The Wings That lift Us: Elm Woods

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It is Fall. Mr. and Mrs. Long have just gotten married, they own a small flat in New York. they are copartners for a casino, things seem to be looking up for this couple. But there's one who does not benefit not long after moving to New York Mrs. Longs sister returns from London to be murdered and the killers blood lust isn't satisfied there now Mrs. Long has to use her skills before the murder targets her next. How many body bags can fit in one coffin? Will Mrs. Long solve the murder in time?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Wings That lift Us: Elm Woods

Submitted: August 22, 2013

Reads: 184

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Submitted: August 22, 2013



People say you only live once.but people are as wrong about that as they are about the darkest moments before dawn a woman returns to her bed. What life is she leading?is it the same life the woman was living half an hour ago? A day ago? A year ago? Who is this man? In the bed. His figure is still. Do they lead separate lives? Or a single life shared? " do you love me?" The woman whispers a small smile on her face in the dim glow. " yeah," comes his breathy reply. " do you want me to prove it to you?" He says with a smile his voice is heartwarming. She smiles at this man. The one whom she loves. " if your not too sleepy" she says looking into his eyes his hand cups her neck behind her head. His warm touch radiating affection. A storm approaches.but still over the horizon there is lightning in the air. Are either of them aware of the gathering turbulence? Can they feel the crackle of electricity  in the wind?or are they aware only of the power they generate between themselves? The couple roll in bed the lamp laminating their bedrooms in the early hours of the morning. What is this strong connection? Is it a sense of love? Or lust? Passion perhaps? "I love you," he muffles into her soft skin. She chuckles as they roll the power between the two is undeniable. But what does it mean? The first hint of this storm is not a thunderclap...

 it is a knock.

A knock sounds on the front door of their apartment. The echoes ring throughout the silent but humble flat. The woman stirs. She groans and furrows her brow as anther knock sounds. "Get it," she says muffling into her pillow. " no," he says. "You get it," he says childishly. "No you get it," she says with a chuckle. Amusement tickles her brain as she rolls over and lightly shoes her lovers shoulder. He groans in mock pain laughing. The woman smiles in content. " I'll get it," he says with a groan rising from his bed within his chambers. " flipping on the light he shuffles to the door a new mood sets in a rather grumpy one. As he swings open the door the storms winds blow revealing two new people. Both are well dressed. One is a woman her head is held high a certain confidence radiates from this person she is adorned in a pantsuit. The other is a man falling in step behind her. This man is gruff and bears a strong resemblance the man in the apartment. "Good morning I'm detective Bayonet," said the woman in the pantsuit. "Yeah," groaned the husband. "I know who you are, you're my brothers partner," he says motioning to the now recognized male police officer. "She prefers the term boss," the husbands brother says taking another step towards the open door. "Good then you should know officer Jerome," she said. "Official business," detective Bayonet says. Just then a new energy is fast approaching behind the husband his wife.

 "What's going on?" She asks casually protruding in her husbands robe. "A body was found in the central station" detective Bayonet states. "Why does this concern us?" The wife says. "We believe it to be your sister Misses Long," Detective Jerome states.  "Now hold up wait a minute there's no way my wife's sister is dead she's in London," the husband says defensively. "That's not what the dental records say," detective  Jerome says. "I wasn't talking to you," the husband growled. The officer is taken aback by his brothers actions. Then again relations had not been well between the two. "Come on Jazz I'm trying to help you here," Jerome said fondly towards his brother. "I didn't ask for your help tell your boys you got it wrong and get off my door step," said Mr. Long. Meanwhile the wife has not said a word. "M-My sister is dead?" She says incredulously. Tears form on her face as her heart sinks into grief. Already the strings of this tale have become astray. "Shhh Angie it's okay there's got a be a mistake I'm sure your sister's fine. "Look Mr. Long I'm aware your relations with the police have not been the best but I can assure you my men have made no mistake," detective Bayonet says. " I'm sorry for your loss," she adds sympathy in her tone. Mrs. Long cries harder into her husbands shoulder.

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