Dear My New Friend.

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Okay so my friend tristen wanted a story written wit her name. no this isnt her real life. this is made up.
its a online diary kind of thing. somthing new or me but i
thought id try it.

Hope you like it so far tristen.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dear My New Friend.

Submitted: April 10, 2010

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Submitted: April 10, 2010



okay here it goes. This is my online diary and its for me and me only. Here is where my stupid feelings will come out. This Is my new friend. So here it goes.

Ausgust 17. 9:58 PM.

Dear new friend,

Tonight is the last night of my freedom. Summer has come and gone so fast. Like a wave crashing on shore i fall back into the ocean to repeat the cycle.
To bad it takes so long to crash again. Oh and did i mentioned this is a new school? and its the first day of high school. talk about torture. My
father is in the Marines so we travle a lot. I love what he does and all but i hate starting over. you know? Anyways I hope i make new friends.
Maybe living here wont be so bad. yeah right. -rolls eyes-

Good Night new friend.


August 18. 6:21 PM.

Dear new friend,

Treewood high. What kind of name is that?! "Hi welcome to Treewood highschool we hope you have an awesome year." Heres what they ment to say.
"Hi welcome to the next 4 years of dumbass work. we hope you drop out. Rember we are not responsible for any drugs, pregos, or deaths on school grounds.
Stupid Teenagers" Okay i sound bitter tonight don't i? Well thats only because i had a shitty day. Who has a good first day anyway?
all you do is walk around like an idiot if you dont know anyone. i've gone to school in germny and Japan and hell it was way better than this.
Maybe it was because i went to school on base with other Marine kids. but nope not this time. My parents think i should go to a "normal" school.
:/ crazy people. I hate my history teacher. he bugs me. "Miss. Stone please tell me when world war two started" How the hell am i sopoused to know.
its your job to teach me. Duh. Stupid Teacher. So then i go "around when you were born?" The whole class laughed but he didnt find it funny.
I wasn't trying to be funny. i was just guessing. i think i should have asked him how old he was first. hes 30 btw. So now i have detentioned
saturdaY. Oh Joy! And whats with this plaid phaze? Why is everyone whereing plaid?! if you wanted to where plaid just go to a privite school.
Then you can where skirts to. you little Hookers. So far only one person actually said hi. and another said. hey sexy. but already i dont like him.
Okay so the girl who said Hi is in my homeroom. Her name is Beth. I only saw her once today but i dont think shes new. she seemed to know a lot
of people. Okay well I need to go i have homework. did i mention i miss the summer :[

PS. School Food Sucks! Like always...


August 19. 6:30 PM.

Dear new friend,

Ehh today was a bit better. The first day memories wore away and its like starting over. I talked to Beth again. Yep shes not new. Shes lived here all her life and
knows a lot of people. Also who doesnt know who nickleback is?! I almost fell out my seat on the bus when this girl Ashlee asked me who i was listening to and she said
she never heard of him. Damn teenagers theses days lol. Beth and I have plans to hang out tommorow after school :D.

BETH: 5'2" (short like me:]) Strawberry Blonde hair. averge figure. Green eyes. (There verry pretty i might add) Nice and Spunky. Oh and CHEERLEADER!

Maybe this year wont be so lame. Maybe just maybe. But i smell hot dogs so Good Night new friend.


August 20. 2:30 PM.

Dear new friend,
Okay so im about to go meet Beth at her house. We're going swimming. LOVE IT <3 School was okay, its school so its stupid. But Im still just hanging with Beth. I think thats gonna change soon though! Okay my moms bumping the horn for me to hurry.


10:20 PM.

Dear New Friend,

I love my new friend! Shes so funny. At least she new who nickleback was lol. Dude its august and the water is still cold. O.O go figure. Also her brother.
Super Cute! <3333 His name is Jace. hes 17 :D
Jace:6'2" same green eyes as beth.(super cute on him) Dirty Blonde hair. Abs :] nice. funny. cocky. defently worth getting to know.
Beth thinks im crazy now O.O because i was starring at him. Or maybe it was because i fell in the pool when he
took his shirt off. Guess i'll never know lol. And then she played this song by like this really old band and it was so funnny! I think the name was
Fight for your right -Beastie Boys or somthing! New favorit dance song <33 ooh speaking of dance. I cant XD but it didnt stop me from being an idiot. I just
wish I noticed Jace standing there when i was hoping on one leg and then trying to "disco"
Note to self: Disco is dead for a reason.
and we had <O! Thats supose to be an ice cream cone. Damn computer diary. oops i just noticed what time it was. Damn waking up is gonna be a bitch.
Hey new friend wanna splash me with cold water in the morning? oh wait you cant.
but if you could.
and you did.
You'd be dead.

Night New Friend.


August 21. 4:30. PM

Dear New Friend,

I checked my myspace and guess who sent me a friend reqest?! Jace!! :DDD Hehe. well anyway today was normal. Ooh but i sat with beth and some other people at lunch today.

Kacey. Kristen. Travis. Josh. &. Haley.

Cool people.

OMG. someone just texted me! Okay so its some random number Okay. well this is how its going.

Random number(RN): Hey.

Me: whos this?

RN: the boogie monster.

Me: really?


Me:well i'd rather talk to the cookie monster :P

RN:So you wouldn't go on a date with the boogie monster? :[

Me: nopee.

RN: What about Travis? ;]

Me: To bad travis didnt ask me.

RN: Okay will you go on a date with me? -Travis.

Me: Suree.

Okay omg! okay so i put his number in my phone. so basicly i have a date saturday night with Travis! good thing hes cute. Okay so thats it for today. ill be back tommorow.

Bye New Friend.


August 22. 7:22 PM

Dear New friend,

omg TGIF. School. lame. except for lunch! Kristen put a paper bag on her head and cut eyes and a mouth into it. way to funny.
Kristen: Black Hair. Violet eyes. (wears contacts) kinda skinny. nice. a bit out there. hates our history teacher to :]

So its friday night and i have no plans. do i feel like a loser or what? Ill just make my own friday night.
Me. My Pjs. and a big tub of ICE CREAM. yum. oh and a movie. hehe. dunno yet. Beth is spending the night at Tylers. (her bf) Kristen and Kacey (twins but nothing alike) are going somewhere with Josh and Haley. and Some other people. like i said i feel like a loser.

Okay goodnight new friend.


1:09 AM.

Omg. I had a dream jace was throwing rocks at my window. you know like they do in movies and junk? then i woke up :[ i didnt even kiss him!
Stupid dream. dude its 1 in the morning! grr. i have detion tommorow morning. 8-11. My date with Travis is at 7. eep! is that how you would spell that?
grr. idk. ive been so diffrent this week its crazy.

Okay good morning new friend.


August 24.

Omg.omg.omg. im such a teenage girl! Okay so detion was effin boring. some weird people there to! and guess who was watching us? who you ask.
Mr. Im a pimple on a monkeys ass. my damn history teacher! Die Mr.Rokes DIE.XXXX
Okay so then the date! wow! Okay so he took me out to dinner and then we went to a movie!! dinner was good. and we made out durring the movie. ehh.
idk. it was awesome and all and hes an amazing kisser and all. just got a bad feeling you know? Okay so i didnt get to update anything last night including this.
But its sunday. and tommorow a smaller wave crashes onto the shore and i start over again. another week.

Goodnight my new friend.


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