Hollywood love lies

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Kaythleen Rayes Is just getting out of school, and ready to explore the world. When someone walks back into her life that shes grown to hate, her plans are put on hold.
Her life gets topsy turvy when people's true colors come out, and her back's against the wall.
Is andybody really her friend?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Hollywood love lies

Submitted: July 04, 2012

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Submitted: July 04, 2012



Chapter 1


I sat and watched the rain pour down from the skies like I do any other rainy day here in Iowa. The weather here is so unpredictable, during a sunny day you may still need to carry an umbrella. It smelled of fresh grass and earth. The wind wasn't so still, but it didn't really bother me. I looked up and saw the sky was still kind of bright. It's kind of funny how this city is named Story City, but it's far from it. All you hear in the newspapers are things about the UN or changes to the states laws. I don't see how a 18 year old girl should really worry about things like that. 
That's kind of my fear of growing up. To actually have to wake up one day and actually grow up, like paying bills, or finding a full time career. Even though I’m just entering senior year, my parents are pressuring me daily about this stuff, and it's kind of giving me a headache. A small blue bug came strolling down the street along my house and honked. I grabbed my purple umbrella off the tiny porch along with my bag and dashed off to the car.

"Why are you just sitting on the porch? You're going to catch a cold.'' Darcy scowled frowning as I got myself seated. Her neutral blonde hair was pulled into a messy bun, and her chocolate eyes looked at the clock on the dash excessively.

I shrugged. "I wasn't out there too long. Besides, sitting in the house with my parents stalking me about college and shit isn't what I have planned for a Friday evening.''

I switched on the radio before she could scowl me even more. We've been best friends since the 6fh grade, and she always have had to take care of her two younger brothers since her mom is always busy at work. Having a full time doctor for a mom isn't as cool as you would think. I guess having that responsibility; it sticks with you no matter what.  

I smiled to myself because I noticed the smell in the car was the little air freshener I gave her when I told her car smelled like feet. 

Our 30 minute drive was over faster than I expected. I looked up at the big building that had 'Raven's workshop' printed in bold cursive on the front. Other than that, it was completely white. Darcy parked the car directly in front and we hopped out.

 “Are you ready for another day Kat?” Darcy asked smiling. I shook my head. 
“So long as Don keeps his hands to himself.’’ I muttered. She shook with laughter. “Goodness sakes he’s gay. Trust me, the last thing on his mind is what’s in you panty drawer.’’

I chuckled a little, and just entered the salon.

“Good morning ladies.’’ Rosy greeted us. 
“Hey Rose.’’ We said in unison. Her short and chubby frame just makes you just want to hug her. Her tiny red lips curved into a motherly smile. Her short, red, curly hair was styled beautifully, and her forest green eyes looked at us adoringly.

“I don’t know how you girls survived here this long,’’ she said laughing. ‘’Sometimes I just want to throw down the keys to this place and run away.’’ 
“We love it here too much. It’s so fun and never boring.’’ Darcy said.

“We could all do without the drama sometimes though right?” Rosy asked and we silently agreed. 
“Well, no need to chit chat. Better get off to work.’’ She clapped her hands together and went to check on clients getting their hair washed.

The whole salon was pale yellow with green accent colors. It wasn’t very attractive to me actually, but since it’s my second week here, I would never tell them that. Darcy went over to her station where she cut and styles the hair, and I went to mine were I wash, add highlights, and blow out. My station is always clean. We each get a 4 sided vanity mirror and a chair for our clients. I started to set up since my seat was empty. I looked in the mirror, and my dark brown hair looked almost black, but pretty when looking at my green eyes. 

“Whoa, I didn’t deserve this treat did I?” Don tugged on my skirt as he walked by. I swiped his hands away laughing. “Of course you did, too bad your bats swinging for the other team.’’ I said combing my hair out. 
He sighed dramatically. “For you sweetie, it could head a different direction for one day.’’ He winked. 
I rolled my eyes and finished with my hair. 
Smooth hands wrapped around my abdomen, and I looked up to see Eric. 
“Good morning gorgeous.’’ He kissed my cheek. 
“Hey there.’’ I smiled. I spun around and gave him a hug.  

He smelled so good, like rain and snuggle, and it made my smile widen. We don’t exactly like each other. I’ve known Eric since the 6th grade, and I was in the 5th,  he was the dorky chubby kid who would get picked on and food thrown at him. He was always smart, and ahead of the class, but when high school started, he really wanted to change that. He started working out, eating healthy, clothes changes and everything! It was a complete turnaround. By junior year, he was like a god. He looked like he should be a senior. He started dating then, and became an ass, and we stopped talking. By senior year, I guess he really came to terms with himself and his attitude went back to normal. After that, he apologized to me, and we put it all behind us. When I found out he was working here, I jumped at the chance to work with him. 

“How was your night?” he asked setting up next to me. His green shirt hugged his muscles. I rolled my eyes. His brown curly hair was a little waved, and his brown eyes looked honestly curious. 

“Amazing. I slept like a baby through that rain.’’ I gushed. 
“You always sleep like a baby.’’ He stuck his tongue out at me, and I threw a towel at him.

“How would you know?’’ Don asked, in the middle of washing his client’s hair.

“Whenever she spends the night at my house or me at hers, she kicks and groans in her sleep. I swear she has sex dreams every night.’’ He laughed.
“Shut up I do not!” I squeaked brushing slightly. Even though I’m 18, i’m not really comfortable about talking about sex.

“Seriously, plus you sleep like a rock whenever I try to wake you.” 
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t try.’’ I laughed.

“Trust me, next time I won’t.’’ he muttered.

I heard the door open and close, and a gasp from up front. Still smiling from what Eric said, I looked up to see who it was. 
I saw a tall guy with a sexy frame. His black hair was combed out, kind of styled but messy. He wore a black button up, and dark slacks. You could clearly see the muscles on his back without the shirt being so tight. I don’t know why, but that gave me tiny little butterflies. I wish I could see his face. 
“Mm, well damn sorry Kat, looks like somebody just took your place on my team.’’ Don said pushing his bleach blonde hair out of his face.  
‘’Don, control your hormones.’’ I laughed loudly. As soon as I did, the guy’s head snapped toward us. His expression was complete shocked. For a minute I wondered why, until I saw who it really was.

My smile faded quickly, and my face drew a blank. 
Anger, hurt, distrust, love, and complete stupidity were all on my face at once. 
“Excuse me.’’ I kind of whispered to the guys. I quickly put my equipment down, and dashed through the back door.

“Kat?” I heard Darcy call, confused.

The rain wasn’t so heavy, but my heart was. I breathed in the air with shaky breaths, trying to hold my tears in. All that replayed in my head were six words.

Six words that told me my world was coming to an end.  Six words that killed a part of me.  Six words that taught me to never get to close to a person again. Six words that I still can’t understand.

I don’t want you anymore Kathleen


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