." I notice that Kyle has moved off the couch and is sitting on the off-white carpet, with a blanket wrapped around him.
 "Right there." I sit down casually in between his legs and he wraps his arms and blanket around us; warming me up nicely. Tanner awkwardly makes her way to the spot and sits down. Then Max, this really cute guy that she's been crushing on for forever throws his arm around her with a 'yawn' and they snuggle together. I look up casually and pretend to make conversation with Liz just so I can see how adorable they look together. It's so cute! Kyle kisses my cheek and I turn around and face the movie. "Are you hot or cold?" He asks. "Hot." I answer. He laughs and then says. "Yeah, I think we've established that." 
After the movie the boys get up, I assume to leave. Then Landon says, "Ok, ladies. Have fun down here we'll be upstairs if you need anything." I gagged on my coke and looked up at Kyle who 
winked then blew me a kiss. Which means he's over that whole spin the bottle thing? Anyways I find Kendra and pull her aside.
 "What do you mean their not leaving." 
She cackles. "Oh huny, I forgot to mention I have an older brother. They are all friends with him so they wanted to make this one big sleepover." My mouth falls open and I can feel Tanners eyes get very large. "My mom doesn't...my mom doesn't know that there are boys here!" Panic sets in and I look for my phone. Once I grab it I begin to dial her number. When I was about to click call Kendra snatched it out of my hands. 
"Don't worry, they won't find out. Trust me. We do this like every Friday. No one has gotten caught." "Yet!" I heard a voice add. I took in a huge breath of air, hoping that is all I need to clear 
my thoughts.
 "Oh my god." I mumble. "Ok. I won't tell her." I announce not expecting anything in return. Though I got cheers and whistles towards my rebellious attitude. Then Kendra told us to 
change into our pajama's. She said that shorty pj's work best since it's really hot in here, so everybody ruffled through their bags. "I didn't bring any." I say with Tanner. "So needy!" She exclaims. She 
leads us upstairs into her humongous bedroom. It makes Tanners look average and mine look like a box. "Here." She says passing me extremely short white boxer shorts and a tight tank top. 
"Thanks!" I exclaim.
 "Oh my god, you have Steve Madden hidden wedge sneakers!" I look over to see Tanner holding a pair of shoes in awe.
 "Yeah, I love Steve Madden." Kenny says. 
"Me too! I love that one purse," "Oh my god I totally know which one your talking about!" They fan girl it out while I look at the pictures of her and her parents.The black and white one was when she was a baby. It was professionally done, of course, so I glance at the photographer. Rick Rodrigues. No clue who he is. "Let's go girly!" I put the picture down and head back into the crazy sleepover room. 
"No way!" I shout at Liz. "No way, I am not giving my mom a picture of that!" We are looking at pictures in Kendra's brothers phone that we found underneath the couch. I explode in giggles from 
seeing the next photo of him and his friend Taylor kissing. Yes, Taylor is a boy. When I fall back in laughter I knock over my fourth coke of the night. It spilled all over Kendra's shirt and I cursed loudly. 
I quickly took off the shirt, revealing my bandeau and tanned curves. "Wow, you have a really nice body." Says Liz. Tanner begins to laugh uncontrollably too,which didn't help. Kendra was in the 
bathroom so I took the shirt and ran upstairs to the washer/dryer room.  As I hurried to the washer I ran straight into a body. The arms held my hips which steadied me. "Sorry!" I said, looking up. 
 "Yo, dude! Hurry up!" Just then all of the boys came out shirtless in their boxers.
 "Landon, wow! Hello!" Adam said with a wink. I then realized I was in my bandeau and shorts. Landon let 
go and I saw Kyle's mouth open. 
"Uh, do you happen to know where the washer is?" Kenny's brother steps out of the room and his eyes widen. 
"I'll,uh, show you." He leads me to the room and I throw the tank into the machine. 
"Thanks." I say, my cheeks hot with embarrassment. I push my way through the boys and a hand touches my booty. I grab the hand and see it's Adam. 
"No touching south of the equator." I snap. "Or North." I then scurry back downstairs and gush how the whole embarrassment happened. Yeah, this is going to be a long night. 
"It's time to get up,." A voice tickles my ear and I turn in my cozy duvet. 
"Not yet." A raspy voice escapes my lips and I open my eyes. Kyle is above me grinning like an idiot. 
"Hey." He says. 
He is now directly above me and so close we could practically  touch tongues. Not like I have dreamed of that before or anything but you know people think of things. 
"What time is it?" I half ask half 
"11:30." This causes me to brighten up. 
"Already? Am I the only one awake?" I pull a sweat shirt over me and some pj's over my boxers. 
"Shh!" When his finger touches my lips I can't help 
but suck in air. 
"No, you and me are the only ones up. I just wanted to say hi. Sorry, if you want to go back to sleep that's cool but-" 
"No. I want to be up and alone with you. Just you." We cacoon ourselves in blankets and go outside into the nippy morning air. As we sit on the bench it creaks and begins to crack. 
"Ok. How about the hammok?" The freshly cut grass is cool against my toes. I 
feel uneven rocks dig into the balls of my feat and cringe in uncomfortableness. After he get's himself settled on the tan hammok I drape myself over him and rest my head on his buff chest. 
"Where'd you come from?" I ask finally. "
My mom's whoohoo." 
"Haha, very funny. What place did you come from before you moved here?" 
"Ohhh," He says sarcastically. "You could have said that. I came from Detroit." 
"Huh," I said. "Why in the world, would you come to Scottsdale, Arizona?" 
I felt his broad shoulders move up and shrug, then fall back into place. "I visited here before, to see Landon and I guess we all just kinda felt like we fit in." I nod and watch the hot sun blaze over the pool and hot tub. 
"I really like you." He blurts out. A smile creeps across my face and soon enough 
I'm flashing my pearly whites. 
"Me too." Is all I can manage to spit out. 
"Do you want to maybe go see a movie or something with me on Friday?" "Friday sounds amazing." Friday is way to far 
away to keep my calm and outlengths my silly-little-girl-grins and stupid statements. But it's better then Saturday. As we lie there together, I think about how fast I've been able to trust him. It took me 
less then like a week to be able to explain my feelings, different then any other boy I've met. 
"Ray!" I heard Tanner shout from the patio and I looked over, rolling off of Kyle defensivly. Giggles rang through my ears as Tanner and Kendra came out onto the swaying grass. 
"You love birds have to come inside. We're having breaky." Kenny and Tanner both look unusually hyper and energetic despite the sleep in both pairs of blue eyes. 
"Ok." I called. "I'll be in in a minute." They swatted each other playfully and then disappeared inside. 
"So Friday's good?" Kyle asked. 
"Yes. Friday sounds great."


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