Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chusei o kinshi(forbidden allegiance)

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Anna's pov

The semi-sweet bitterness of the chocolate danced in my mouth as I masticated my last cookie; masticated ha…such a funny word for chewing. Like anyone really uses that in a serious conversation? To add to the mastication fun I swallowed down some good ol milk, not that two percent crap either. Yes, I drink milk, surprising for a vampire right?

My thoughts were driving me crazy, how was I suppose to deal with Damian and my father’s allegiance plans? It made the skin crawl on the back of my neck-wait, that wasn’t the reason my hairs were standing. “ASHTON!” I screamed as he appeared behind me with his usual teasing smile. The jerk loved to abuse his vampire skills, and it wasn’t always to my advantage. He smiled nonetheless and motioned the manila folder in his hand; he was amazing.

“Ashton, I have told you millions of times; stop sneaking up on me! You-hey don’t you smirk at me like that.” His smirk always irritated me and I didn’t want to look at it. Closing my eyes, I ignored him getting closer as he replied to my comment. “My apologies mistress, I just simply enjoy making you go into panic so I know that I’m needed.” Opening one eye, I stared him down before reaching for my gift and my face was full of anticipation. What would father gain from the alliance; would it be to wipe out the human race without getting his hands dirty? Or was there more to the story, as if he would compromise. Father was a twisted king, and he always had a plan with a twist just for the thrill.  Sometimes, father was so full of shit his eyes should have been brown.

“Miss Ana, I think it is best if we look at this within the privacy of your room.” Ashton’s cautious tone halted my movements as he directed us towards my room. I mean the last thing I wanted was my siblings to be all over my business; or have one of the Dark council members. Either would be a disaster, thank god Ashton was there beside me. A painful pinch of my cheek was all it took for me to come back from my thoughts and narrow my eyes instinctively at Ashton.

The jerk had the audacity to smirk at me; it’s hard to believe he was basically my servant. “What would you do without me Mistress Ana?” I rolled my eyes for most likely the fiftieth thousand time today; Ashton just got on my nerves. Just like my siblings do, vampires hear and see everything so it’s best to have at least a little privacy. Everyone’s business was everyone else’s business…, which brings me to my question. “Ashton,” He turned to see me as we passed by the main guards by the hallways of bedrooms. “How did you get this information?” Vampires didn’t like people snooping in their business when it’s frowned upon, even if privacy is a thin line; so how did Ashton manage to pass by father with this folder.

“Mistress,” His tern voice stopped my thinking and I looked at him in question until I noticed the disapproving look he gave me. “Did I not tell you to wait till we were in privacy?” I flushed with embarrassment as he scolded me and I apologized until we passed Damian’s door. “A-Ash…I don’t know what to do a-about Dam-Damian…” Ashton glanced at my distressed expression before nodding to himself. “Ah Master Damian, you’re not sure how your sibling bond has blossomed into a romantic one; you also don’t know how you should feel.” I felt my face flush yet again as I nodded before muttering, “I…I’m not sure how he could see me l-like that, he looks at me as such a child at times…”

Ashton nodded once more before his hand rested in assure and comfort on my shoulder. “I always felt like…like some other bond was there, as if it was more than sibling care…but more.” I wasn’t sure what I see in Damian other than brotherly affection; this was a question I wanted a damn answer to! It has bothered me ever since he decided to have his heart on a platter for me. It was normal for vampire sibling affection to lead to marriage or whatever, but why me? It seemed so wrong to me because he was my brother; that’s my “human” attributes showing that irritates the other vampires. What did I do to gain his attention like that?

“You’re not sure if you want him as he wants you, or if you just don’t want to disappoint him. Little Ana that is a good way of thinking; because there are more choices in this world and you shouldn’t settle.” He said smiling as we approached my bedroom. “Many many choices that won’t make you feel obligated to be with, someone that will capture the heart, mind, and soul known as you Miss Ana. Though whoever could deal with your personality is a miracle worker.” He teases as I narrow my eyes and slap his chest in retaliate. “Ashton!” He chuckled before continuing with his speech of wisdom.

“It’s alright to put your feelings first when considering such a request, though never do something like that out of empathy; that would just be cruel to yourself and Master Damian. He will understand your choice.” With a kiss on my forehead, I thank Ashton again, and like always, he responds with a smile. “Mistress, I have said it once and I shall repeat it until my last breath; I live to be at your whim.” He opens my door and I walked in first before he closed it behind him. It always comforted me that Ashton would be my guide in the unknown future.

I lied down on my bed as Ashton seated himself next to me and I opened the envelope to see what information was hidden behind the manila folds. My heart raced as it finally opened and read the contents; digesting it in. “So father plans on having a meeting with the council two weeks from today? That’s when the ball is, Ash?” I looked at Ashton with uncertainty and waited for his response. He rested against my headboard so he was still in my line of vision and spoke. “It does Miss Ana, but the council meets a few days before the ball…that’s only if everything goes well.” His calm words didn’t affect me as I reread the information, as if the answers would fly right out at me.

Father, what did you plan?

“Ash, you don’t think…you don’t think he’s planning to pull something over the council’s heads do you?” My curiosity was overwhelming at times, everyone thought so; especially Ashton. “You’re thinking too much.” Ashton warned, but as always I didn’t listen. “What if it’s just not about wiping out the hunters’ society, maybe…maybe he’s going to wipe out the other kingdoms?” I said unknown the rage-filled eyes staring at me.

“Enough Mistress Ana.” His rage shook my form as fear crept into my system; Ashton was father’s faithful servant and that would never change. If father ever needed something, Ashton would be the first to assist. “I’m sorry Ashton, it was just a thought.” Ashton immediately calmed down and softened his gaze before rubbing my shoulder with reassure. “Mistress Ana, I do apologize for my brash behavior but please understand that even the coldest man has compassion for something; your father is loyal to kind and council. I owe him for saving me at my weakest time…” I nod not trusting my voice as guilt washed over me. How could I have said that about father, after all Ashton was right.

I managed a small smile before a knock on my door attracted my attention. “Come in.” A servant from my father’s wing opened my door bowing, and spoke. “Mistress Anastasia, your father has summoned your presence to the library.” The servant then disappears from my doorway and I rolled my eyes with sarcasm drenching my tone. “Oh joy its daddy time again!” Ashton smirked before pinching my face again‘ he needed to stop that because it hurts like hell. “Little Ana stop acting like he’s the boogie monster, he’s your father.” I removed his pain-bringing fingers from my face and dramatically got up from my bed; resting my head in my hands.

Ashton chuckled at me before grabbing my form and running to the library; I just happened to not pay attention so when he did grab me, I screamed.

“Ashton put me down! Why can’t you just let me walk like a normal person!” I caterwaul as he suddenly stops and drops me on my head. “Ouch damn you Ashton!” “Mistress Ana who pays that ridiculous phone bill or gave you this beautiful house? Oh did I mention every luxury that humans wish to have at their beck and call? Including access to the best servant ever, myself? Your father. Now be respectful of the man that decided to keep you.” I glare as he flicks my nose and I roll my eyes. “Remember that in the bible it does say, ‘thou shall honor father and mother and all ye days shall be long.’” I nod annoyed that he wouldn’t stop making point after point.

Ironic that vampires read the bible, to think we’ll all go to hell anyway. Jesus doesn’t want us sucking souls in heaven…

“Ana. Respect your father, he has his reasons for his sudden coldness and no it’s not just your mother’s death. Bless her soul. Yet at your young age, you are too blind to know this; so the least you can do is respect. Don’t be a Demetri.” I sighed as we made our way to the library until he pushed open the door. There stood my siblings and father…oh wow, talk about awkward.

“Greetings my lord,” Ashton bowed as spoke and then finished speaking, “and greetings Von Stein children.” His usual smile was in place as he resumed his normal stance by my side and I bit my tongue from spiting out my formal greeting. My attention was on a painting that I never noticed until Ashton nudged my side. “Miss Ana stop being childishly rude and address your father.”  I sighed before speaking monotone. “Hello siblings…hello father.” Father just smirked at me as he watched my every move, though my only movement was breathing. “Still childish, I guess earlier wasn’t enough for you.”

As if father was the wind itself, he appeared next to me and loomed over my form. Roughly he grabbed my chin as resent filled my eyes and he smirked in return at my resentment. His sinister smile formed as he spoke his next words, “Ah dear Ana, must daddy punish you? Hm? We all know how I detest misbehaving children that don’t show their father respect.” A growl of disgust escaped me and I soon spoke words that I would regret later. “Why should I respect such a heinous monstrous asshole like you?”

“Tisk tisk Anastasia.” His serious face burned holes into my flesh as I felt it. The pain.

Groaning, I realized the force of his slap had sent me to the floor and he once again was looming over me. I think he enjoys feeling threatening. “Next time I won’t be so generous, learn respect to the one who brought you into this life.” Father then walked away as he grinned like his normal sinister self. “Anyhow children, aside from your youngest sister’s attitude adjustment issues I have wonderful news.” Ashton helped me up while tisking my behavior though I noticed Damian flinch. Jealously was radiating off him, he wasn’t able to get to me before Ashton did.

“Miss Ana, did I not warn you about your mouth?” I rubbed my cheek as I ignored his serious tone and his gaze. “I shall give you ice when it is time to depart.” I nod before listening to my father, what ‘wonderful news’ could he really have? “You all will be attending school, a private school.” All our faces matched, well obviously except Dominic…or Grace, so just the four of us. “What! Oh come on father this is such bull-” Jazmine covered Demetri’s mouth before he could finish his sentence and laughed. “Hush Demetri!” She whispered, though not like all of us couldn’t hear it.

“Father! Father! When and where are we going to attend this school?” Grace was overexcited, I guess she wanted playmates…and to think she was the eldest sister. Father smiled warmly, to think he only gives Grace that smile now, lucky her. “Tomorrow at Richardburn Academy.” Grace was his favorite girl and well we all known who he favorite boy was, Dominic Dick Face. Damian decided to speak up, though he spared a glance at me before doing so. “Great, as if we really have a need to attend schooling.” Father looked a Damian and smiled yet again, though a little more sinister. “Ah but alas my dear son, this isn’t a normal academy. It is specially made for vampric children to hone their powers. Because incase we are at war children, being prepared is better than being dead. All of you will hone your inner powers, though Dominic has no need for such.”

Whoa. Father actually cared if we died in battle, or any other reason…maybe Ashton was right. Maybe father has more reasons for his cold nature then he lets on about…

“There’s probably hot chicks so I’m in.” Jazmine smacked Demetri across the face and rolled her eyes. “You are hopeless…then again Jenna’s not here so I guess no one has a reason to complain on why she’s gone.” Jazmine sighed as she continued her ranting on Demetri. “I guess you got paranoid when Damian said he tapped that-Damian don’t ever say that again,” Jazmine shuddered before growling as Demetri got in her face. “Who are you, my mother? Get off-” Demetri yet again get’s cut off by Grace laughing at the two of them; no one blames her. It is funny. Jazmine with her hands on her hips and Demetri with his arms crossed both turned to Grace and yelled about how it wasn’t funny.

“Or is it because Jenna dumped you Demetri?” Grace said with father’s exact smirk on her face and mirth danced in every smile line on her face. Yeah, she totally dumped him. Ha…ha ha. Demetri, weak from the blow murmured a response that wasn’t even worth rebutting because he lost. Apparently Jenna said they should explore other opportunities…what a croc of shit! Ha ha ha ha ha. Grace and Jazmine then decided to beat up Demetri as they sang about his failure. My family was cruel.

Grace was beating his head into the ground as Demetri fell to the ground crying for Jenna to take him back. I actually felt sorry for him, those two were relentless with the abuse. “Guys this is not a soap opera…” My family was also a joke. Dominic and father were just staring like Damian and I were…though my eye happened to be twitching. Father once again seated himself in his chair while Dominic walked over annoyed, “Father why am I going if I have no need to?” Father chuckled, “Because my son, who will watch over your siblings while I’m not there? And make sure that display of childishness isn‘t shown in public.” Dominic growled annoyed as his eyes flashed towards Jazmine, Demetri, and Grace then back to father. At least I wasn’t that bad…

Though more like a dictator to me…Great now Ashton was giving me the warning look of not saying anything or else I would get punished again. Not that I like violence but it’s hard to keep my mouth shut. Father sighed before opening his mouth yet again. “Children I expect you all to hold up to the Von Stein name so do not show that behavior outside of this castle or the punishment of course will be dire. Am I understood?”

“Yes father.” In unison, we all stated while the trio of soap operas stopped their nonsense. “Good now you all are dismissed for bed, I have business to uphold.” Father opened the doors with his powers and we all left the room to go to bed except Dominic who was most likely going to talk to father.

Dominic’s Pov

I watched my ridiculously moronic siblings head for bed while I stayed behind; father wasn’t getting away without my questioning. “Father, I have a question.” He chuckled at me before smiling at me. “Dear son you always have a question for your father.” “What are your real intentions father, Zeru what do you have planned?” He chuckled once more before that devilish smirk that scared my siblings but not me, appeared. “Ah Dominic the best part of riddles is figuring out the possible answers…” With that, father disappeared into his office with one last chuckle…

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