A game of cat and mouse

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~Meet the uke of my story and trust me you will just think he's ADORABLE once you see him: Kiyoko Arai~

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ~Kiyoko~

Submitted: February 10, 2013

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Submitted: February 10, 2013





Hello everyone I'm Kiyoko Arai ~


Sly/sneaky- Kiyoko is not your typical "Submissive uke" Don't let his good looks fool you into he's as innocent and timid as he looks. Kiyoko is very smarter than he looks and will use his looks to get what he wants from someone if they think they can use him for their enjoyment and fun. He will only use this to when men try to use him

Stubborn-Kiyoko may look like a pushover but is hardly one at all. Kiyoko will put his foot down and won't let the issue go even if it's a small one. Even if you try to convince him or try to talk him out of it he will not budge or change his answer unless you manage to outsmart him in some way which will cause him to become embarrassed and blush.

Kind- Kiyoko is very kind and nurturing so you can compare him to being a mother hen to some degree. In ways he does act like a mother since he knows how to cook, clean and takes care of the people he holds close. It's very hard to get close to him, so if you manage be sure never to betray his trust.

Timid/Insecure-Kiyoko has moments where he will let down his guard or relapse and show that he is very insecure and timid over himself which is when he will lock himself away from people close to him so he can deal with it himself and not show it still affects him.

Insomniac-Kiyoko, for very precific reasons hates sleeping and to find this out you need to read his history. He'll get mad if I say it on here~

Confident/Brave-Kiyoko unlike his animal is known for being scared and will run at the sight of danger or an intruder, Kiyoko has no problem taking care of business and will stand up for himself and show he's not as innocent and needs much protection.

Age:16(Kiyoko:?_? Shocker huh?)

Species:(Kiyoko:Is it really that hard to tell -_-) Human/Nezumimi

Gender: Male(Kiyoko:Rose stop messing with them they're not stupid. Me: ^_^ Lol ok I'll stop~)

Kiyoko's History:Kiyoko's mom died giving birth to him so he never knew what it was like to have a mom's love and was very sick/weak and had to stay in the hospital under a heart monitor since he was also born premature. Kiyoko has 3 elder brothers who tried to protect Kiyoko from their father since their mother asked them to always protect and look after their baby brother. Kiyoko's dad never accepted her death and began to blame, verbally and physically abuse Kiyoko saying he killed her and out of pure spite while Kiyoko was sleep violently molested him which deeply scarred Kiyokowho in turnwouldn't eat or sleep for weeks and soon began give up on life. Now before Kiyoko tried to commit suicide the youngest of his elder brothers walked in and stopped him before he could to which Kiyoko started to have a breakdown and told his brother of what their father had done to him and still does. When he heard this he quickly told the others and decided to move out their father's house and decided to live in another house that they inherited from their mom which is where he and his brother currently reside now. And once they finally was able to Kiyoko in healthy condition and much better he started to go back to normal and had a bit more confidence and attitude but he still has trouble sleeping because of his nightmares of his past and moves around in his sleep.

Family: His father, Eldest brother:Katsu (25),Kyoya(23),Kaeda(20)


  • His brothers
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Writing and reading poems or stories and singing(in secret)
  • Looking up at the moon and stars on a nice night
  • Animals(Kiyoko:should be obvious since I'm pretty much one).
  • Guys with tattoos (Kiyoko:I find it quite appealing and sexy ^_^)


  • His father
  • Chores
  • Being teased(being compared to a girl)
  • Crying
  • Shouting
  • Arrogant people
  • Bullies
  • Fighting(Will only fight unless he feels threatened or when awaken from his sleep)
  • Sleeping

Secret notes:Kiyoko is an excellent cook and cooks all the meals in the house since his brothers suck at cooking. Kiyokoknows martial arts (Brothers had conned/forced had him take various martial arts classes to protect himself even through his brothers taught him martial arts when they were younger they wanted him to learn more since he got bullied a lot). Surprisingly is very demonic when is awakened from his slumber (Kaeda:Trust me you do not want to wake him up when sleeping, may look like an angel in his sleep butis the devil when waking up). Kiyoko mouse ears are the most sensitive part on him and he is prone to have sugar rushes when eating to much sugar, and has no clue why he was born with mouse ears and tail. Kiyoko also hates sleeping and has a case of insomnia which his brothers don't know. He also has scars on his back, torso and upper arms. He also has a habit of sneaking into people's beds he feels comfortable with and sleeps with them(Kiyoko:NOT LIKE THAT! IF YOU GUYS WERE THINKING THE OTHER THING. Perverts-_-)

Nicknames: Sleeping Beauty/Devil, Princess Kiyoko(Random one his brothers made up for him which pisses Kiyoko off the most)

Relationship Status: Single ?


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