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Chapter 7 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 18, 2007



Part Two:

~Chapter Seven~

...Kirrah slumped tiredly against her bed as she watched Kain slip his blades into their sheaths. Canis's ears twitched at the sound; he lay not too far away, muzzle rested top his paws. As Kain made sure he had everything he'd brought-most of this being armor-Kirrah slipped off the bed and stood at Kain's side. The boy regarded her with a half-hearted smile.

The others-mainly the members of the S.S.S were rather surprised when their leader had mentioned leaving the team. He'd given them all something to work for, a way to prove themselves...then decided to up and leave. Kirrah had told her small group of the trip as well. They'd all offered good luck and hugs were eagerly given and received. And now, the two were ready.

Silently, Kain, Kirrah, and the yawning Canis slipped out the door, into the open hallways. Kain led, with Canis and Kirrah close behind. The dull aura both the wolf and Kain possessed were plenty light enough for Kirrah to see in full light around the hallway; her eyes glowed with a wolven aura of their own, proof of growing power.

Soon the small group reached the door they'd first come to so long ago. Kain reached up and touched the familiar symbol: a small skull with a dagger through it. A soft clicking noise and the elevator appeared, lit by the combined auras. Kirrah stood close to Kain, every so often looking to him with a certain curiosity.

He hadn't wanted her to go, and growled and argued when she'd first mentioned her joining him. It was too dangerous: his only argument. Kirrah had only tried harder when he said this, and Kain finally gave in. And now he stood, looking rather regal in his armor; his tail now hung loose behind him. Something inside Kirrah kept her from reaching out and tugging on his tail.

Suddenly, a lurch forced her to shift her stance to keep balance; she saw Kain do likewise. The ride was over. Canis moved out first, sniffing around to make sure everything was safe. The large white wolf returned within moments, wagging his tail happily.

"Which way?" Kirrah asked softly; Kain looked at Canis, then back to Kirrah.

"I'm letting him lead." He smiled, motioning vaguely in Canis's direction with a gloved hand.

Kirrah raised an eyebrow and shook her head as Kain got up onto the wolf's back. He motioned for her, and Canis moved to stand perfectly still with his side to Kirrah. The half wolf took Kain's extended hand, and sat behind him, her back straight as she looked around.

The lands were lit by a full moon that night, dew shimmering off the grass and trees. Branches swayed in the soft, warm winds: It was spring. Kirrah smiled at the scene with a strange sort of renewed warmth: this was her time of the year.

Lulled by the rock of Canis's footsteps, Kirrah closed her eyes and leaned forward to rest against Kain's back. Facing forward, Kain smiled beneath the weight of his childhood-friend. The wolven female slipped into a light sleep as Canis continued to walk.

* * * * * * * * * * *

When Kirrah woke the next morning, her body was numb from the position she'd slept in. Still against Kain's back, she shifted her head to look off to the side, realizing they were deep into the forest. She felt Kain shift as he sat back further, having fallen asleep an hour or so after Kirrah did. He stretched carefully, and his jaws parted as he yawned, fangs gleaming in the morning's still-dim light. Still stiff, Kirrah herself sat up, and lay with her back against Canis's, letting her spine crack back into place.

"Tomorrow night, we stay in a village." Kain promised, smiling over his shoulder at the wolfish female.

Kirrah nodded her thanks as they walked on, through patches of golden, warm sunlight, created by the trees above. She admired the tall, looming trees above, and the ever-growing plant life before her. She toyed with the idea of having them stop for a little while so she could stir up a few more flowers here and there, but she didn't want to cost them any more time than they would waste sleeping tonight. So, her thoughts went unsaid, as she reached out to touch a leaf. Around the leaf, a small cluster of leaves formed, then became a beautiful, blooming flower. Smiling at her work, Kirrah moved back to sit comfortably behind Kain.

Sometime later, both humans could feel their stomachs rumbling with the beginnings of hunger. Kirrah rested a hand on her stomach to silence it, and saw Kain do the same. Canis whined softly, and stopped with a slight jolt to the two passengers. Laughing to himself, the white wolf sat down, causing Kain and Kirrah to quite literally roll down his back, and land atop each other in the dirt, Kain atop Kirrah. Blushing, Kain instantly moved off the female, whose face was just as red as his own.

Kain dusted himself off and offered a hand to Kirrah, but not before scolding the wolf, who lowered his head, ears falling to either side. Irritated by the adorable puppy look, Kain sighed and walked away; Canis just snickered. Kirrah did likewise, brushing the dirt from her long, silken green skirt, and laughed as she patted Canis's back with a now dirty hand.

"Maybe we should find somewhere to rest and gather food." Kain offered; Kirrah and Canis nodded vigorously.

The three headed back towards a clearing Kain had mentioned seeing a little bit earlier that morning. When they reached it, Kirrah smiled happily: a beautiful meadow of sorts, with trees surrounding the area. Tall weeds and grasses lay out the land, and a small stream ran off to the side, leading into a pond that was sure to house fish this time of year. Stepping forward, Kirrah watched the blossoms form at her feet, soft blues and greens and whites to show her joy.

Kain nodded to her as he passed and took a seat in the centre of the field atop a small boulder; moss grew on one side, where the sun didn't normally reach due to the high grass. Canis lay down beside him, and Kirrah took up a fallen log that looked as if it had been there for centuries. Kain looked to Kirrah, lavender eyes narrowed to keep out the now harsh sunlight.

"Fish?" He offered with a smile; Kirrah returned the smile, and nodded.


The two teens strode across the meadow-Canis right behind-to stand at the edge of the pond. Kirrah and Canis were the first to bring up fish, as Kain didn't like the idea of getting wet. Kirrah threw her fish into a pile along side Canis's, and soon, the two had plenty of fish for lunch. Kain, meanwhile, had started a fire in a patch of dirt he'd found, and found sticks to spear the fish with to cook atop it.

Soon, the three were sitting beside the fire, heating up the fish. Canis preferred his raw, and sat between Kirrah and Kain as he munched on a fish-head.

* * * * * * * * * * *

After everyone had eaten, and the fire was stomped out, Kain and Kirrah returned to Canis's back, and they rode on through the forest. It was about dusk when the group finally saw the beginnings of civilization on the horizon, having left the forest only moments before, entering a low-dipping valley. As the sun was setting, it glinted off the tin roofs of houses and glass windows as an older looking village came to view.

At the thought of somewhere to sleep, Canis leapt forward, forcing the other two to hang on for the ride; Kain gripped the wolf's scruff, and Kirrah's arms wrapped tight around the boy's waist, her face planted firmly against his back. The trio reached the village entrance within moments, and Canis panted as he strode past the first few houses, into the streets. People stopped and stared as the large white wolf slipped quietly down the roadway, and towards a small inn at the end of the first dirt path.

The inn-keeper was very friendly to the small group-though, Canis was a giant white wolf-mage. The older woman offered the small group tea and cake; both were gratefully accepted, and the old woman smiled kindly.

"So...what are you names? And what on earth is that?" Her questions were respectfully asked, though she didn't seem to take well to Canis.

"I'm Kain," Kain smiled warmly, then motioned to Kirrah, then Canis. "That's Kirrah, and the wolf is Canis...he's mine."

She bowed her head to the two, and regarded Canis with a half hearted smile; the wolf bowed out of respect. The woman-Akisha, she'd asked to be called-lead the three to their room on a higher level of the inn.

"Are you sure you do not want your own room, Child?" Akisha asked Kirrah once again; Kirrah had declined in her own room, wanting to stay close to Kain and Canis in this new town.

"No, thank you, Ma'am. I am alright with these two." She motioned to Kain and Canis, who both walked side-by-side in the wide hallway.

"Suit yourself," She smiled, then pulled Kirrah aside for a moment, moving to whisper something in the young woman's ear.

"You are a druid, yes?" She asked in a hushed tone,

"Yes...why?" Kirrah looked a bit startled, her amber eyes narrowed, her eyebrows raised in suspicion.

"Beware of the one...Kain, and his wolf. They do not feel safe. Something is wrong here, very wrong..." Akisha whispered, then released Kirrah and put on a cheery smile.

"This way, young ones. This room here," She opened a door that lead into a large, lavishly decorated suite.

The colors of the room were black and silver, though incredibly welcoming. The bed was a canopy, king-sized, and the curtains draping the canopy were light silver, the dressings of the bed black, with a few silver pillow cases. A single rug against the hard-wood floor, also black, with a sort of silvery swirl in its centre. The drapes over the large window off to the side of the bedroom, across from the bed, were silver, while small black trinkets were spread amongst the room.

"I love it!" Kirrah gasped, and Canis wagged his tail in agreement; Kain shrugged and smiled.

Kain pulled a small velvet bag from a pocket and let a few select coins fall into his hand from the bag. Slipping it back into the pocket, the necromancer dropped said coins into the woman's hand. Akisha bowed her head in thanks to the male, and stepped back out into the hallway, quietly closing the door behind her. Kirrah bowed her head in thanks to Kain and fell back onto the bed, smiling to herself as she closed her eyes. Also glad to have rest, Canis leapt onto the bed beside Kirrah, and licked the female's face before curling up beside her. Kain smiled at the two, and took a seat on the floor, knowing it had to be at least nine now.

Silence filled the room around them, and the air became still and heavy. Sleep sounded good, and Kirrah felt herself beginning to fall deeper into the darkness. Kain, on the other hand, was still awake, wanting to keep guard. Something about this place felt wrong...Shrugging it off, he slipped out of most his clothing to sleep in light, silken underclothes, and motioned for Canis to join him. The wolf nuzzled Kirrah goodnight, and the female patted her wolf-friend's head as he jumped down and curled up on the floor beside the bed.

Kirrah slid further up onto the bed, and lay with her head against the soft, down-filled pillows, slipping easily into sleep. Kain and Canis now curled up around each other for comfort and warmth, also drifted away from reality, and into reverie.

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