Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Submitted: April 26, 2011



Here is ch.2:meet the von Steins hope you all enjoy guys ^^ read,comment,and vote

Ana's pov

ch.2:meet the von stein's

Damian and I walked through the normally clustered hallways as servants dodged out of our way doing the daily chores. Yet again I had found myself lost in thought, Damian had already told me that I should stop daydreaming...what does he know?

Wham. Bam. Thud. I looked up to see violet, one of the younger servants, splayed out on marble floor and laundry trashed. Great, now Damian was never going to let me live this down. I ignored my brother's arrogant smirk as I helped her pick up the laundry. "Mistress A-Anastasia...I'm so...sorry I just-I'm sorry!" Violet had apologizing and bowing in sequence as if her life depended on my answer. Damian chuckled softly as he helped Violet from the floor. "Violet you're fine, no one is going to kill you besides look Ana is perfectly fine she's...laughing..." Violet looked over to my form as I started to laugh loudly at the situation before me.

Though I think my servants believe I am a lunatic, I mean...I'm not a total lunatic just disturbed at times.  "Eh Mistress Anastasia are you...alright?" She was concerned for my mental health, how sweet of her. I had calmed the storm of my laughter and had given her back the basket full of folded laundry. "I'm fine Violet, I already told you to call me Ana not mistress or my full name." She bowed again thanking me before I gently grabbed her arm and gave her a small smile only for a booming voice to interrupt. "Demetri." He appeared in front of me and grabbed my face forcefully turning it to face him. "You're not happy to see me?" He cooed smiling slyly that turned to a provoking smile once he heard Damian's warning growl.

Damian ripped his hand off my face as his eyes turned a misty crimson and another warning escaped his snarl. "Demetri...don't ever grab her face like that again." "Is that anyway to speak to your own twin brother Damian?" Demetri loved to taunt Damian and this was the usual taunt then fight session. "Besides it's not as if I was hurting our dear younger sister so calm that temper or I will do it for you."

Soon the pair of them were glaring at the other to see who would back down first though I wanted to stop them for killing each other so I moved in between them. "You're twins, you should be closer than anybody else and not fighting every chance you see each other!" I exclaimed trying to get them to listen to me but I realize that my attempted compromise was ignored...when was that new? "I'd rather have a first class ticket to the deepest pits of hell before I get along with mister stick up his ass." Damian growled as his crimson eyes remained on Demetri and of course Demetri couldn't help but reply back. "I could personally arrange that for you brother if Ana steps out of the way." Why did I get childish twin brothers?

 As if having one was bad enough, I wonder if the man upstairs thinks all of this is funny in a sadistic way...what a jerk. In the midst of my rant Damian pulled me out of the line of fire known as Demetri and wrestled him to the ground. "No stop it you two!" Yet again my cries were ignored as I tried to pull Damian off of Demetri while fangs were being bared. Demetri somehow had thrown Damian into a wall in a flash after managing to get up from the ground.

He punched Damian repeatedly as crimson flowed onto his fist. "Stop Demetri...please." I said as I tried to pull him off Damian and Demetri started growling at me instead. His ferocious glare didn't stop me from pulling him some more as Damian started to regain control. "Stay the fuck out of this!" Smack. Demetri smacked me hard enough to bring me onto my back, though it didn't go unnoticed by Damian. "Don't fucking touch her!" Damian used his powers to throw Demetri into the opposite wall before glancing at me briefly.

 Demetri would always be a fucking prick in my book, well if I had a book full of jerks he would be numbers one through twenty thousand! I just wanted them to stop fighting, helping those two are like helping father feel sympathy...bothersome and pointless...yeah. "Ready for round two?" Demetri asked as Damian started to walk over to him. There was just no stopping the two of them. Demetri licked up the blood from the corner of his mouth and grinned sure of himself as he had propped himself against the wall beckoning Damian to continue. Though I had different plans, I grasped Damian's arm whispering, "Damian enough...please?"

It always worked to get Damian to stop fighting and it was going to work now. He had stopped walking and turn to look at my cheek that was clearly deeply bruised...thanks Demetri... Damian let his hair fall in front of his eyes so I wouldn't be able to see his emotions and whispered back, "Fine, but only because you time I will kill you Demetri if you ever lay a hand on Anastasia again."

His tone turned dangerous as he had spoken the last part to Demetri. Anger still was present on his face but he wouldn't fight...wonder how long that was gonna last... "Whatever you say wimp." Of course Demetri had to have the last word, jeez what were we all? Five? Though it looked like Damian was going to have the last word. "Oh and I have your bitch." Damian's face had quickly calmed as he smirked at a confused Demetri.

"What do you mean you have my bitch?" Demetri just had to take the bait...great now for round two of twin tussling and I am your host Ana! "Going deaf now brother? I stated that I have your bitch, though she is very delectable without her clothes off." Demetri's eyes turned crimson as he lunged at Damian and I closed my eyes not wanting to see more carnage. I waited to hear battle cries. "Yo!" Thud.

 I opened my eyes to see Demetri on the floor with his head being pressed into the wooden floors by the heel of a boot that belonged to none other than to the blonde haired vampire. "Jazmine? What are you even doing here I thought you were going to Spain with your friends?" I asked as she was seated on Demetri's back and was pinning his arms behind him. Her other hand was holding her lollipop as she shrugged. "Oh that...Spain wasn't for me." She pushed Demetri's head into the floor again as he tried to respond. "Who the hell cares about spain get the fuck off me you bitch!"Demetri cursed as Jazmine twisted his arms causing the bones to snap.

 She had broken his arms. Peachy. He cursed everything under the sun as he tried to get out of grip. "Little boy who are you calling a bitch because I know you don't mean me. If you do though I suggest you choose those words wisely because as of now I have nothing to do so I can just sit here and break your arms every time after they heal." She said putting her lollipop back in her mouth before Demetri decided to speak. "Fine fine I am sorry-"

"If you were sorry you wouldn't have made this giant mess so who is going to clean this shit up?" she yelled for good measure before flicking his forehead and pulled his arms tighter behind him. Groaning Demetri smiled with annoyance clearly on his face before saying, "Isn't that why we have servants? Now get the fuck off." Smack. That earned him another beating of his head, and it was clear that Jazmine wasn't going to move. "What did I say? Tsk tsk tsk, now Demetri you have to be retarded to not  to understand that."

She shoved his face into the floor again and Demetri then had become desperate. "Okay okay I'm sorry just let go please." Her eyes widened before narrowing. "Did I hear a please?" "Yes you head a please Jaz!" She had a thoughtful look on her face as Demetri tried to remain calm. "Jazmine stop being an ass and let him go." Damian had spoken up only to receive her glare next. "That had better been a suggestion Damian."

Her tone warned him not to choose the wrong words so he had his hands up in surrender and he sighed. "That's what I thought because I could be doing this to you instead since you also created this mess." Damian was trying to defend himself until Jazmine's look had stopped his mouth.

"Yes he provoked you but you also provoked him back by bringing the whore into it." Her tone was now calm as she referred to Demetri's girlfriend. No one liked Demetri's girlfriend Jenna, then again why would we? She's a tartlet that sleeps with any male and the only reason we had put up with her is because of her father. He was on the council of vampires but most importantly he helped father make arduous decisions when he wasn't sure.  

 "Jenna isn't a whore!" Demetri tried to defend before Jazmine once again flicked his forehead as she reprimanded him. "Hush you," Demetri just growled in defeat. "now no more fighting." Demetri lifted his head with his sly smirk plastered on his face. "Or what?" He challenged which in turn earned him a smack instead of a flick on the head. He gritted his teeth in silence as a strangled yelp managed to get out. Demetri...what were we going to do with him? I forget how retarded he was and he just wouldn't let things go.

 "Do you really have to ask Demetri," I then pointed to his bruised arms before continuing, "because she is going to kick your ass." "Please." He murmured while Damian chuckled before he decided to add his two cents in, "Bro can you honestly talk with how she is man handling you right now?" which earned a growl from Demetri. "Shut your mouth you fu-" Jazmine had cut him off by smacking the back of his head. "Such a filthy mouth." She stated while she had shook her head and had placed her treat back in her mouth. "Jazmine.

Enough." Oh no...Dominic. We had turned to see Dominic's usual serious expression and Grace peaked around his side smiling and waving. "Hello Grace." We replied in unison as she walked around surveying the damaged walls and broken glass table. It was mystery to what had happened in here, it never was. "It looks like a tornado like went BOOM in here!" exclaimed Grace as she started to spin in circles before balancing herself. "It was these two idiots." Jazmine smacked Demetri and had shot Damian a look before she looked back at Dominic.

"Ouch hey what the heck get off me, what am I your damn punching bag or did you skip a pill this morning?" Demetri smirked before Jazmine started to smack him repeatedly until of course Dominic glared at the two. "I said enough Jaz." "Jeez Dominic I was just playing with our little brother so calm your ass down a few notches." Jazmine got off Demetri and stretched while Demetri had gotten onto his feet. As Grace hummed a tune, and the rest of us had stood in silence while Dominic stared us all down. I'm not sure why me, I hadn't done anything-wait...maybe it's the bruise?

 Dominic was handsome as was all my brothers but he was the spitting image of father. Hence why he was rarely with us, father was molding him into a miniature was totally working. He had stood six foot three with his raven wing locks in front of his left piercing black eye and he was also lean. His muscular form made his demands fiercer but his voice was what really did the trick. It was dark and mysterious to everyone though he would show his cared. "Mic Mic why so serious?" Grace asked as she looked up at Dominic, though she was strange herself but it was hard to stay mad at her ditzy child-like attitude.

Her voice reminded all of us of mother, she made everything a lullaby. My second oldest sister, just like the other one was very odd. She continued to call him Mic and decided to poke him repeatedly. "Grace, do you want your finger broken?" he asked with an evil smile on his face, that smile was definitely inherited from father. Grace had shaken her head no, as if she was still a child and smiled at Dominic. "Then refrain from your childish antics, and that goes for the rest of you. Father has been waiting long enough for us to appear."

With that Dominic had disappeared from sight and Grace followed behind like a little puppy. "Man what a dick." Demetri laughed at his own comment before Jazmine decided to chide in as well. "I'll say he acts like that stick up his ass has matured into an oak tree like fathers." The pair high-fived as they laughed at the insults and I decided to start heading to the throne room.  "If Dominic would have heard you-Well you'd be deader than a door nail." I chided snickering as Damian and I walked away.

"Yeah yeah we can totally take him one." Demetri stated as he ruffled my head and I had given him my best glare. "You wouldn't help me?" He asked with a pout painted on his face and I punched his arm playfully. "No I would just watch as your ass got beat up a third time." I giggled as Demetri and I had one of those rare sibling moments. "Oh that's hurtful." He chuckled while Jazmine walked to his left and smiled proudly at me. "When did our little Anastasia get so mouthy that she's talking smack?"

 I smiled at her as I decided to speak again, " 'No time to be a coward right?' " With lightning speed Jazmine tackle hugged me and had kept her arm there as we walked down the hall. "That is my girl!" she exclaimed pinching my nose playfully. It had grown quiet. We looked back to see the twins just standing there.  

What did you think of the other siblings?what do you think their father wants to speak about?well stay tuned for ch.3 ^_^

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