Chapter 2: Dark Blue

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Episode 2: Try To Learn.
(Dragonfly Falls)
Allot of Phoenix of all colors were everywhere in Dragonfly falls. The place was a huge area on an island called Sycamore. It's too big to even travel across in 80 days. It was full of Forests, Deserts, Tundra, Grasslands, misty canyons, and all kinds of Mountains. A beautiful place to see is Dragonfly falls. It was full of rivers, hot springs, gizers, and large waterfalls.
All kinds of Phoenix come to build their nests of twigs and bursts into flames then turn to ash, where their offspring is born. Bluefight saved the land of Sycamore and it was soon named after his nickname, which was Sycamore. Bluefight became the
ruler of the land until it was his time to burn himself and let his offspring take over, but his offspring is very different from him. Bluefire was her name. Bluefight took off into the air as if he was to fly for another 1,000 years, but Bluefire on the other wing. . .Couldn't fly very well at all. When it's time for a Phoenix to learn to fly, a guardian helps them learn.
In Bluefire's case, Grayfeather is her guardian/teacher. The gray Phoenix sat on a tree branch with his claws clenched tightly around it. He stared at a blue Phoenix that looked fourteen years old, in Phoenix years. He had just turned 100 years
old yesterday. Fourteen years had passed since Bluefight died and Bluefire took over. Bluefire jumped in the air over and over again, trying to fly, but always fell. Grayfeather let go of the branch and then held his wings out and flapped them, then he took off into the air. He was very high up when Bluefire started to watch him fly. "He looks like a gray dot."
Bluefire said to herself as a smile formed on her dark blue beak. Her feathers were light blue and her eyes were icy blue. Grayfeather soon landed in front of Bluefire, scaring her. She fell backwards and onto her back. "She'll never learn if she
doesn't watch what I do!" Grayfeather yelled at himself. As he closed his eyes, he let out a sigh. He opened his eyes to see Bluefire trying to fly again. Grayfeather shook his head and walked over and behind Bluefire. "Grayfeather?" Bluefire said.
"When a Phoenix Flies it starts by holding their wings out, high above their sides and then flaps its wings, when they do that, air is pushed downward. This produces an opposite force that “lifts” the Phoenix into the air. There is a reason why are wings are shaped like that, it produces some lift even when you are just gliding." Said Grayfeather as he lifted
both Bluefire's wings. Her wing span was very long, but her body was able to hold them. "Hold my wings like this," She began as Grayfeather let go of her wings, She kept them in the air. Her wings were high above her sides. One wing on each of her
sides. "Yes. Just like that." He told her. "Then I flap them." Grayfeather nodded when Bluefire began to flap her wings. "Try not to-" Grayfeather didn't get to finish because Bluefire already took off into the air. She almost fell five times before falling all the way down. "Why. Why can't I fly!" Bluefire
lowered her head in shame. "It's okay. You'll get it tomorrow." said Grayfeather
as he helped Bluefire to her feet. "No I won't! You said that yesterday and I still didn't get it! I'm never going to pass the flying test that's coming in two days!" Bluefire cried out before she ran awayfrom Grayfeather on foot. Grayfeather sighed. "Bluefire. . ." His voice trailed off as he watched Bluefire disappear into the sunlit forest.
(The Demon Falls)
Bluefire sat on a rock covered ground that was soaked with water. It was very slippery. She sat by the largest waterfall in the land of Sycamore. It was call The Demon falls. "why! Why is fly do difficult for me!" Bluefire demanded. She looked into the river at her reflection. She was the prettiest Phoenix in Dragonfly Falls. At least that's what every Phoenix told her when they passed by her.
Bluefire was startled when a white Phoenix's reflection appeared in the water next to her's. Bluefire realized it was her friend, Spottedsnow. She was an all white Phoenix with black spots only on her wings and tail feathers. "Hello, Bluefire."
she said all cheerfully. "Guess what?" She asked. Bluefire stared over at Spottedsnow. She had a big smile on her beak. "What?" Bluefire asked. "Sunshine said I'm already for the flying test that's being held in two days. I just finished learning to fly while dodging stuff in the air!" She cheered and that made Bluefire burn up inside. Her other
friend, Silverstar, finished everything in only one and a half days and now Sunshine had finished flying in three days. Tomorrow will be her fourth day of trying to fly. "What's wrong Bluefire?" Spottedsnow asked. "can I ask for your advice?"
Bluefire asked, sitting back down. "When someone ask for my advice, I always replied with, 'Use your best judgment,' which they clearly don’t have if they think I’m the right one to ask." Spottedsnow replied with a smile. "Never mind." said Bluefire as she stared off at the now setting sun. "I think Grayfeather's getting sick of trying to teach me. I think he doesn't want
to train me anymore." Bluefire said in a low tone. "That's not true!" Spottedsnow protested. "He like training you. I over hear him say that your so close to flying each day." She added. "I think hes just saying that to impress Flame, Mothercorn,
and Sunshine." Bluefire said, looking down at her wings. "What's the point in having wings if they don't work!" Bluefire yelled at herself. "Let’s hang out and spend time annoying Silverstar. You know, give the poor thing a break from flying?" Spottedsnow asked. "You go ahead. I'm going out and try to practice my flying." Spottedsnow shrugged and then took off into
the air. She wanted her wings to work just like Spottedsnow's and Silverstar's, but they may never work. Bluefire started to hop away. She was heading back to the Wing training area.
(Wing Training area)
Bluefire was in the grassy plane and did just as Grayfeather told her. Life her wings high above your sides and then flap. She did so and got about an inch above the ground before falling back down. She grew angry by her fourth time trying. She looked around. It was only her in The Wing Training Area. "Fly you dumb wings!" Bluefire yelled out loud. While she was yelling
at herself, near by a silver scaled dragon and a hot pink and bright blue two headed dragon were snooping around. "Hey Honda!" Tooth yelled over at the silver dragon. "What!" He yelled loudly. Sleepy's head flew up from resting her her chest
when Honda yelled. "Look. That wouldn't happen to be Bluefight?" Tooth asked as he pointed at a little blue Phoenix that was trying to fly, but ended up falling and yelling at herself. "You don't remember what the Phoenix that broke one of your teeth off looks like?" Honda asked. "No I didn't, but that one looks just like Bluefight, but smaller and can't fly?." Tooth
pointed out. Honda began to smile, but it was an evil smile. "Bluefight must have burned himself and that there must be his offspring." Honda said to himself. "That's his offspring. Bluefight is no more and that means we can trick this little birdy
into pulling Bluefight's claw from Lord Draco." He said. Sleepy and Tooth grinned. "That's perfect!" The two headed dragon yelled at the same time. Honda, Sleepy, and Tooth flew over to Bluefire. Bluefire was scared and took off running when she saw the dragons. Honda flew in front of her and grabbed her wings and pushed her to the ground. "Place don't eat me!
Grayfeather told me not to bother dragons because, to you guys, I'm crunchy and taste good with anything!" Bluefire blurted out. "What!. . .No, we are here to help you fly." Lied Honda. "What? Really?" Bluefire asked. "Yes." Tooth lied as he
flew over to her. Sleepy had fallen asleep. "Two heads." Bluefire said to herself. "Get on my back." Said Honda with a grin. "Where are we going?" Bluefire asked. "We are going to place where you can really learn to fly." Tooth said before him and the sleeping, Sleepy took off, into the air.
(In the air)
For some reason Blurfire felt unhappy. She was flying in the air like she always wanted, but that was only because he was on the back of a silver scaled dragon. "Where are we going." Bluefire asked. Honda glided through the air until he flew upwards.
"Don't worry. We are going to a peaceful place." Honda lied. "But your going in the direction of Dragon Island?" Bluefire pointed out. Honda grinned. "your a fool to think a dragon's going to help you fly." Honda said to himself. "What's your name?"
Honda asked, trying to take Bluefire's mind off the direction they were headed. "B-Bluefire." Bluefire replied. "Aw,
Bluefire. . .Such a pretty name." He smiled. "I hate that name. It's stupid and I thought all Phoenix took the name of their parent!" Honda yelled at himself as she started to glide again. "Hey, there's something in your wing." Bluefire pulled on it
with her beak. "AAA!" He yelled in pain. Honda landed on the nearest rock near the volcano. "Sorry." Said Bluefire as she jumped from Honda's back. "No. . .It's fine." He lied. "We are here anyway and you wont be leaving unless you learn to fly fast enough to get away from me." Honda said to himself as he walked over to a cave like doorway. "But Grayfeather will get
mad at me if I go in there." Bluefire backed away from the silver scaled dragon. Honda turned to her as she bumped into Tooth and Sleepy's belly. The phoenix turned in a flash, her wings trembling in fear. "You are a fool to think a dragon would help
a Phoenix!" Honda started to laugh. "Uh-oh." Bluefire said as she turned to face The two headed dragon. Sleepy was wide awake and ready to sink her teeth into a yummy looking Phoenix. Bluefire slipped under and through Tooth and Sleepy's legs since she had no idea how to fly. "They are going to be hard to get away from." Thought Bluefire as she darted away at high speed,
but they were faster then her when in the air. The silver dragon flew downward at her first, but she dodged to the right. As she did that, the two headed dragon dove down at her, missing her by an inch. Bluefire wished that Grayfeather was there to
save her, but if he was he would have killed her himself afterwards. Bluefire turned right as she saw the edge of the cliff. "Trust me I'm not tasty at all!" Cried Bluefire as she tripped over her long and light blue legs. Her face smashed into the ground as Honda, Sleepy, and Tooth landed right behind her. "Oh no." Bluefire said as she tried to pull her dark blue beak
from the ground, but it was stuck inside the solid Earth. "What's wrong birdy?" Honda asked with a smile. "Yea stuck?" He added a laugh. "This is all we get from an offspring of Bluefight? That thing is worthless. What's the point in dying to
have a weakling like this take his place?" sleepy asked with a laughed. Bluefire felt weak, mainly that she couldn't fly away, but also because she couldn't fight neither. "Who is Bluefight anyway?" Bluefire asked herself while the three dragons were throwing insults at her. "Your just going to let them say those things?" a voice asked. "Huh? Whose there?" Bluefire
asked aloud. "Whose she talking to?" Honda asked. Tooth and sleepy both shrugged and stared at the blue fire phoenix. "Shh." the voice told her. "Speak with your mind." It added. "Who are?" Bluefire asked the voice that was deep inside her mind
somewhere. "My name is not important, what is important is that I get you safely out of here." It said. Bluefire wandered if she should trust this voice. "You can trust me. . .Besides I know everything your thinking, so you can't hide things from me.
Now will you make a deal with me?" It asked. "I don't know who you are, so why would I make a deal with you?" Bluefire asked
it. "You didn't even know the names of those dragons, but yet you trusted them?" Bluefire found that the voice was right. "Well okay, but what is the deal first?" Bluefire asked. "You help me unleash my friend and I'll help you fly." It promised.
"Really? You'll help me fly?" Bluefire asked. "I promise that I will." The word promise always made Bluefire happy. Grayfeather always promised her things and he always fulfilled that promise even if it took a bit longer then he said. "Okay." Bluefire agreed.
Then suddenly her beak was free, but all she saw was darkness and then everything went blank.

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Great chapter! Bluefire sounds like a really cute character and so full of innocence. I feel so afraid for her after her incident with those dragons, and I like the cliffhanger you left at the end, it make me curious of knowing what happens next. KMU :)

Tue, April 24th, 2012 9:10pm


Thanks so much for reading and I'm hoping to get the next chapter in soon and I will keep you updated.

Tue, April 24th, 2012 3:10pm

Ann Sepino

This is a great story, especially in the way the characters take on personalities like that of humans. It has a wonderful set of characters and a very mystical setting. Keep it up (n_n)

Wed, April 25th, 2012 3:33am


sure thing. I'm still thinking about what I will write for the third chapter

Wed, April 25th, 2012 7:38am


Oooo.. i can relate with bluefire, its a wonderful story by a wonderful writer :)

Wed, April 25th, 2012 6:03pm


thank you so much! I always like to here comments like thoughs Thanks!

Wed, April 25th, 2012 1:05pm

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