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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: June 18, 2007

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Submitted: June 18, 2007



~Chapter 3~

Kain almost laughed at the boast, but decided not to. Better to let him think he's going to win. "Alright then, big talker. Let's go."

The boy rushed, very fast, with no visible weapons, and that confused Kain. Then he saw the flash of metal and jumped over it, landing behind the boy, barely making a sound. The boy turned and kept charging, oblivious to the outside world. ‘What is he using? A knife? No matter, he will tire like all the others in time.' Kain dodged this attack too, and this continued for a while, playing matador, until Kain didn't dodge fast enough and was thrown back by a blunt force. "What the hell was that?" He wondered out loud, bewildered. He had never heard of a weapon that was invisible and was blunt. He stood, panting, and felt his ribs. One cracked, no breaks. ‘I got lucky, but next time he might hit me head on. I do enjoy having lungs.'

The other boy, having heard the crack from inside his magically imbued helmet, grinned and laughed wildly, which fit perfectly with his odd way of fighting. "I told you! I'll win this one!" He shouted.

"Over my dead body!" Kain growled, bracing himself for the next impact. He had decided the enemy was wearing some kind of helmet, from the way he ran head first, and that it was either indestructible or magic. But that meant the rest of the body was vulnerable. The boy charged again, head lowered and laughing insanely, which Kain stood there, straight as a board, not moving, with an unreadable expression.

The charger, thinking he had won, sped up, wanting to ram his opponent into the wall and learn the secret. He misunderstood Kain's posture though, and realized at the last minute Kain's plan. He tried to stop, but his momentum was too great. He ran right up to Kain, then closed his eyes as Kain dropped to the ground, and slashed horizontally across the throat with two swords. The boy took one more step, then tripped and fell. The medics didn't bother going to help him... he was dead before he hit the ground. Kain's fine blades had sliced almost all the way through his throat, and there was no saving him now.

Kain stood, now brandishing his other katana; obsidian blade with a silver handle, with blood covering most of his body, and eyed the crowd. No one else was in the mood to fight him, he knew, so he cleaned his blades on the dead boy and sheathed them. Then he walked over to Canis, who licked the blood off his face, and got on, slowly rode to the nearest teacher and asked "Which room is mine?" The teacher fumbled with some papers, found his name, and told him "Room 13." Kain smiled, the room fit him. "Come on Kirrah, let's go." Kirrah, confused for a second, hurried after him, waving goodbye to everyone before jumping onto Canis behind Kain, who merely shrugged and continued. A school official tried to stop him by saying "Hey! Her room is on the other side of the school! And she can't room with you! You're a boy, she isn't'!" The official stopped when Kain glared at him and said "Tell me, why should I listen to you? Because of your little badge?" Kain laughed. "Didn't think so. I'd suggest you stay out of my business, unless you want to retire early." The official gulped nervously and nodded, turning the other way.

"Glad we see eye to eye." Kain chuckled as he left. Kirrah just sighed and palm-faced. "Do you have to treat everyone like that? I admit it can be funny, but sometimes you're just sadistic and cruel."

"Of course," Kain answered, acting as if Kirrah had asked him an obvious question. "I'm putting them in their place- below mine," Kain smiled "And being sadistic and cruel is fun."

Kirrah shrugged, knowing she'd get no more answers that made even remote sense from Kain.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Kain found his room; it was the last on the end of the west wing's left hall. He was thrilled to see it was big enough for him, Kirrah and Canis to all live in, provided Canis took himself for walks and only slept there, spending all other time (like he planned to) either following Kain or waiting for the two to return. Kain offered Kirrah the only bed; a large, black and crimson silk four-poster bed with a canopy. Kain also found a curtain for privacy during sleep and set that up. He and Canis slept on the other side of the room, both curled into a ball, Kain laying on Canis, because Canis was warm and Canis was immune to heat and cold. "He makes an amazing bed." Kain replied to Kirrah when she asked why he slept on Canis. Which isn't surprising; Canis has long, soft, light fur, and a tail long enough for Kain to cover up with like a blanket.

Kain slept well the first night, tired from yesterday's events, fighting idiots did tire him. He awoke right as Kirrah, sure Kain would sleep in and miss his first class, was dressing. Kain didn't move for a second, not sure who it was for a little while, then relaxed when he recognized her. He didn't make any noise, letting her dress in peace. Then, when she had picked out an outfit and was only in underwear, he said "That dress doesn't go with your hair." She visibly stiffened, muscles tightening, as she slowly turned, face bright red. From anger or embarrassment Kain couldn't tell, but it looked to be a bit of both.

"KAIN!" She shouted, covering herself with a blanket. "What the hell is your problem?! Can't you tell me when you wake up?! What's wrong with you?!" She rambled on for a while, and when she noticed Kain was just sitting there and laughing quietly at her, she walked up to him, leaned forward, and smacked him, shouting "PERV!!" at the same time. Kain had expected this, and caught the hand mid swing, still chuckling. She swung with the other hand, and that one was caught as well. Canis woke up at this moment, and, seeing the chance to do some mischief, swatted Kirrah's butt with his tail, making her fall forward, finally stopping with her face inches from Kain's. Kain, turning red himself, pushed her back up, then stood, brushed himself off, and grabbed what he needed for class.

Actually on time for his first class, Kain was greeted with suspicious eyes form everyone, especially the girls, and chuckles form the boys. When eh sat down and everyone turned to face him, his face went cold immediately. "What the hell is so funny? Anyone want to tell me the joke?" No one said anything for a while, then the boy next to him said "We all heard Kirrah scream, man. What did you do to make her scream perv?" Kain was confused for a second, then grinned and said innocently "I woke up when she was changing. I didn't say anything until she was almost naked, then said ‘That dress doesn't go with your hair', and she freaked." All the boys laughed along with Kain, who, after thinking about it, thought it very funny. The girls, however, just glared.

The class went on boringly, with Kain talking with his new friends and barely paying attention. When the teacher called on him, Kain asked "Repeat the question." The teacher asked "What is the main ingredient in a spell of raising the dead for two human skeletons?" Kain laughed, it was all too easy. "It's the powder from a death's head moth." The teacher, flustered that the boy who wasn't paying attention got it right, turned angrily to a boy in the very front, who yawned. "Why did you yawn? Does my class bore you?!" Before the kid could defend himself, the teacher said "No backtalk! Detention!" The day proceeded about like this, with Kain answering everything thrown at him, until lunch, when he sat down with friends, talking with his old friend Sean, who he thought had died in a fire. This short, curly haired caffeine addict had set his basement on fire and lived! Apparently, he had gotten bored, found cardboard and a match, and had lit the cardboard in his basement, resulting in a fire that burned his house down along with two other houses and a fire fighter. He had crawled out of the basement and into the snow in his backyard, waiting the fire out, and when authorities came he bolted into the woods. He hadn't been seen since, and was presumed dead, for they found a short, charred skeleton. Luckily for Sean it wasn't him. The gnome that had snuck in looking for money wasn't so lucky.

"So then, after I found my way into the woods, I set up a small cabin made of dead trees n' stuff, and lived in the woods for three years before coming here." He said, smiling as usual. He took a bite out of his food; a chunk of cheese in the shape of a monkey, and sipped at his coffee. "Mmmmm... good stuff, this coffee." Kain laughed at him. "You, my friend, will never grow taller than five and a half feet if you keep up the habit." Sean countered "I don't want to if it means no coffee ever again." "Have it your way," Kain chuckled "Just don't come crying to me when you need the creamer off the top shelf." They all laughed at that, and they began eating, every now and then one of them would make a comment or talk and everyone would listen halfway, until Kain heard this "Wow, isn't Kirrah hot? I'd like o see the rest of that tattoo!" Kain dropped his food and glared at the kid who had said it, someone he didn't know or like. He was fat, had little eyes and sick yellow color hair. "What did you just say?" Kain growled, hands twitching close to his katana, eyes narrowed, he stood up, drawing attention to himself. Kirrah, luckily, had lunch in a different room; the cafeterias were gender separated. When the boy didn't respond, Kain walked up to his and pulled him to his feet by his collar. Then, still glaring at him, Kain asked "Now, I'll ask once more: What did you say?" The boy struggled, but was held fast. Flustered, he said "I said I wouldn't mind seeing her tattoo, that's all." Kain growled loudly, and drew the boy closer. "If you make one more comment like that, I can and will kill you." With that, Kan shoved the boy back into his seat and walked out, muttering something about wanting to go outside.

Kirrah sat with her new friends, all of them talking and giggling, spreading rumors and talking about boys. "Kirrah," One of the girls called "Why do you stay with that Kain? He's a menace, and we all heard you scream this morning." Kirrah blushed and looked down. "We're not going out, he's just a friend." "But you want to go out with him?" The girl asked slyly. Seeing her blush, the girl stopped, and grinned. "So, it is true! You got a soft spot for the big bad Kain." "No." Kirrah replied weakly. "We're just friends." She was going to say more when she saw Kain heading outside. She got up hurriedly, tossing away half of her food she didn't eat, and rushed outside with him.

They sat together outside in a corner, both thinking. Kain was wondering how to best kill the fat one, and Kirrah was wondering if she should ask Kain out. They had know each other for a while, and they were comfortable around one another, but Kain was cold to everyone usually, and she didn't know how he'd react; as a friend and as a boyfriend.

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