Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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without is ch.3 ^_^

ch.3:Family time!!!..yea right...

Ana's pov

Finally, we had reached the enormous finely crafted mahogany doors that had our destination behind its doors. Though there was one problem, someone had to open the door, and walk in which signaled that we arrived.

“Yo Jaz, since you’re the bad ass” Demetri smirked as he mocked his elder sister. “then why don’t you open the doors and walk in first.” He crossed his arms against his chest and waited for his sister’s response. Honestly, who was going to willingly open those doors knowing that father was on the other side? Well…besides Grace…or Dominic…and servants who had no choice in the matter. Jaz had turned to Demetri and pinched his cheek, ouch…that was gonna sting. “Ah shut up you damn pest!”

“C-Cut it…out!” He grumbled as he tried to remove her hand from his face while she was laughing. “Ouch you damn brat!” Demetri then decided to share the pain, so he grabbed Jaz’s cheek and pinched as hard as he could. Now they both were stretching the other’s face till it couldn’t hurt anymore. I looked at Damian who was raising his eyebrow in question with mine. “Jaz, Demetri can’t we all be loving siblings?” I had to ask, though the answer was probably no.

“Th-This is lov-loving…!” Sarcasm rolled off their tongues as they glared some more and pinched even harder. “Yeah…I figured you’d say no but sarcasm works just as well.” I wasn’t going to deal with them anymore, it was Damian’s turn. He stepped forward after blowing some hair out of his eyes and glared annoyed. “Hey,” Damian walked in the middle of the two and slapped their hands from the other’s face. “stop this childish antics because this is not the time.” Jazmine and Demetri looked at Damian as if he had two heads before resuming their glaring.

“Oh so now you’re Mr. Serious when a few minutes ago you were in Jaz’s place and fighting with Idiot Number Two.” I elbowed my elder brother and pointed to the said idiot who was still glaring but now at me. Damian sighed before glancing at me exasperated, “Why can’t you just let me have a moment?” I shrugged as he coughed before walking to the giant doors, “I will open the doors-” I had of course cut him off with my sarcastic remark of, “And why didn’t you do that ten minutes ago?”

Damian growled his frustration at my hidden laughter and I decided to leave him be…for now. “Fine fine Mr. Courageous.” I waved my hand dismissively as he pushed open the giant doors and we all followed behind in single file. I hated coming in this cold room…with such a cold man.

“Good evening children.” Father had spoken as he appeared in front of us and I had a chill racing down my spine whenever I was near the man. His smile, his entirely creepy smile was plastered on his face and he waited for us to greet him…properly.

“Good evening father.” We said in unison minus Demetri…the stubborn shit wanted to be punished…He was focusing on the windows as he placed his hands behind his head and Jazmine elbowed him in the side. “Sup?” he arrogantly responded as father narrowed his eyes at his son. Oh dear. “Demetri I am not one of your little friends so address me accordingly so I will grant you another chance.” As soon as father had seated himself at his chair Demetri idiotically challenged father. “Like I said old man, sup?” Our father had met his son’s challenge with a chilling laugh and had his crimson eyes bore into Demetri’s.

“Ah!” Demetri had fallen to his knees clutching his heart feeling the excruciating pain rake his nervous system. “Foolish disrespectful child, you seem to misplace your ignorance.” Demetri cried out in more pain as father intensified the pain and he laughed more enjoying his child’s pain. “Lest I have to remember you of your manners in such a way Demetri? You know I hate punishing my children.” His sarcasm only added to the horror of my father. I watched Jazmine as she opened her mouth unable to watch anymore. “Father…please stop.”

Jazmine seemed like she hated Demetri but those two should’ve been the twins instead of Damian and him, their similar personalities made them inseparable. “Jazmine did you just demand your father?” His tone had authority and warning as Jazmine looked down at her feet as if she was a child once again. Just like everyone else, we had fear for our father and were too afraid to say anything. Though Dominic and Grace were exceptions…of course. “Nothing to say now?” Father turned his enraged eyes to Jazmine who was too frozen to move and he disliked when people interrupted his disciplining.

“Father, Jazmine was just saying that you shouldn’t waste your time with Demetri because he never learns.” Grace had interrupted father’s wrath on Jazmine as she stepped from behind Dominic who was reading. Grace was always on father’s good side since she was impossible to get mad at and father was no exception to her charm. Father nodded as he released Demetri from his reprimand and watched his son hit the floor hard. Jazmine moved to help him up as he breathed heavily and father had his eyes closed leaning back in his chair.

Father had a gauntlet filled with someone’s life essence which he swirled absentmindedly before taking a sip. “A Universe Meeting and Ball will be held.”


All of us whined until he silenced us by the glare in his gleaming crimson eyes and everyone had felt that danger hidden in those depths. “As I was saying, there will be Universe will be held for the Council of Pureblood Kingdoms and then a ball to announce our decisions. As heirs to this throne you will all attend the ball showering our guests with our hospitality.” Demetri was the first to react, “Ugh are you kidding me I have a date with my girlfriend-” Jazmine of course shut him up before he had a chance to finish that sentence by jabbing his side. “Shut up idiot.” She muttered and Demetri let out a growl before going to the window to watch the setting sun.

Dominic…wait he’s in here? Well I guess he is…okay then.

Anyway, Dominic decided to intervene into the conversation finally as he looked up from his leather bound book and spoke. “Father, what is the meaning of this Universe Council Meeting with the Pureblood Kingdoms?” It looked like father was waiting for Dominic to question his motives and Dominic rested his face in his hand. “I’m glad you asked Dominic,” Father paused for a dramatic sensation before he continued speaking. “just little proposals to be discussed my dear son.”

One thing that I liked about Dominic was the fact that he questioned father’s every decision and wanted the reasons behind it. If it wasn’t to his liking then he would tell father and give a better proposition. He got his savvy negotiation skills from mother for sure, and it made him likable. “Father. Don’t treat me like one of your council members, so try to entertain the idea of telling me about this meeting.” Dominic was also daring to question father and it could be funny sometimes to watch them spar verbally.

“Son curiosity killed the cat, and you could be that cat Dominic.” Father stated as he enjoyed teasing his eldest and didn’t want to stop anytime soon as mirth danced in his now raven eyes. “Satisfaction brought it back even if I’m not a cat. So what kind of proposals are you having with the other kingdoms?”

“Alliances with maybe a kingdom or two…” Father watched Dominic as we all did and it was easy to see the wheels in his mind turn. “Does this have to do with the rising vampire hunters? The only kingdom worth anything is Sebis, alba in Romania…” Father looked pleased…how frightening that looked. “Yes Dominic, my dear boy you do pay attention…but yes that is correct…” He yawned in boredom which was normal, he was more proactive than a speaker.

It’s bizarre that mother had fallen for father, and vice versa even with the opposites attract notion. Yet for a man well over a thousand my father looked to be in his early thirties and not even time was able to lessen the hatred.

“Sebis will be passing the allegiance onto the other kingdoms for I have no interest of such a tiring job.” His eyes soon turned crimson again as his rage clearly drenched his voice. “Those hunters, are causing our race all these problems by protecting their pathetic human selves. Assuming they know of our intentions that lead to war with silly creatures that blame their judgment on being ‘human’…hypocrites. I propose the idea of being our slaves, or if you want the nicer way, our servants.” He then smirked, amused with his little speech of humans.

“Either way this may mean war,” He savored the word as a look of sick pleasure crossed his face. “so lets see how long they can defend before we annihilate them.” I was speechless at his cruel laughter towards killing off humans. I cleared my throat barely getting out the words stuck in my throat. “Father why war? I mean humans aren’t bad creatures…maybe we are after all we berate them…and I don’t believe they deserve such a fate.” Everyone stopped and stared at me amazed that I would speak up to father. Trust me, I was surprised myself.

“Is that so Ana?” Father had curiosity plastered on his face as he decided to pursue this topic. “Do you believe they would look at you as an individual after knowing you are the terror in their dreams that drinks their life essence to survive. That we turned them into our slaves and would kill us without hesitation when we are at our weakest hour?” I didn’t know what to say as my father continued with his speech. “Incomprehensible creatures that kill innocents in pointless wars. Our control over them gives them a sense of order and will help end the demise of their race that they started long ago.

“Father peace is better than creating a pointless war, if we could just compromise then maybe everything will be alright. No more unnecessary loss, just everlasting peace.” He laughed at my comment that was laced with mockery and I had a sinking feeling that he wasn’t done mocking me. “Just like your dreadful naïve mother, I see now that my traits are not in you and it disappoints me Ana. Such a disgrace you turned out to be…sometimes I wondered if your mother had conceived you with a seed of another for you are nothing like the rest of us. I had hoped that your maturing would be more pleasant instead of the burden you are.” His smile widened at my tears that overwhelmed my eyes and the pain in my chest was unwavering.

I was the black sheep of my family, I wasn’t like any of them and it showed everyday as a reminder. Maybe that’s why my siblings were at a distance from me…but the sadness was overpowered by my spit fire volcanic anger that surfaced with my tears. “How…dare you!” I screamed as he talked about my mother, my siblings…me that way! He had loved mother, so what could make him act in such a way? The one who had brought all of us into the world with a smile on her face.

“Ana calm down please.” Damian rested his hand on my shoulder as he tried to reassure me but I wasn’t in the mood for it. “No…no I won’t how can you all just not say anything? How can you let him talk about our dead mother that way?” I screamed as the tears had trekked down my visage faster and faster. My father smirked at my dramatic display and chuckled before I had spoken again. “How can you all just stand there? Is it because you’ve forgotten her or maybe you just don’t give a damn!” Damian wrapped his arms around me whispering into my ear trying to comfort me.

“Ana please control your emotions.” I ignored his soothing warm molasses tenor that only added fuel to my rage. How dare he be on the side of the heartless wonder over there? I thought he was my brother…

I moved out of his embrace with embers in my eyes and glared at him. “You’re on his side? Why?” I screamed beating on his chest as he tried to grab my arms again. “Ana I…” I interrupted him before he finished and said, “You…such a lie! You’re a liar and to think we were close…guess I was wrong!” I darted out of the room as he uttered words of apology and I ignored them all.

“Ana…please wait!” Damian yelled about to follow but father stopped him with a gaze. “Leave her be…dramatic child.” He said with a bored tone, “and she wonders why her mother died…because of that display of emotions…trust…trying to be kind and give back to everyone. Not knowing of people’s real intentions and giving them the benefit of the doubt.” Father was unfazed, like usual. “Father it wasn’t mother’s fault…” Damian was silenced by father’s order of silence and he opened his mouth yet again. “It was very well her fault…her mannerisms is what got her killed.” Father had malice written on his visage, “Now remember what I have shared with this family, you’re all dismissed.”

Everyone walked out of the throne room while Damian’s face looked downcast and depressed. “Is she going to be okay? Father was harsh on her…I mean Ana is still a baby after all.” Jazmine inquired as she was feeling concerned for her baby sister. “You heard father, he said to leave her be. Idiotic girl showing her roller coaster emotions like that in front of everyone, she will never be a proper pureblood vampire. Such a shame.” Dominic said as he walked past everyone to go to his room and continue reading his book.

“Dominic shut the hell up you damn lap dog!” Damian stated enraged as his crimson eyes glared at his brother. “Lapdog? I suggest you change your attitude towards me little brother for I am respecting father’s wishes unlike you. Chasing her as if you’re her little puppy.” Dominic stated as he narrowed his eyes at Damian and Damian’s eyes shined deeper red. “Dominic if you don’t shut up I will send you through a wall in a second.”

“Unfortunately you are not strong enough to accomplish that but you are weak like her with your little bond…how cute. Touching if I may say…” Dominic said smiling as Damian charged at him. “Bastard!” Dominic grabbed Damian’s fist and tossed him into a wall without even opening his closed eyes. “You’re going to have to improve more than that if you plan to even touch me.” Dominic walked into his room but turned to say, “Oh and would you clean up that mess? It’s unsightly…”

Grace walked over to Damian and asked, “Are you okay Dami Dami?” and helped him off the floor. “Yeah I’m fine…just worried about Ana and it seems like it’s about to storm-never mind it’s pouring now.” He said frowning with hurt clear in his pained eyes and Ana’s words repeated in his mind. “I just hope she comes home soon…”

“Oh she’ll be fine and will be home soon.” Demetri said sympathetically, and rested a reassuring hand on his brother’s shoulder. “Yes she is strong girl no matter what Dominic says. She’ll be fine.” Grace smiled affectionately at her siblings and said, “Let’s go watch a movie or something in the living room to wait up for Ana to come home. Now cheer up!” Demetri nodded agreeing with Grace. “Yeah let’s take a chill pill and wait up for her-” “and let’s watch as I beat your ass in a game of Black Ops.” Jazmine stated smirking playfully at him and punched his arm.

“Oh you’re on one fifty says you’re getting owned.” Demetri confidently stated as Jazmine placed her hands on her hips and got in his face. “Oh yeah?” “Hell yeah bitch!” Demetri yelled with his face in her space and Grace childishly clapped her hands smiling. “Yay everyone’s happy dappy!” Grace smiled softly at Damian who was staring out into the storm and said, “She’ll be fine.” Damian smiled back and nodded. “Thanks Grace.” “That’s what big sister’s are for…now lets go see this. I’m not missing this.”

Off in the woods

I forced myself to run faster from the life that would be the death of me, away from my judgmental home that was filled imposters. I tried to convince myself that father loved me deep down, that he was just being hard on me…until tonight. Tonight I realized he honestly believed I was someone’s else’s child. I was just another pawn in his chess game, and so were my siblings. Why care? It doesn’t bother anyone else but me…maybe being heartless was the way to go. I tried to be like that, able to defend and attack whenever the opportunity arrived yet I was the one that was hit and unable to get back up.

Then later I would bleed out mentally from all the pain I had felt, just like the gray skies above my head and feel the distance from everyone like I was now from the mansion. I slowed myself to a walk as the chill of the cold rain drenched my form. My hair covered my face as I tried to hide the hurt I felt as I walked through town. I had disappeared into my daydreams.


The sound snapped me out of my daze and noticed it had come from the alleyway. I had known it was a bad idea to walk into the alley but what if someone needed my help? I wasn’t going to let them die on my watch. So ducked into the alley as I determinedly stalked further in to see what was happening. The alley lights only having a soft glow affect on the objects as I planted myself on the brick wall for support of my uneasy steps.

“You’ve been causing an uproar all through the town so what do you have to say for yourself vampire? Choose your words wisely or my finger just might slip.” A tall man, maybe an inch or so shorter than my brothers was standing over a vampire with a gun to his prey’s forehead and a grin on his face.

“What…the…” I wondered as I watched the scene unfold before me.

The vampire grinned madly as he spoke, “What can I say? That I was remorseful for slaughtering those people…soaking in their screams of terror as I slowly killed every last one of them? Oh and their blood…ugh…” The tall man shoved his gun further into the vampire’s forehead cutting him off and smirked disgustedly. This vampire was obviously stuck in blood-lust. “Oh is that so?” The tall man tilted his head as his dusty black bangs covered his eyes. “Such filth…it’s hard to believe your kind somehow rane supreme over mankind when just a drop of blood makes you lose control. God must have a sick mind to let you all live…or maybe the devil is in charge of you filth.”
My eyes widened as he smiled sadistically.

“Now then vampire I’m sick of talking, I shall end your worthless existence so you may go to hell and beg your devil for forgiveness. Good night and good riddance you piece of shit.” He pulled the trigger as the vampire’s blood mingled on the wall with other various stains and the stranger licked his cheek of blood before laughing. This man was nuts…and I thought Dominic was scary…this man takes the cake. Though…this man was definitely part vampire, I smelled it but why-He was coming my way so I quietly tried to leave until I has fallen into a large trashcan. I hit the ground as I hissed out in pain before opening my eyes to see the hunter before me. Panic coursed through my system as he got closer and his forceful eyes narrowed on my form. He was easily taller than me with a muscular pale frame and dusty midnight locks that almost covered his unusual turquoise eyes.

“Were you following me little girl?” He asked looking at me as if I was under him yet I had felt as if he was comforting me. My face contorted to a pout as I snapped back. “I am not a little girl!” Panic returned quickly as he kneeled in front of me grabbing ahold of my face and spoke again. “Surely you are no woman, for no woman would venture out with her protector…foolish you are little girl.” He nuzzled my neck as he inhaled my scent before growling. “You’re a vampire…a pureblood, which changed everything.” He cooed into my neck and caused goose bumps to arise on my neck from that seductive tone…My face turned a shade resembling a tomato as he pulled his gun against my cheek. My mind was freaking out while my heart felt at peace…what the heck I have a gun to my face!

“Should I kill you or mabye let some other hunter be your demise? Or I could set you free…my what options I have…” He breathed on my neck again and I shivered from the feeling. “Decisions decisions.” He said. “I-If you kill me my father will have you slaughtered…he is Zeru!” The hunter chuckled before responding. “Ah the bloodsucking king, all the more reason to destroy his offspring.” He released the safety off his weapon and all I did was whimper afraid. “Pl…please.” I was terrified of being killed, I shouldn’t have run off like that.

“Learn to be more careful my dear or you’ll have a bullet in you next time.” He kissed my neck as I shuddered and pulled away smirking. His face had shown his was amused and he soon went back to being serious. “I will kill you without conscious.” Grinning, he leaned over stealing a kiss from my virgin lips as he smiled leaning back and then speaking his last words before dissapearing into the darkness.

"Take care little princess." His rich sinful seduction voice and that cocky smirk that stayed embedded in my mind as I watched him disappear. The shock was still there as I was left shaking on the freezing wet concrete of the dark alleyway..

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