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Chapter 11 (v.1)

Submitted: June 24, 2007

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Submitted: June 24, 2007



~Chapter Eleven~

A young male, looking to be about sixteen years of age, stood at the forefront of a small group of druids, all dressed in their robes, yet soaked to the bone. The elders had asked for a group who would go to scout the lands around their camp, and Scott and his team had offered. Many of the group had gone ahead, taking animal forms and coming back with reports on how certain things were happening, like the growth of trees, and the birthing in a local wolf-den.

Scott himself led the lesser ones, those who had trouble taking their animal forms. Leading them through the rain and muddy grounds, they continued on, to the edges of their territory. As they'd reached the edges of the land, Scott was forced to stay. Something tugged at him, at the back of his mind. Motioning with specific hand motions to the others, he told them to stay put-as they were close to where the known Necromancer lived-and trudged on ahead. In a pile of rocks and rubble, seemingly tossed from the marble structure's random openings, lay a thin, lifeless-looking female. Her body was a bit bloody from what looked like small nail holes, as well as the rocks. She wore a beautiful silken dress, which suggested she'd been part of the Necromancy home at one point.

Scott bit his lip as he noticed a pair of white, black tipped wolven ears from the mess of red-auburn hair atop her head. Kneeling down, Scott gently lifted the woman from the rubble and took her into his arms, cradling her against his chest. He could feel life flowing through her, though it had been dulled by something...the death of this place...the death it reeked, rather. Scott shook his head, and continued back towards his group, motioning for them to follow close behind as they headed towards home.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kirrah first woke to the soft smells of a forest, looming greatly all around her. Without opening her eyes, she could already sense that she was in some sort of dugout tree trunk, with three candles in the entire seven by seven foot area, and the door was covered by some sort of pelt, probably deer. She was also covered with fur, could feel her bare skin against the silky soft rabbit fur. The only thing she didn't notice was the boy standing in the doorway, drenched with rain. Amber eyes, warm and kind, met those of the boy, whose own were a soft brown, though almost black.

His hood was darkened by rain, but normally a softer brown than his eyes, made of some sort of thick material. This he removed from his head and dropped the rest of the robe with it, to the floor. His body was smoothly outlined by a dark green tunic, and darker pants, both were equally wet from the rain. Hair, the color of his robe sent water droplets all over the room as the boy shook his head, his neck cracking as he did so. Again he stood straight, and looked to the female in the bed, who blinked, and offered a small smile...but not before realizing that her blanket had fallen.

The boy's face turned a deep red, and as did Kirrah's as she looked down to her bare chest, her wolven birthmark, the wolf paw, in full view. She made a small squeak noise, and reached quickly for the fur-blanket, and covered her chest. Again her gaze met that of the stranger's, and she smiled nervously.

"I am terribly sorry..." Kirrah said in a small voice, but felt relieved when the boy nodded his head.

"As am I...I should've knocked or called in or something..." He rambled on for a moment, then paused. "By the name is of the druids who found you."

She tilted her head ever so slightly, a bit confused.

"Found me? Found me where?" She asked, the events a dead end in her mind...until everything came back.

Kain...Her mind echoed softly, and a shiver ran down her spine. Was he okay? Was he safe? Hurt? Where was he now? All of these questions piled in, all trying to be answered at the same time, but her mind did not have the answers. Suddenly, Kirrah felt exhausted, and lay her head down again.

"Oh." Was all she said.

"Are you alright? Do you need something to eat?" Scott asked, moving to stand beside the bed, looking down at her worriedly.

"Something to eat, please...thank you." She smiled kindly, but it was half hearted.

Scott nodded and turned to leave, slipping back out into the rain, forgetting his cloak, leaving Kirrah alone with her thoughts. The scenes replayed over and over, especially the one where Kain had called her name. She'd been happy that he worried for meant he cared, but still, he now worried for her. But evermore, now she was the one to worry.

Her thoughts turned to the rain, pitter pattering all around her. On the leaves, which were green for the spring, on the tree's trunk, all around. It smelled wonderful, and she bathed in the scent for sometime, shifting to lay on her side. She spotted her clothing somewhere on the other side of the room, but it felt good to lay comfortably for a change. So, Kirrah stay in bed, thinking. Finally, the boy-Scott-came back with a large wooden bowl of sorts, filled with something that smelled like cream.

He handed it carefully to her as she sat up-making sure to keep the blanket tucked under her arms-and she sniffed at it a few times, deciding it smelled delicious. Taking a sip, she smiled at the taste. It was rather familiar, perhaps something she'd had as a child, and quickly finished it off, then asked for more. The boy nodded, and ran off, this time coming back quickly, within five minutes. He again handed over the bowl. And so on and so forth for at least two more runs.

Eventually, Kirrah lay back down, letting the bowl sit on the floor at her bedside. Scott smiled warmly at her from across the room in a small chair, which sat beside a small wooden table.

"Thank you," Kirrah smiled, and the boy nodded.

"You're very welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the soup." He beamed; she realized he'd probably cooked it from her.

"What is it, if you don't mind me asking?" She tilted her head, and dipped low her wolven ears, making the boy laugh softly.

"It's a simple cream, made from whisked milk, and perhaps a bit of flavoring. It's very good, and good for you." The same warm smile stayed; Kirrah enjoyed reminded her of Kain in younger years.

" did I get here?" Kirrah asked suddenly, sitting back against the pillows, stretching her legs out across the bed.

The boy sighed softly, shaking his head. "It was horrible. We all felt a sort of powerful energy, which turned out to be necromancy. But, when we found the source of the power, everything was gone, except for you. You looked so fragile and broken lying in the rubble. I myself saw you, and picked you up, hoping they'd allow me to care for you." He explained; Kirrah felt as if she were a lost puppy.

"Thank you...for helping me..." She paused, then blinked, "...and you're sure there was no one else there?"

"No, no one else...Why?" Scott tilted his head, and Kirrah shook hers, messed auburn-reddish hair falling into her eyes, covering the tears that threatened to fall.

"It...Nothing, I was just curious." She tried to say, but her voice cracked; luckily, the male decided to leave it as is, and turned away, to look out the opened slit in the deer pelt-doorway.

The two sat in almost complete silence, both lost in their own thoughts. Kirrah thought of Kain, hoping desperately to find him again soon, and make sure he was alright. The boy thought of the girl he'd rescued, curious as to who she was, where she'd come from...It confused him. She was so kind yet seemed far too sad. Perhaps it was something he'd have to get used to. Meanwhile, the rain continued to fall around them.

* * * * * * * * * * *

As soon as he was allowed, Kain rushed back to his bedroom and collapsed against Canis, who still lay asleep in the corner. At the sudden weight on his side, Canis woke and lifted his head, nuzzling Kain's shoulder before offering a tired yawn. The young necromancer just shook his head and closed his eyes. Softly, he explained Kirrah's death and how the older necromancer had attempted to lie about why.

"He said she tried to kill me..." Kain continued, his lavender eyes now narrowed into the smallest slit.

Canis growled softly, but said nothing more. The two were left alone to their thoughts in silence, until a knocking at the door interrupted the peace. Kain let off a low sigh, and Canis growled, jaws snapping to prove his irritation. Nevertheless, the teen stood and strode over to the door, and threw it open. Standing in the doorway was the old man himself. He offered a bow, but Kain regarded him coldly, but carefully.

"What do you want?" He kept his voice calm, though the rage boiled behind this mask.

"I am sorry about your friend. But, your training here will surely presume?" The older necromancer asked, hands pressed together, white contrasting heavily against the black he wore.

"Yes, of course," Kain offered a fake smile, and bowed his head.

"Well, I am glad to hear that. I will leave you to your peace now, and I'm terribly sorry for interrupting."

With a low bow, the older male left Kain, who smiled darkly back at Canis as the door silently closed.

"Canis, my friend...I have an idea."

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