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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: June 18, 2007

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Submitted: June 18, 2007



~Chapter Nine~

Canis took the two humans straight up towards the marble structure, and as soon as they got close enough to make out the forms, the carvings in the stone, Kain was sure they had the right place.

"Are you sure you want to come with us? It'll be...dark." Kain turned to Kirrah; she thought she saw worry in his beautiful lavender eyes.

But, the wolf female knew she was stronger than that.

"Yes, I'm sure." She offered him sternly, and smiled silently as Kain turned back to face forward, towards the entry of the marble home.

When they had walked in full around the area, Canis was the first to notice a small crack, perfectly cut, in the stone. The wolf barked and wagged his tail as he stopped at what seemed to be the entrance. Kain narrowed his eyes as he looked at the strangely perfect line in the rock, and soon figured out how the stone opened. Just then, the stone shifted, and the makeshift door fell open to flatten the lifeless dirt upon the ground.

Within the dark doorway was a tall, looming male, clothed in black robes. His face was masked by the hood of the dark robes, but his skin was bone-pale as he reached a hand out to motion the trio inside. Kirrah felt a shiver run up her spine; she saw Kain shiver likewise. Once inside, the darkness became light. Soft, blue orbs lined the hallways-probably as a show of power-lighting the hallways in a wash of soft blue. The older male used his long, slender fingers to pull back his hood, revealing a face.

The man's face was long as well, and his bald head held a deer-skull helmet. The only hair on his face was a small, grey beard that was actually a dark contrast to his white skin. To the newcomers, he motioned for them to follow down the blue-lit hallways; Kain-after regaining his place on Canis's back-motioned for the wolf to follow as the group was led down the hallway, and into a vast, open room, likewise in the blue light. It was almost bare, and the grey-stoned walls were creviced and old.

The old man stepped into the centre of the square, echoing room, and opened his arms wide. The lights vanished, replaced by an eerie red glow; the three were mesmerized by the soft colors. Finally, the old man spoke.

"Who are you to come to my door?" His voice boomed in the echoing room; his voice was deep, cold, and warm at the same time.

Kain slipped off Canis's back, and allowed Kirrah to do the same. The two humans bowed to the Necromancer before them, and even Canis dipped his body in respect, his tail down. Kain was the first to speak.

"I am Kain. I have come in hopes of learning all that you may teach me." His face was deadly serious, though his excitement was not so well hidden. "This is Kirrah. She has come with me to learn as I hope to."

The older necromancer nodded, looking to Kain, then to Kirrah.

"You both may train here, and I will teach all that I know." The man stated, his voice still incredibly loud in the room, though he spoke in a soft tone.

"Thank you," Kain bowed, and Kirrah did likewise, Canis followed up close behind them.

"You are staying, correct?" The necromancer stepped forward, towards them again, a thin smile upon his long, pale face.

"Yes. We will need a room." Kain answered, looking to Kirrah, who shrugged.

"Very well, come with me." The tall man motioned to them, and seemed to glide down the hallway they turned into.

The group walked in silence, turning down a few more blue-lit hallways, all made from the same stone: marble. Finally, they reached an extra wing of the large home, which was lined with doorways. Each door was the same, and likely were the rooms inside. The first doorway they stopped at was to lead to Kirrah's new room. The necromancer turned the knob and threw open the door for her to see inside. Kirrah's soft gasp made the older male smile.

"Do you like it, young one?" He asked her; Kirrah turned back and respectfully closed her dropped jaw.

"Yes...yes, thank you!" She smiled warmly, and turned to walk into the room.

The rather large room had the same marble walls and ceiling, but it went perfect with the room's colors-dark red and black. There was a folded out futon off to one side to sleep on, and rugs and various other types of furniture, including an armoire and a desk with a chair in the opposite corner. Kirrah almost thought this a bit much, considering where they were, but she couldn't get over how beautiful it was. Kain, Canis and the necromancer left Kirrah in her awe.

The next door over, Kain was directed to. The younger male and the wolf were also surprised at the sheer well keep and beauty of the room. This one was decorated in lavish purples and blacks, though it lacked a bed. Kain looked to the necromancer questioningly.

"I had my servant clear out the bed, knowing you would have a bed already," He motioned to the wolf with a long hand; Canis wagged his tail once or twice. "If either of you need anything, please feel free to ask my servant..."

At the mention of servant, a short looking creature with strangely red hair and oddly colored eyes stepped forward, his hands at either side, his face pale and blank. Kain instantly noted the servant as a vampire, though he seemed a little short for such. Nevertheless, Kain offered a nod to the creature, who nodded back, his pointed ears falling back as he'd seen Kirrah's do in respect or fear.

"This is Red Shade. He will attend to your every need here. Dinner will be offered in the mess-hall, down the hallway and to your left. My own stay is down the main hallway-the one we just stepped out of-and to the right. Last door on your left."

And with that, the necromancer vanished, leaving Kain, Kirrah, and Canis to check out their rooms. Of course, due to the journey and responsibility of carrying two people, Canis dropped in the empty corner where the bed would've been, and rested his head on his paws to sleep. Kain, on the other hand, felt dirty. He'd stripped of his normal clothing, and wiped sweat from his brow, as well as a little blood from the night before.

Kain searched the room a moment to find another doorway that led into a small bathroom. It held a toilet, sink, and a bathtub, also formed from marble. This one, though, was already full. Kain's nose tickled as he smelled the different oils and bath scents that had been dumped into the water, though the smells soothed him. Cracking the door behind him, Kain flipped on the lights-these ones were normal instead of the blue he'd gotten used to-and stripped off his boxers.

The young necromancer slipped into the tub; the water was hot to the touch, but was incredibly good on tensed muscles, and also relieved the body of sweat and dirt. Kain spread out within the tub, grateful that he could actually fit comfortably. Eyes closed, hands rested against his chest, Kain finally allowed himself a chance to relax...

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