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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: June 18, 2007

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Submitted: June 18, 2007



~Chapter Ten~

Kirrah woke that morning to a soft knock at her door. She had changed out of her original clothing the night before-which was bloody and rather dirty-and into a beautiful blood-red gown she'd found in the armoire. Slipping the gown back down to her ankles, Kirrah stood, stretched, and got up to answer the door. She wasn't surprised to see Kain and Canis standing within the doorway, the blue light of the hallway pouring in behind them. Kain motioned for Kirrah to follow; she did, not caring what she was wearing at the moment, just where they were heading.

The mess-hall: It was large and vast, like the first room, but it had tables and chairs set up almost like the Necromancy school they had left not too long ago. At the very front was what looked like a lunch line set-up. One would enter at the far right, then exit at the far left. Just like a normal school cafeteria. Satisfied with the setup of the room, the trio started their way back towards the older necromancer's study.

They found him quite easily, as he was just leaving. Kain was the first to speak, yet again.

"Where might we find the training arena?" He asked quickly; the older male pointed with a long, skinny finger down the hallway a bit further.

"Last door all the way down." He answered, and swept back into the room he was just leaving.

The three strode down the hallway, and into the arena. As Kain practiced the little he'd learned from the Necromancy School, Kirrah watched with a silent fascination. She'd always been curious about death: how it worked, what steps were taken...and above all: why do people raise others from the dead? What was the point of it? Shaking her head, she continued to watch silently, knowing this place would indeed be interesting.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Time passed. It had been about a month since the three had joined the small home/academy for the Necromantic Arts. Kirrah had spent most of her time in physical training, trying to keep muscle toned and ready for fight. When she was sure to be alone, she would practice taking form of other animals, particularly the wolf or the raven.

Kain, meanwhile, continued to practice in his own skill. He had learned a lot from the crazed old Necromancer, whose name he'd learned to be Kaledre. Kaledre had a lot to teach, and was happy to pass on his knowledge to young Kain, and also helped Canis with a few new techniques.

Later one night, when everyone was known to be resting, Kirrah had Red Shade take her out into the garden she knew to be just outside the marble home. The vampire had gladly taken her out into the lush, fruitful garden, and watched the young wolf-female as she toyed with a small apple she'd plucked from a nearby tree. Kirrah wiped off the fruit, dried it on her newest jade dress, and took a large bite out of the red fruit, tearing off a chunk of the white meat.

But, a small, dying flower caught her attention. What once had been a brilliant red rose was slowly fading away. As she touched it, she could feel the rose's natural pulse. As soon as her hand stroked the petals, the young bloom came to life. Kirrah winced, and whipped her head around to see if anyone had noticed, but Red Shade had disappeared. Kirrah hoped for the best as she found her own way back into the marble structure and back to her room.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next morning, Kirrah woke to the sound of knocking at her door. Straightening out the clothes she'd kept for combat purposes, the wolf-female stood and strode over to the doorway, where she met Red Shade, who bowed respectfully to the girl.

"The master wishes that you will join him tonight for dinner," The vampire offered, bowing again after he spoke.

"Um...Tell him I'd be...delighted!" She allowed herself to sound excited, though suspicion was right at the forefront of her mind.

Something had to be up, and she took a bet that Kaledre knew what had happened the previous night. Irritated, and a bit worried, she strode over to Kain's room and knocked. The groggy necromancer opened the door after a few moments, and allowed the female to come in. He offered her a half hearted smile; something was wrong with the two of them. Kirrah had sensed it since about a week after they'd arrived. Both Kain and Canis seemed to be distancing, and she learned quickly that it wasn't just because she was changing; it was them. This place offered a lot of magical potential, and it was very...controlling.

Sighing softly to herself, she stepped beside Canis-who was looking up at Kain-and patted his shoulder. The wolf growled, and rushed his muzzle towards Kirrah, jaws out to bite. But Kain caught sight of this, and snapped his fist up beneath Canis's jaw, slamming it shut with painful force. The wolf whimpered, and threw an apologetic look at Kirrah, who now had tears in her amber eyes. It wasn't just her...

Looking to Kain, she shook her head and walked off. Kain reached out to touch her shoulder, missed, but didn't follow after her. He instead looked to Canis and sighed softly.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Kirrah fluffed her hair a bit more as she let it fall loosely atop her shoulders, the slight curls bouncing as she moved. Her ears were sure to be clear of extra strands, and pointed forward in alertness. The most horrible feeling had set in her stomach over the course of the day, and she knew something bad was sure to happen. Still, she managed to make it through the day, and now, was ready for ‘dinner with the Master'.

Red Shade came to fetch her at exactly seven, and led her down a particularly dim hallway, and into a large-as she'd expected-banquet hall. Seated across the long wooden table, was Kaledre. He motioned for the girl to sit, his hands still long, wavering. Kirrah did as she was shown, and took the seat she was closest to: the end chair. Unfortunately, Kirrah felt the jolt pass through her body too late. The moment she sat down, white, bony fingers grabbed at her arms and face. Skeletons, at least fifteen of them, were upon her, easily animated and manipulated by Kaledre himself.

The crazed old necromancer laughed as he stared coldly at her, his hood pulled up so she could only see small bits of his white face turned up in a smile. Just before Kirrah felt a bony elbow slam into her right temple, she noticed a pair of lavender eyes staring back at her...

Kain strained against every thought in his head, every willful movement that would bring him out to try and help Kirrah. With the blow she'd taken to the head, he knew she couldn't possibly still be alive anyway. His heart feeling as if it had been torn from his body, Kain watched Kirrah's now perhaps lifeless body being dragged out of the compound. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and looked to see the long, gnarled fingers of the older necromancer's hand upon his shoulder.

"She had tried to kill you. There was nothing I could do." He lied through his teeth, hoping Kain bought it; he'd hoped for too much.

A sudden, blinding fury raced into Kain's body, and remained there, hot like coals, burning through his soul. I will kill you. Kain silently promised the necromancer as he offered a fake smile up towards the older male. Don't doubt it.

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