Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



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ch.1:hi im anna

Ana's pov

Boredom, it seemed like that was my only emotion as I had seated myself on my king mattress. Twilight was the title of this laughable work that I had acquired from one of the many human servants. Mirth danced in my light brown depths as I wondered what could make humans think that vampires are really like this and raised an eyebrow. Shifting to a more comfortable position, I had found my mind wandering to the severe differences between reality and this novel. Humans could be very smart, though their stupidity seemed to fascinate me as I had slowly become engulfed in this novel.“Spark…le?”

Trying as I might, resistance was futile as melodic laughter drifted from my pale pink lips as I reread the sentence once more only to laugh harder. The echoes of my laughter seemed to drown out the knock at my door until I responded, “Come in.” Eyes never leaving the book held in my hands as I turned another page.“Ana, why do you insist on ignoring our father when he summons us downstairs?” My elder brother Damian had entered my room with a stern yet bewildered look upon his visage. He was my favorite out of my four siblings in this vast house, even if he was overprotective though I had to say it fitted him better than the others.

“Tell me Damian, can you believe that humans actually think that we sparkle in the sunlight?” I couldn’t help but ask for his opinion seeing as he actually listened to me when I was speaking unlike anyone else. His six feet two inches frame towered over me even when he seated himself next to me and his piercing ice blue eyes had yet again caught my attention.  It seemed like he was the only one that understood my thought process, well or had at least admitted that I had one and that just seemed to deepen our special bond.

Childish mirth still lingered in my eyes as he heaved a sigh at my cheerful antics and ruffled my dark chocolate locks. “Father can wait for once in his undead life, so a few minutes won’t kill him. It’s not every day we come across a human’s thoughts like this!” I had exclaimed in glee as my eyes sparkled and his stern look had soon melted into his signature warming smile. Father had always said that Damian and I got mother’s smile, maybe it was another reason why we had got along so well. “Why must you fill your head with such rubbish Ana?” He chided as he grasped my novel, yanking it from my clutches and shook his head at me.

My eyes narrowed at my brother as I reached for my novel despite the fact that he was a lean pale muscular being that easily outmatched my weak attempts at punching his stomach. “Damian give me back my book before…before…just give it back!” I demanded too focused on getting back my prize to notice his free hand reaching for my side.“Dam-St...Stop!”

Laughter erupted from my lips as I tried squirming away from my brother’s merciless hands as he continued to tickle me. “Did you just demand me to stop? How rude you should say please.” He whispered in my ear before tickling my sides faster and I managed to gasp out a plea. “P-Please Da..Damian sto-stop!” His evil hands retreated to his side whilst I forced air back into my lungs and snatched my book from my nightstand.“Now stop reading these foolish books,” Calmly grabbing the book from my hands he continued his speech, “you know how father dislikes you being entranced by humans. In his view they are the inferior race and are nothing but cattle that only has one purpose and that is to be eaten.”

Damian had set my book down again and had moved me so I was standing next to him. He reached his hand up to knock his black locks from his strong gentle features and hugged me to him. Most of my siblings were protective, since it was natural seeing as I was the youngest but honestly…it got annoying really fast. Though it was funny when Damian could charm his way into finding me whenever I escaped his hawk eyes, female servants are very pointless. “Damian it’s just a…” My whining seemed to fall on deaf ears as his face had turned stern once again and all I could think was, “Ouch!” I was brought out of my thoughts by Damian the jerk face flicking my forehead and narrowed my eyes in pain yet anger.

“Anastasia. It may be just a book to us but to father it is foolish claims that humans dare publish.” Father…ever since my mother’s murder he had become mister stick up his ass. I know he had a reason, we all do but he should be forgiving regardless. The hunters who were against my mother’s view of desegregation decided to play death and give him a new companion on the voyaged down the River Styx. Once she died, father refused to continue her peace and instead destroyed what was left of it.

“However…it is amusing to think that humans believe we sparkle in the sunlight like a bunch of pixies.” His voice had held warmth that it lacked a few minutes ago as he kissed my nose bringing me out of my stupor. A giggle had fallen from my lips along with a soft smile replacing my frown. Clutching my left hand he had knelt down on one knee and said, “Enough chatter, our lord wishes to speak with us dear princess who has a fetish for humans.”

His sarcasm was not missed as I slapped his hand away like a snotty princess and turned my nose up at him.“Stop reminding me that I am a princess, it’s gross. People treating me like I am Zeus himself is degrading and…stop laughing at me.” I demanded from Damian as mirth had taken over his ocean depths. I didn’t care if I was princess of Albania, it was something sour on my tongue. Getting everything you wanted is nice…but sadly the balls, events and responsibilities was so bothersome.

No one wanted to suffocate in the tight corset dress and not being allowed to sit down but the real bonus was the Darks constantly watching you.Humans, lucky creatures had few worries in the world and one of them wasn’t pure-blooded vampires breathing down your neck. Every decision, every move had to be calculated precisely or feel the imaginary lynch tight ever so slightly. Discipline. Responsibility. Perfection. Those three words were the foundation of royalty and would haunt someone even in their grave.Dreams…were my only escape from this harsh reality and even those weren’t good enough. I wished to be able to relax and openly laugh with my family like we once had, all those years ago. My brother’s cold hand had grasped my shoulder causing my head to rise up and his hand caressed my cheek. Eye contact was essential in vampires, it showed loyalty and confidence. “Ana, you never know when royals or other Darks are near to hear you say such blunt opinions.

Our father is horrid for coming in at inconvenient times.” The unspoken words of punishment was shared between us because we had known that if the congregation of Darks, royals and father would have my words silenced. Punishment was very severe.Uncomfortable nervousness had crept into my system as I tried to look away from the piercing eyes of my brother and ignore the shivers. I disliked having people see through me like I was some window in a house but Damian had that power more than anyone. “Anastasia please look at me this is very important because privacy is limited and next time someone else will catch you instead of me.” His eyes changed to ice at the thought of me being in trouble with father for my words. I reached up a hand to enclose his and had spoke softly. “I understand Damian.”

Though my voice wasn’t convincing enough for him and it showed on his face. “I am serious. You are truly mother’s reincarnation for your outspoken attitude though you need to curve it for safety’s sake.” His teasing ruined the moment as he pinched my cheek at the pout on my face. “Ouch! Damian that hurt you jerk!” I exclaimed rubbing my now sore cheek and his serious face returned. “Humor me Ana, promise me that you think before you speak.” “I promise…” We both had known that I didn’t mean it, it was hard to control my impulsive nature but for Damian I try.

Besides I was nibbling on my poor finger, the lovely nervous habit I had gotten from my mother.  “You are such a liar little Ana.” His suspicions were always correct when it had come to me, and I couldn’t stop my mischievous smile from showing. “One day dear Ana I will drop dead from all this stress you place on me.” Sighing he closed his eyes and rubbed his temples frustrated with me…again. “Silly you’re already dead, how much more dead can you get…unless you want me to pierce your heart as a final step?” I lunged for his heart only to be face planted into my comforter with Damian on top of me grinning…I could just tell he was.

“Dear little slowpoke Ana, if you want to accomplish that you must become faster than me…and we all know that is an impossible feat itself.” He arrogantly stated as he had got off me and kissed my head. “You know girls think my arrogance is sexy.” My eyebrow twitched as I rolled over to give him more than a piece of my mind. “You’ve already given me pieces of your mind Ana.” “Stay out of my head you freakin’ blood sucker.” I muttered while holding my head as if that had possibly any power to stop him from reading my thoughts. He softly laughed before he continued teasing his poor sister, “You sound like those damn hunters.”

I glared venomously at my brother as he had kept on laughing before holding up a hand in surrender. “Okay…okay I will stop teasing you.” I mock curtsied for my brother before drenching my voice in sarcasm. “Why thank you your highness.” His smile had only grown wider at my mocking and then had shaken his head at me. “For shame Anastasia  you dare be unoriginal like that.” My smile turned into a smirk as I had my hand half covering my mouth. “If you say so Prince Damian.” He cringed from how perfectly I imitated his fan girls that tried their dammed hardest to flirt with him.

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