That Girl - the nobody that became a huge Hollywood sensation

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Teddie was just a simple girl, shy, a nobody. Until she peers in the window of a building down town where auditions for the star in the new hit TV show, "That Girl" were beign held....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - That Girl - the nobody that became a hige Hollywood sensation

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Submitted: August 31, 2009



Chapter One: That Girl in the Window:

"Okay, class," Miss Medrano said, "Your homework will be due on Monday, since we don't have enough time in class to finish it." I heard the ruffling of papers as opened my 2 inch binder and placed my homework in the right pocket. The clock read 3:43pm, school let out in 2 minutes. I wished it let out sooner. Even two minutes was torture to me.

Chatter among my peers soon became loud and boisterous. And, as usual, I was not included in any of the many conversations. It was already the 3rd week of high school and I hadn't made a single friend. It was just like 8th grade all over again. How was I going to survive it? I looked up at the clock again. 1 minute. I gathered my things, purse on my shoulder, hugging my binder tightly to my chest, waiting for the final bell to ring and finally have a weekend after hours of agony.


Every one hurried up out of their seats, but I hurried faster. I fast-walked out the door and into the hallway, making my way down stairs, faster than any one else, and finally out the back door of the school. It was cold. Cold, wet and rainy. My boots were warm on my feet as I pulled my dark pastel pink hoodie over my head. my Dark brunette hair, messy and straight peeking out of each side, my eyes, a green-hazel seemed to compliment the eerie sky, setting the mood even more dark.

I hated school. I was, utterly, painfully shy. And that's the truth. I try to talk. But no one listens. Life is going to suck for me for the next 4 years. I made my way out of the school parking lot and splashed in puddles down the street. Walking past the busy center that was down-town.

Of course, I don't know what was worse, school, or home. Of course school was bad, but at my house, my dad is the only one there. He's an alcoholic and a smoker, I'm his only daughter and I have 3 other brothers. He favors them. I get the small attic bed-room, while my brothers get the bigger bottom bed rooms. I moaned. The rain! It's probably soaked my bed! I thought. Since my bed room was in the attic you can imagine it's vulnerability to the harsh weather of Seattle.

My 3 brothers are Tom, Carter and Wess.

Tom, the oldest, he's 17 is controlling. He gets the best of everything because he's on his high school football team, and my dad supports him 100%...he's his favorite son. He gets the best. OF EVERYTHING.I know I've repeated it, but it's true. He has dark blonde hair that’s long and shaggy, and he is the probably the most popular senior at Milburne High.

Carter is the second oldest, he is 16. While he's not dad's favorite he still gets it pretty good. He has Light brown hair, short and spiky. Pretty well known at Milburne High. He likes to yell at me, and tell me I'm worthless, but it doesn't hut me as much as it used to.

Wess is the youngest, but I'm still younger than him. He's 15. He has a blonde hair in a helmet-hair cut. I think it looks terrible on him, but all the sophomore girls love it. He's trying out the football team this year, and dad is ecstatic.

The shops down town were open even due to the weather, and the early darkness caused by the clouds. I pulled out my ipod; the time was 5:15. I could see my house from here, at the bottom of the hill. I really didn’t want to go home. I hated it there as much as I did school.

“She was just small town girl…with a handful a dreams…just a nobody doesn’t know what it means to be Hollywood rock star…”

The song came from the window I passed, inside I saw a stage, and a couple chairs. There was a girl on the stage with light blonde hair, beautiful make-up, and a gorgeous body. The sign on the window read, “ ‘That Girl’ Auditions August 31st

The song was cool, a mixture of rock and pop. I had heard about it, it was going to air on October10th on ‘the impossible’ channel. I had heard during an interview on the news that the director was very picky about who should play the main character, ‘Stephanie’ on the show. I didn’t know that they were holding auditions here in Seattle. I walked closer to the window, and laid a bare hand on the cold glass. What a wonderful voice that girl had! And her hair, her body, it was perfect for the role, She was rock star material without a doubt. As soon as she finished the song, the director said something to her, that made her mad, and they had security carry her off the stage.

She didn’t make it? It was true, this director was picky. The director, I saw was sitting at a round table across from her supervising director, she had blondish-red hair, and was wearing something that looked expensive. She had her face buried in her hands and said something to the man sitting across from her. He tried to comfort her, but his efforts failed. she started to talk to him in distress, then she spotted me.

I didn’t react at first I just watched. After looking at me she turned to the man and pointed at me, said something, and the man got up and began to walk towards the door. I removed my hand from the glass and backed away, how could I have been so stupid? These were private rehearsals, private auditions. I was interrupting, and now I was going to get yelled at.

The door opened and the man peered out at me. “I’m sorry,” I apologized quickly, “I knew I shouldn’t have been looking, it’s my fault really—“

He didn’t answer me, he just moved his finger in such a way that it suggested I come inside. I followed him inside, greeted immediately by the warmth of the big room.

The man led me over to the director. I assumed he wanted me to apologize to her directly, so I burst out, “I am really, really sorry, I was just curious and—“

“shoosh shoosh child…” The woman said.

I silence myself. and smoothed my hand up my forehead, pushing my hair back on my head and let it fall back into place. The woman smiled.

“She’s just like her.” She said.

I was puzzled, “what?”

“Ma’am, I—“ The man started, but she shooshed him too.

“Quiet Maxwell,” The woman said, an examined me closely.

“Did I do something wrong?” I asked.

She didn’t answer. “She is perfect! The mirror image of her!”

“Oh who?” I asked.

“Stephanie Grey!” She answered me for the first time.

I was blown away, “You mean, the star in “That Girl?””

“yes, Child!”

“No—“ I started, “No, I’m not really, I’m just…”

“Just what?” She asked,

I sighed, “I’m a nobody, your show would be better if you used some one else.” I sighed again.

“She is her! She is the same! acts the same way!”

“But ma’am I’m—“

“A nobody?”


“So is Stephanie!”

“I’m not—“

“Of course your not her, but your perfect to play the part! What is your name?”

“Teddie.” I answered.

“Well, Teddie, how would you like to play the star in this new series?”


“Yes!” She shuffled around in some papers, and grabbed something. “Tell me Teddie, can you sing?”

“I think so, some times I write my own songs.”

“Have you heard the theme song for ‘That Girl?’”

“A million times.”

“Do you think you can sing it?”

I was silent for a moment as I tried to ignore the burning in my cheeks, and then answered, “I can try.” and took the paper from her and made my way up on the stage looking back at them nervously every few steps.

I stood at the center of the stage lights in my eyes, and while it was winter outside it felt like summer in my hoodie.

I cleared my throat, and gripped the mic in one sweaty hand, and the lyrics to the song in the other.

“Okay, here goes—“ I said weakly, my voice cracked. I swept the bangs in my face back as I looked at the lyrics.

The music started, a catchy pop/rock beat with an interesting techno back drop. then the drop in music came which indicated it was time to sing, I took a deep breath and read the words on the paper to the tune I had heard on you tube a million times.

“She asked have you seen it….here on TV…That new show, about that girl in the window---“  The music gets louder, “That girl, that girl, nobody sees, is now the envy of the stars on TV, That girl That girl, That small town girl, became a somebody-- She was just small town girl…with a handful a dreams…just a nobody doesn’t know what it means to be Hollywood rock star on TV, That girl standing into the back of the crowd, will know what it means to stand up and be loud, That girl, that girl—“

“Bravo!!!! Bravo!!!!!” The director shouted. “You are perfect for the part, prepare to be big, the biggest sensation since Romeo and Juliet!”

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