*HIATUS*Looks like an angel, plays like a devil

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Chapter 21 (v.1) - Chapter 18: Aoi's Lover enters the scene!: Matsura!

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Me:Hi everyone! ^_^ Did you guys miss me and the others? Well guess what we are back! ^_^

Kairi:Yeah since this one had to focus on school and other shit that's just been screwing up her passion for writing stories and stopped writing her work for awhile~-_-

Satoshi:^_^ Yeah~ Oh hey guys, did you guys miss me? ^_~* I hope you guys, plus rose here might do a poll on who has more fans between me and some of the other characters ^_^ So if you guys are new and didn't read this story up to this point I suggest you do.

Kairi:There you go winking again. You been around Aoi too much you picking up his habits I swear

Aoi:Hey not my fault if he begins to grow out his shell *sticks out tongue* Oh and there's my...*Cast eyes downward as Satoshi goes over to hug him*

Satoshi:Its ok we'll get him back he coming for you now anyway ^_^


Me:Of course Aoi ^_^ Now let's begin~

Chapter 18: Aoi's lover enters the scene! Matsura~ Kairi's POV

We been walking for days now and still haven't reached the destination the twins have been leading us and they still wouldn't tell me or Ren just saying we'll get there soon. It's like their leading us through an endless labyrinth telling us we'll get there and be there soon. Over the last couple days we had time to get to know Kaia and Fushichou and their pretty much like the perfect couple for each other but they aren't together.

While Fushichou is very cocky and arrogant and a stud I must add Kaia fiery temper and mouth snaps back against his own and cuts his ego down to size. Fushichou specializes in fire magic and demolitions expert by having hook ups around the land by demons that owe him and who is friends with. Kaia specializes in stealth and close combat and using her beauty to her advantage when it comes down to it, oh and to explain how she can see with that clothe that covers her eyes she can feel and sense people's aura which gives her the image of that person and also uses fire magic like him.

At the moment, I was lying in my bed of my room  shared with the guys while was holding Satoshi's pendant in the palm of my hand as it dangled in my face, the winged pendant glittered softly in sunlight that enter the room from the window. Everyone else had gone out to go get more herbs, salves and food for the journey when we live the next day.

"Miss him huh?" Kaia's soft voice broke the silence in the room as my eyes glanced over to her as she walked towards my bed and sat on it.

"Yeah...why didn't you go out with the others?" I asked as the bed springs began to creak as I sat up, slipping the pendant into pocket.

"I figured you be lonely since everyone but you were coming out. Your aura also began to be turning to a light shade of blue. So here I am now." She chimed with a kind smile. So observant for someone who couldn't even read the expressions on my face to tell.

"Your very observant for someone who can not see with their eyes, Fushichou is lucky to have you." I said, hearing her quietly giggle as her pale cheeks turned a light scarlet red.

"Th-th...thank you," Kaia said quietly as she turned her head to the floor to hide her blushing face. I chuckled softly at her. She was as kind as my little Satoshi-kun, I wonder how he's been now in that place Aoi has taken him. I felt a small frown cross my lips as I thought of Aoi. If I ever get my hands on Aoi I probably kill him from taking Satoshi from me. Satoshi.....Aoi really is going to get it when I se-

"Get him men!"

"Make sure to restrain him once you get him pinned down! The king wants him brought into him"

Yelling and screaming was heard outside; both I and Kaia quickly got off my bed and rushed outside to see what was happening and was met with the sight of a blue-haired guy with glowing red eyes. He was fighting and doing a good job I might add, he mostly rely on strentgh but was also using combos of offensive and defensive styles of fighting so his movements looked graceful and strong.

"Eh? There not suppose to be here," Kaia said as she watched him fight.

"What is it Kaia?" I asked turning to her as she tapped a finger against her bottom lip.

"Well if you look at the silver armor the men he's fighting, those are guards from the royal kingdom which is quite a long distance from here in fact but no one of the poor decided to leave there anymore once the new ruler of the land came about. The question is why is he fighting them and why do they want him?" Kaia said, turning my gaze back to him. The guard weren't having much luck trying to even land a hand on him.

"Think we should help?" I asked as she nodded. Kaia slowly took in deep breath before releasing a breath of fire as the guards jumped out the way as I pulled out the small rod and tossed it into the air as it changed into it's longer form as I caught it spinning it around while my scythe's blade unsheathed itself, gleaming in the sunlight.

Jumping up in the air and landing beside him as he glanced at me before turning back to the approaching guards swarming us as Kaia takes care some other guards decked in more silver armor with shields and swords she pulled out hidden twin daggers in her corset. The boy and I stood back to back as the guards began to circle us drawing closer with each step.

"Why are you two helping me?" He asked while I began swinging my scythe once again as warning to the guards who watched me.

"Just to answer some questions of our own? Why are they after you?" I asked as I swung my scythe slicing right through one of the guards armor as blood spilled from his armor as he fell to the ground; soon enough all them charged at us at the same. Swords raised high in the air.

"Well since you two are helping me out I guess it's only fair I answer some questions right after this," His deep voice said as he fought off the guards on his side knocking them out while I took out people on the right side. Kaia was quickly taking out the guards trying to get over to our area but was keeping them at bay.

"Retreat!"  A guard decked in black armor on a white horse yelled as the rest of his men began to pull out the small village until they were nothing but dust in the wind. I breathed in a sigh of relief as I turned to the blue-haired boy finally gettinga  good look at him. He was handsome I give him that, very well built, shirtless with a black tattoo on his left side of his chest as it wrapped around his arm, a black choker, navy blue pants that were loose fitted for being able to move around freely, and bandages sporting his ankles and wrists with dark armbands covering his bandages on his arms with black flats. His long navy blue hair drapped over his shoulderblade as the wind blew.

"So glad it's over," Kaia said walking over to us, stretching a bit before turning towards him. "Oh yeah I'm Kaia by the way. What's your name?" She asked, a smile gracing her lips.

"I'm Matsura, nice to meet you" He said as I smiled.

"I'm Kairi, nice to meet you Matsura," I said as I offered my hand out as he smirked a small one clasping his hand with mine. "Nice to meet you as well. SO about those questions?" He chimed as our hands dropped to our sides.

"Ah yes. Why were they after you?" Kaia asked as I watched his smile fall from his lips changing into a frown.

"They came after me because I was stating I was going to take someone back that their king took from me." He said quietly, I watched as his fists clentched back and forth into balls of fists and his red eyes flare in anger. I seen that look before and know all to well that feeling. Anger. He took his lover... Kaia looked downwards towards the ground thinking the same as me so I stepped in.

"I know that feeling. Someone took my lover as well and I'm here trying to retrieve him back to me."

"So we have something in common huh?" He said as he looked towards me and I nodded."But what was your lover's name?" I asked as he sigh quietly, closing his eyes and shaking his head. This was alot for him and I felt bad for even asking him.

"His name was Aoi..." Matsura said quietly and I felt my heart sink straight to my stomach. Aoi?! I was going after Aoi all this time just to get back at him for taking Satoshi. I never guessed he had a lover since he was always flirting.....

"From your look I can tell my Aoi has done something to youthat's part of the reason your here. So let's here the story so I can put in my judgement and I can fill in the blanks of why he's doing this. Believe me I know Aoi more than you and know of the trouble he's been doing more than he knows himself but I'll say this. It was never on purpose, forced more like it." Matsura's deep voice said as I began to tell him of what Aoi did over the past couple weeks and when Satoshi was taken, watching his expression it never change but stayed as it was. A calm expression.

"Hm...that explains a lot of his actions he's been doing the past couple weeks. Aoi mentioned something along the lines of the king he serves wants a certain boy named Satoshi. He's also been cutting our dates short and began to ignore me completely during school hours after a incident that happened which I was attacked and put me into the hospital," Matsura said as his eyes flashed a with sadness in them. "It was also the day we broke up by leaving me a note saying it wasn't safe for me to be with him...I know he didn't mean it he isn't like that. Not my Aoi." Matsura vowed as both I and Kaia and listened.

"Then that attack on you wa-"

"It was all to make Aoi abide to his wishes and go back to being his "personal slave" which is why he was in the land of the living to escape his past life of being a slave, the abuse and torment. It fucked him up a lot and he was too damaged. I take it Satoshi was taken because the king has some kind of connection to him in some way since he doesn't just order people to take humans." Matsura stated as I swallow down the things I just heard. So Aoi was innocent after all. Just another victim in a way.

"I want to offer you something but unsure if you will accept." I said as I gazed at him.

"Then say it."

"Will you join me and others in our rebellion against the king who has caused both our pain?" Iasked watching a smirk rising to his lips.

"You got yourself a new recruit. Count me in." He stated as Kaia clapped and begin to jump around in glee. So another has joined us....

"That reminds me" Kaia chimed and poked his right arm where a small tattoo of a cross with a angel wing and demon wing coming out each side of it and a rose in the middle. "What's this?" She asked as Matsura chuckled, a warm smile crossing his face.

"That's my bond mark with Aoi. It connects me with him in body,mind and soul so I always know where he is and what he's thinking when he doesn't block his mind from me or know what he's feeling. We are one and no one can claim him as thier mate. He has the same one as I but on his neck." He said and I could see the love and longing in his eyes as I smiled a little. Such love and devotion is rare. Almost like they loved each other from past lives in a way.

I turned my gaze to the sky now. We're coming Satoshi...just wait until I get there and you too Aoi~





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