Believing In Faith

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All abigal mathews is what is to finish high school with her four best friends. Boys haven't taken her fancy since her last boyfriend cheated on her while saying that he wasn't. She's lost faith and trust in any guy who's ever flirted with her and tried to get her attention. When running late for her afternoon because of a detention she had to stay behind after school to finish, she runs into Gasper Crow. At first site, Abigail wants him more than ever. From captivating brown eyes and jet black hair, anyone would find him attractive. Winded from words, Gasper apologies, running off quickly.
Abigail is on ends thinking about him, wondering who he was. He's in her every thought.
How can she get over her knight in suing armour when she doesn't even know his name?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Believing In Faith

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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Submitted: November 06, 2012



Wet sweat trickled down my neck as I tossed over in my bed. My thin sheet clung to my body, making me feel trapped. My breathing increased, my blood pumping through my veins feeling like fire. I yelled out, hoping -willing- someone would hear me. I couldn't wake up, I couldn't open my eyes. A much as I tried too, they stayed stuck like they were glued together. Maybe they were? I can't see anything. I flopped over again, screaming out in pain as I felt something stab me in my back. I hit something hard, springing back in surprise and hyperventilating. It was too extreme for me to say I was having a nightmare. I don't know what was happening. Am I trapped in someone else? Am I only imagining what's happening? My hair snaked around my throat, suffocating me. I splattered, sitting up straight. The last thing I remember was the feel of hands, snaking around my ankles.

My eyes snapped open and my body jumped when something slammed down beside me. Light streamed through the window into my sight, making me wince back and groan. I lifted my head up stretching out my arms, turning my head to the other side. Someone in front of my grumbled my name. I ignored them, squeezing my eyes shut. I wanted to go back to sleep. Although my nightmare scared me to death, I couldn't help but wonder what would've happened if I wasn't so rudely interrupted. Was I going to die? Possible be attacked or raped? I've been threaded of this before. Maybe that triggered to my nightmare.

\"Ms. Mathews. As much as I'm sure you're dreaming about me. Can you please at least try and act like you're interested in this subject?\" A few students giggled as I groaned, throwing my arms down to my sides, lying face first onto my desk. I huffed out not wanting to face my teacher. I never planned or wanted to choose Physics. I hate this class. This is the only one I'm failing, and I'm hoping I do at the end if the year so my parents finally give up on trying to control my life and let me chose my own future path.

\"Ms. Mathews!\" I jumped up right, looking into the face of my thirty-year-old teacher. His blonde hair flipped over his captivating blue eyes. Three years back, I would've said he was quite a good looking guy, and he still is, though he married one of the students here from three years back. Apparently she's a close family friend of his. Of course everyone in the school knew that they were together before they knew it themselves. They didn't bother keeping it a secret, knowing that it's only a small town and that no one would break them up. All the girls complained that this wasn't fair, that he had to stay single. When he announced the the school that he was engaged to her, all the teachers gasped. Mostly only the female teachers, but a few of the guys did too. I've said that there was a gay teacher teaching at this school, but no one believed me. Anyway. When he announced this, I was the one who was mostly shocked. I know so much of this because yours truly is my sisters' faithful husband. Therefore making him my brother in-law.

I still hate the thought of my teacher being my brother in-law. Even the thought of him in my family. But hey, families always have their little muck up. The thought of Mr. Marason being that muck up made me snicker.

His blue eyes looked at me with confusion as one of his eyebrows rose in question. I crossed my arms over my chest and leant back into my chair with a smirk on my face.

\"Would you like to enlighten us as to why you're not sharing your inside joke?\" He asked. I looked around the classroom not keeping eye contact for too long with my onlooking classmates. \"Gee sir, I don't think I want to share my thoughts, they're much too inappropriate for this crowd.\" I said in the sweetest voice I could pull off. Seeing his fed up face. I sighed. \"The wind will change on day sir, and you'll regret ever looking at me in that way.\" I said as Mr. Marason turned around, walking back to the front of the class. A few students from behind me snickered. I only sat there with a smirk on my face, as a sense of pride swept through me. I don't talk back to teachers, I wouldn't dream of it. Though in Mr. Marason's situation, he has to be extra nice it me. He wasn't doing such a good job at it though. My sister was going to kill him.

\"Detention, Ms. Mathews.\" Was all he said. Yep, he's dead. My jaw dropped. Wow. This is the first time he's actually ever given me a detention. Sure I've had a few stay backs after school to wipe off the bored. But still. I'm family!

So is he, but you still treat him like a bitch. That annoying voice said at the back of my mind.

I hate you. I thought back.

\"Excuse me Ms. Mathews, did I hear you say something?\"

I blushed, looking up at Mr. Marrason who was standing up against his desk, waiting for me to answer. I felt my cheeks grow hotter as I realized what I did. I just said that out loud.

\"Thought so.\" He mumbled crossing his arms across his chest. \"Class, as you know, you're mid semester assignments are due soon. I'm expecting that half of you are already finished, as for the other half.\" he pushed himself off his desk, wondering around the room looking from student to student in a dominate kind of matter. \"I expect it done and finished and on my desk by three on Monday. I won't be accepting any late hand ins. You're all seniors now, so I'm expecting you to know that assignments have to be handed in on the day that it's due.\" he paused, linking eyes with mine before walking back to the front and saying something else.

I blocked out his annoying voice and faced Hope, who was sitting there gawping at me. Her soft features were frozen; her hands inches from her face. I'd say she was cleaning her nails before that match between my beloved brother in-law and I no one knows that we're relate, they all think I have a deep crush on him and just won't admit it. Ha! Like I could ever love him. He's defiantly not my type.

\"Stop staring at me like that, Hope. You're face will stay like that too.\" I said in a matter of fact tone. That made her shut her mouth, but she still didn't take me eyes off me. I moved uncomfortably. \"What?\" I hissed.

\"You always talk back at him, what is your problem with him? So what if he's married. It's not like you had a chance anyway.\" Now it was my time to drop my jaw. \"And what do you mean by that?\" She blushed, not meeting my eyes. Her blue eyes searched around the room, avoiding me. \"I meant,\" she whispered back, \"That you wouldn't have a chance with him because he's not into students.\"

I smirked. No, he's not into students what-so-ever.

Riley from beside Hope lent forward, her red, curly hair leaning on her desk. I loved her hair. I just plain love her. She had brilliant green eyes, and small, light freckles across the bridge of her nose. I was jealous of her cute looks, man was I jealous. My plain brown hair and light brown eyes were nothing compared to her. \"What's going on?\" She asked in her light voice. You could say that a fairy could sound like that.

Anyone would say that she's perfect. That her life was a breeze. But don't be fooled by her looks. Her life is anything but perfect. Though only her closest friends know this. Her Father abused her as a child and threw her and her Mother out. Her Mother apparently had an affair with another man and was six months pregnant with his child. She lied saying it was her husbands. Riley now has a ten year old brother and a Mother who's out every night doing god knows what and being where ever but home. Riley looks after her brother while she's at home, but mostly her aunt Clair looks after him while Riley's out. Her Father said he'd be back for her, but it's been eleven years since this threat. We've told her to relax, but I can still understand why she's scared.

Luckily, her boyfriend Ethan is in the same position with his family. Only his Father attacked his Mother. Unfortunately, his Mother died and the Father was put into jail for murder. So he stays over at Riley's place most nights. Seriously it's like they're a married couple sometimes and treat the rest of us like their children.

\"Nothing really. I-\" \"She won't admit her crush on the teacher.\" Hope said Turing her head around to face Riley. Her brown locks brushing against my arm. I gave her a death glare. \"That's not true!\" I said a little too loudly making a few students turn around to look at us. Ethan stared at me from beside Riley, making me shut up. His grey eyes could shut up a hall of chatty women in an instant. I can't even explain them. One minute they're warm, the next, it's like ice daggers could emerge from them.

Though they can't shut Hope up. \"Abigail is jealous that Chris is taken.\" Hope had a smug look on her face. I felt like slapping myself. Why do I have friends like her?

\"Aw, honey. You know he's too old for you.\" Riley said ashamed. I just rolled my eyes. \"Leave her alone. Abigail's just using him to get her mind off me and my good looks. And trying me make me jealous in the process.\" Chase snickered from beside me. He threw his right arm around me. \"Don't need to go to so much trouble though, babe.\" I picked up his arm off my shoulder and let it fall off behind me. Chase is the last of our little group. He's known as the good looking player with a big heart. He'll stick up. For what he believes in, and is one hundred percent up himself. He is good looking though. Black hair sweeping over his emerald eyes. Biggish pink lips and a birthmark (which is mistakenly taken for a mole) just beside his right eye. \"Yeah Chase, I can't stand the thought of not being with you so I'm hitting on my teacher.\"

Chase smiled a huge cheese smile, which Faith giggled.

A girl from in front of me gasped turning around. \"You're what!\" Great. What have my friends done now? I looked the girl right into her pale blue eyes. I'd say she's a natural beauty with a beautiful complex. But the over dose of make up and fake blonde hair extensions told me other wise. She was a cheerleader. Also commonly known as a fake.

\"Obviously your Mother never told you it isn't nice to eves drop!\" I shot back at her. She narrowed her eyes. \"Obviously your Mother never told you that hitting on a teacher is inappropriate.\"

Wow, original.

\"Becky, just stay out-\" I started before I was interrupted yet again by my teacher. Geeze, can't a girl get a break? \"Ms. Mathews. Am I boring you yet again? Do I need to remind you that you already have a detention for talking back, do I need to write down another reason for interrupting the class and have you complete yet another detention with me after school?\"

I gasped in fake horror. \"Anything if I get to spend time with you after school Mr. Marrason.\" I battered my eyelashes for extra effect. Mr. Marrason stared at me like he was stung by a bee and still in shock. His jaw opened and shut a few times, showing that he was speechless. \"Speechless from my looks, sir?\" I battered my eyelashes more, twirling my hair around my finger. Mr. Marrason blinked a few times. \"Like I haven't heard that from you before.\" He rolled his eyes. The class laughed. I gave him a fed up face. Mr. Marrason only shrugged.

The bell sounded, signaling the end of class. My friends stood up, collecting their things and shoving them into their bags. I stayed still in my seat. No way is he getting away with that. No one makes fun of Abigail Heather Mathews without me making the last statement. I start fights, and I end them. Simple. \"Abigail? Angel are you coming?\" Hope said clicking her fingers in front of me. I snapped out of my gaze, standing up. \"I'll be out in a minute, I just want to talk to Mr. Marrason first.\" Hope didn't question my actions as she followed Riley and Ethan out. Chase rubbed my back before pushing me towards the front of the classroom. \"Go get him tiger.\" He winked, walking out of the room,

I sighed glaring at his back. Chase left from my sight down the hall. Some girl screams his name. Mr. Marrason closed the door, leaning against it, locking it. \"My, my sir. I knew you wanted me company as much as I crave yours, but this badly?\" Mr. Marrason sighed, holding the bridge of his nose with his fingers. \"I've told you to call me Nate out of class.\" I tapped my finger on my chin. \"We're still in class.\" Nate sighed. \"Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it-\" \"Don't you dare insult my sister-\" Nate crossed the small distance between us and put his finger on my lips. \"I wasn't insulting Danielle, I was insulting you.\" An all out smirk played on my lips as he pulled his finger away from my lips and whipped it on his shirt. \"Careful there, Nate. You wouldn't want any rumors getting out between us. Who knows what will happen?\" He laughed lightly turning his back to me and unlocking the door, opening it. \"You better hurry, Abigail. The next class will begin without you.\" I laughed. \"The bell hasn't even rung you-\" I was interrupted by the bell. I stared at him, biting the inside of my lip. I will not finish my sentence, I will not finish my sentence, I will not finish my sentence.

\"Have a nice day, Abigail. See you after school for detention.\" \"You won't hear the last of me.\" I said, walking out into the hallway. \"Isn't there a day where I don't?\" Evil teacher.

I walked quickly to my next class. P.E was on the far side of the school, it'll take me at least a minute to get there and then chance into my P.E uniform.

\"What took you so long to get here?\" Chase asked throwing me the basket ball. I jumped up, with my hands in the air, shooting the ball into the basket. Of course, I missed. I ran to fetch the ball, bouncing it over to Chase and threw it at him. \"Na- Mr. Marrason decided to talk to me longer than what I intended to after class.\" Chance shock his head, shooting the ball into the hoop. He smiled at his victory. \"You really need to get over your crush on him.\" My jaw dropped. Chase ran to the ball, coming back towards me. \"You don't seriously believe that I have a crush on him, do you?\" Chase shrugged, opening his mouth, but I butted in. \"I don't have a stupid crush on him. He's a family friend and he just so happens to annoy me.\" I crossed my arms over my chest, watching Chase shoot yet another basket. \"Don't stress baby doll. I didn't mean to get you all heated up. I'm teasing. You know, the thing people do when they adore on another.\" I rolled my eyes. \"You're so sure of yourself. What will you ever do when someone finally rejects you?\" He smiled a cocky smile. \"That's only for me to know, and you to find out.\" he tapped my nose with his finger running off again to retrieve the ball.


Hey guys,mi hoped you liked my first chapter :))) This so my first time showing anyone this story.. So don't judge too hard please :) Chapter two should be up shortly Please tell me your thoughts and comments :DDD


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