Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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 Hope you enjoy ch.4 sorry it took so long XD hope you like....

Ch.4:The long haul home

Ana's pov

The fog over my mind cleared as I slowly picked myself off the cold wet concrete and trekked home in the pouring rain. The hunter still floated in and out of my mind as I continued walking home and he wouldn’t leave! Was I insane? Or was the near death experience still shocking my system? His deep baritone was a dull lullaby in my ears as his wickedness was overwhelming my senses. I passed by a shop only to stop.

It was a simple movie rental place, just like any other humanized shop but this one was different. It had a family, the traditional human family with a mother, father and child. Though, this little girl clenched a movie to her heart as she stopped in front of her father. Her father let out a sigh as he smiled lovingly and purchased her movie. His daughter squealed with delight as she pounced into her mother’s open arms and warm smile.

My mother use to coddle me with such affection…though it was evident that once she died, that father lost his affectionate side. I wanted the father in the movie store, not the cold hearted bastard that was once my father. His hurtful words were more than someone could handle at times. Though I guess it was true when the phrase, you get what life throws at you, truly meant that life doesn’t always pitch a home-run…

I turned away from the sight unknowingly and continued on my way home. Home, yeah right. My gait was sorrowful and depressed, yet there was a slight hop to my step when my mind wandered off to mister deadly…I really need to stop thinking about him unless I want to get shot by someone…though he could gladly do the honors-Whoa. No, bad Anastasia! No nasty thoughts…for now…

“Welcome home Ms. Von Stein.” Ashton, he always managed to open the door whenever I arrived home before I could manage to get the key out. Sneaky. His smile radiated worry more than anything, but he decided to ask the obvious first. “Did a walk in the downpour do you any good?” “Did a nice walk in the rain seem more appealing than waiting for the small pitter patter to stop?” What a sarcastic ass, that was no ‘pitter patter’. That was a downpour, seriously. How could servants be so sarcastic like that and do it with the polite smile? Ridiculous…

He chuckled at my pout before putting his suit jacket over my shivering form and smiled as I snuggled into it. “Th-Thank you-u.” My doe depths looked up at him as he grasped my chin gaining my attention. “What is the matter?” His question was wrapped in warmth with the tint of Britain locked in there and I tried to look away.

“N-Nothing-g.” Of course I was lying through my teeth, but it seemed that Ashton was a step ahead. “If it were this, ‘N-Nothing-g’ you wouldn’t have been gone this whole time in the rain and your eyes wouldn’t be so dim.”  I sighed as I waited for him to continue his dialogue. “I raised you since you were a tot and nothing passes by me when you feel upset. Though my abilities of emotion are an added bonus.” He poked my nose for emphasis and I flushed light pink.

Ashton was my personal servant and guardian since I was four years old. Saying that we were close was an understatement.  Father saved him from a pack of hunters that were going to kill him, but father managed to save him. Indebted to my father, the two came up with this agreement and thus Ashton was my guardian. Once upon a time, Ashton was as cold-hearted as my father was now and no one could blame him. The hunters had killed his fiancé, and Ashton lost it. He deprived himself of blood for weeks until he snapped, and he took it out on the people who caused this.

His blood-lust led him to the hunters organization called,  Hunters Blood-
Lust Override. He killed off every hunter that wandered into his path until he fled for his life and that is when father found him. In the park where he was cornered against an oak while hunters raised their weapons ready to avenge their lost comrades yet, Ashton was avenging his fiancé’s death. Neither was wrong, and neither was right but all in all I was happy to have Ashton in my life.

“Well…eh the me-meeting earlier…r..” I was having an arduous time trying to express my emotions to my dearest caretaker yet his tall lean form of six feet was intimidating when I was upset. It reminded me of father when he towered over me…but this was Ashton and he adjusted himself so he was not hovering but waiting. His dark locks were tidy and his ruby depths showered my form with his natural warmth, I could see why his fiancé loved him. He would tell me about her when I missed my mother.

“You don’t have to say anything if it is too painful but miss I will be here when you are willing to let it out.” Ashton and I suddenly picked me up bridal style and coddled me like the little girl in the store earlier. Embarrassed was putting it lightly, my face flushed dark pink as I struggled in his arms. “As-Ashton put m-me down!” He silenced me with a finger as he led me up the stairs to my room. “Hush Miss Ana, you were about to break down and the long walk home is taking a toll on you.”

We entered my room as he set me on my feet and started getting some dry clean clothes out for me. “Ashton I have a question-” “Not when you are soaking wet, after you get a bath and dry clothes on then you may be allowed to have a question Miss Ana.” He then disappeared for a few seconds and I tried to shake off the cold.

“The bath is ready, Little Miss Ana.” I smiled about to say thank you when I realized what he said and glare instead. “Ashton I am not a little girl anymore, how many times do I have to tell you that?” He chuckled as he pinched my cheek and I slapped his hand away from my face. “Oh dear Ana you are to me but who could resist such a cute face?” He pinched my cheek one more time before laughing some more and ceased his teasing while I glared red in the face. “Calm down Miss Ana, now is there anything else you require?”

My face lit up as I smiled childishly and messed with my hands as I spoke. “Cookies…” He chuckled as he nodded before patting my head, “The usual chocolate chip miss? Or something different?” “Oh no, chocolate is fine.” Cookies, especially Ashton’s homemade cookies made me feel better more than Damian did…hey cookies will be forever in my world.  Ashton smiled as he turned to leave but my small hand caught his shirt. “Umm…Ashton thank you-u.”

He kissed my forehead and smiled wider as he whispered in my ear, “I am at your beck and call for as long as you need me. Your words remain in my heart as your life is secured in my hands. Your happiness is above all little Ana.” A little teary-eyed, I nodded as he walked out of my room to make my cookies and I smiled softly at his words. Yes, in a way…Ashton was mine and would always remain at my side. His words warmed me like no other and all I could do was smile, sometimes I wish Ashton was my father and I bet he would agree that he kinda was.

I could feel the warm steam wafting from the bathroom as I walked in and began to undress. My mind once again wandered as I slowly seated myself in my tub. Maybe I was a burden to my family because I wasn’t like the others…should I leave? Tears were trailing down my cheeks as I felt my depression take hold again. Would my family even care if I left? I was…pathetic, just like father said I was…Damian. No what was I saying, my brother would be heartbroken, and so would the others! Maybe not Demetri…or Dominic…but Damian wouldn’t be able to handle my departure. Ashton, he would search for me until he had me back in his protective grip.

No. I just need to get stronger and try to fit in my family a little more. Yes, this was a positive conclusion and I was going to stop brooding!  And now I was going to enjoy this bath…ah.

I dried myself off as I slipped into my warmed pajamas and seated myself on my bed trying to wring out my hair. Maybe I should cut it…


I looked up to see my door be pushed into the wall then slammed shut by Damian as he embraced me tightly. I tried to speak but he silenced any words as he tightened his grip and kissed my forehead. “I was so worried after you being gone for hours Ana, I…I’m just happy you’re alright.” I sighed as he pulled away but still kept his grip on me and his frown made me wince.

“Damian I’m fine…but…” I tried to tell him about the hunter but his frown seemed to stop me in my tracks as it deepened and I noticed how he had aged. My small hands traced the dark circles and wrinkles from frustration as he spoke. “But what?” My concern engrossed my visage as I said something different from my original thought. “Are you okay?” Damian just stared back at me.

“For weeks now, you have been frustrated…stressed over something…and I wish you would tell me so I know you’re okay…You’re worrying me.” He burrowed his face in my hands and smiled lovingly at me. “Sister you honor me with your concern but it is not needed…is it wrong?” He asked softly as he kissed my hand before he muttered his next words.

“Your gentle nature wrapping me in its reassuring warmth whenever you speak with those inviting lips…or these tiny hands…and your smile that warms the cold in me.” His hair covered his pleading blue eyes as he leaned closer until he was a few inches in front of my face. “Da…mian…” He dropped his head on my shoulder instead as he embraced me once again. “I’m sorry dear Ana, for everything…for letting you run away and for this. I should have supported you and your words.”

I was in shock. Damian wanted me…and he tried to kiss me. Though, it wasn’t uncommon for purebloods to mate their siblings because it kept the bloodline pure and it didn’t have side affects like humans do. We were different but…it’s hard to explain how vampire genes work. But Damian wanting me…of all people was just…I’m not even sure…

He raised up from kneeling but before he left my room, he kissed my neck. “Forgive me dear Ana.” He then disappeared before I could say anything and I was left to my thoughts. Damian…how long had this desire for been around? How long was he suffering from it? This is too much to think about right now so I walked downstairs to the kitchen as sugary sweetness invaded my senses.

Cookies. That is exactly what I needed, especially now. Ashton was waiting in the breakfast nook with my cookies cooling and a tall glass of milk. “Now tell me what’s wrong since you’re warm and comfortable.” His arms were open for me to fill them and I seated myself in his lap. “As-Ashton do…you ever feel like you’re…a black sheep among your family?” I asked frowning, those words were clenching my heart like I was clenching his shirt waiting for his next words.

“Well…you are weird.” Ashton…just loved to kid with me even when I wanted to be serious. “Ashton I am serious please!” My disapproving look made him sigh before holding me tighter to him. “Miss Ana, you believe you are a black sheep?” I nodded anxious to hear his words of wisdom that would hopefully calm my nerves like always. “You my dear are special in many ways, though I can not explain my foresight to you, you know I never lie to you. You will have a big decision ahead of you and when you make a choice, you must be comfortable with the rest of your life. Though I have very little worry for you are your mother’s daughter and have her kindness.”

I was lost…what decision would I have to make? Ashton was known to have visions of the future but he wasn’t allowed to tell anybody but the person who was featured the vague details. He would never lead me astray and I trusted him with my very soul.

“You are an asset my dear, but for now just worry about finishing these cookies.” He stuffed a cookie in my mouth playfully as I tried to speak. I spit out the delicious cookie earning an amused chuckle. “Oh you don’t like my cookies? I knew I should have added another bag to the recipe…” He said as he rubbed his chin but I smacked his chest annoyed. “No you jerk! You shoved a cookie in my mouth before I could even talk…and now it’s ruined!” I was upset over the cookie too…poor cookie never stood a chance.

“Calm yourself Miss Ana, what have my words offended you?” His sarcasm in the last part of the sentence made me smack him again. “That’s not nice Miss Ana.” My eye twitched as I tried to smack him again but he captured my arms in defense. “Shut up!” Ashton shoved another cookie into my mouth and this time I decided to eat the cookie before scolding him again.


My face flushed dark red as I chewed my treat and Ashton smiled gently. “Red does suit you Miss Ana.” I rolled my eyes ignoring my blush darkening as I asked him my question. “Ashton do me a favor.” My expression was serious.

“What would that be?” His curiosity laced into the question and he raised his eyebrow. “I need information on that allegiance my father is looking to form with the kingdom in Romania.” He lowered his eyebrow with a small nod. “Ah yes, the Sebas, Alba Allegiance.” I nodded confirming his thought and he nodded in return. “Your wish is my command Mistress.” He then kissed my forehead before leaving me to my cookies.

Somewhere else in the country
In someone else’s perspective…

I watched the men strategize on the attack against the current King Zeru as the little princess I chanced on earlier floated into my thoughts. Why would I care what happens to her when we attack her home? That bloodsucker got what she deserved…yet…she was flooding my thought process. “Sounds like you have admiration for the little girl.”

Vic. He was the only person besides the head that had knowledge of my chancing upon the princess. Vic had raised me when my mother passed away at my tender age of eight. My sister was too busy completing assignments for the HBLO though I ended up going her ranks as well. My sister and I were half-breeds, our human mother was raped by our vampire ‘father’ while she was his personal servant and when he discovered that he had sired children, he tossed her out.

We were our own taboo. Pure-blood and human spawns were a taboo because it was a taint to the pure bloodline of the vampires. Not that humans invited us in their open arms, instead they tossed us out as well because we were monsters. My mother died from disease leaving us to fend on our own until Vic discovered us. But if that cold-hearted bastard didn’t kick my mother out and caused her to strain herself…she’d be here…he was to blame. I would still have my mother’s warming love…instead of the cold distant memories.

Vic placed a hand on my shoulder as he smiled but I brushed his hand away. “What am I right half-breed?” He took another drag of his cancer stick and blew the smoke in my face. I ignored his taunt. “No it’s nothing old man-” He smirked before interrupting me. “or it is…now that is the question.” He ruffled my hair as I muttered curses at him before removing his hand and placed them in his pocket.

“Try not to think so much, now Mrs. Victoria summoned you to her office so you best be on her way.” He was such an odd creature, a converted vampire that had proof of his struggle. One of his assignments had gone bad and he ended up injured and turned. I was only ten when that happened and he in his early thirties so now his time was frozen. His eye patch hid his shredded left eye from view, a sickening sight to behold. However, I admired how he was still standing and had new ambition to kill of these vermin.

I smiled a little but Vic interrupted me as he loaded his gun and headed towards the plotting hunters. “We don’t need you so get your ass to her office.” I nodded before walking to the office that held the leader of the whole organization. It was surprised new hunters that a female was our leader, but she was a damn good one. Better than any other man.

I opened the door to see the sex goddess in the flesh seated leisurely at the cherry mahogany desk. “Why hello Mr. Hanson, come hither.” Her inky locks fell around her and framed her heart-shaped face that held a sultry mouth. Her voice was sin itself as it left many of our hunters wanting. “Hello Mrs. Victoria, nothing could keep me from the pleasure of seeing your beautiful face.” I kissed her hand as she narrowed her gleaming emerald gems at me.

“Don’t patronize me boy, now I have a little assignment for you.” She shoved a folder in my hand as I seated myself in the chair across from her and my eyes traveled to her full breasts that were spilling out of her form-fitting corset dress. Her hand nabbed the folder from my hands and smacked me with it before returning it to my possession. “Behave, didn’t Vic teach you any manners and of all the ones to teach but to not stare at a woman’s chest.” She walked around her desk to stand beside her window as I looked over the folder only to have my eyes widen.

“Yes Mr. Hanson, the daughter of the king is our target right now.” “Am I spying on her?” Her gaze scrunched before she shook her hand. “No not spying, you’re going to be her friend. Get her to trust you and learn of her father’s plans. That tricky bastard is planning something…now can I trust you to not let me down or should I choose someone else to complete this task for me?” I snarled as she smoked her cigarette with a smirk on her face. “I want that nuisance destroyed, but to do so I need to know what he is doing in that fortress of his.” She tossed her dud in the ash tray before pulling out a new one as she looked for her lighter.

I pulled one out flicking it on and she bent over to light her cancer stick before blowing out some smoke. “Though you don’t really have a choice in the matter, you know the punishment for disobeying higher orders.” I growled at her as her smirk widened and  I muttered. “Yes I do Mrs. Victoria.”

“Good now, take your leave for the evening to get yourself ready for your mission starting tomorrow.” I slammed the door shut as I left and a smirk replaced my scowl. I guess the little princess and I will meet again except I won’t have a gun pointed at her face…Oh yes, this will be entertaining…


well that was ch.4 how do you like the new characters?And who is this new hunter that will meet ana once again?vote,comment,fan thanks guys ^_^ <3

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