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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 29, 2013



Flashes of bright white lights flashed in her mind. A faint whisper could be heard. \"Ember.\" It whispered. A pink flash appeared and a beautiful women was standing there. Her eyes were a deep lavender color and her hair as black as the night sky. She smiled. \"Ember\" she said again. \"It is time for you to rejoin us darling. I will see you very soon. Keep a look out.\" Swirls of beautiful and magnificent colors all flash in a biding of bright lights. Gasping, she woke up. Sweat was dripping down her face as she breathed deeply. \"I wonder what that was all about?\" She wondered. \"And who is Ember? Is it me? It couldn't be, I don't have a name...\" Having no time to think about her strange dream, for it was only a few minutes till three, she got up and begin to get dress. Eating a few of the crackers and drinking from the bottle, she walked out the door and downstairs.

Heading into the kitchen, she began the coffee maker and went into the laundry room to wash their clothes. After she was done she got started on cleaning the floors and the tables and chair. Yet, that strange dream never left her mind. Two hours later, she quickly started breakfast knowing that He would be waking up soon. Walking into his room she began to pick out his clothes, setting down a grey suit with a matching tie and shoes. Then setting His alarm clock for 6:30, she headed back into her room.

Laying down she thought about her dream again. \"Who was that lady?\" She wonder, \"And what did she mean by keeping a \"look out\" ? A look out for what?! And when the lady said she'll be joining them soon? What did it all mean?!\" She asked herself. Maybe I'm just over thinking things, and that it was just a dream, like anything ever exciting happens to her, the only exciting thing is going out to buy food and talking to the cashier. Speaking of which, she better go today, they're running out of food, and who knows what they'll do to her if they don't get their precious food. Chuckling quietly, she walked down the stairs, after she made sure that He had already left for work.

\"Now all she had to do was deal with the Wicked Witch of the bedroom\" she thought to herself. Going into Her room, she picked out her outfits that consisted of a revealing dress suit, along with her stockings and heels. I wonder how many guys she'll bring home this time, she thought sarcastically to herself. Maybe if I'm lucky, she'll marry one and I'll have a new \"Father\". Going back into the kitchen she began making Her tea and breakfast. After cleaning everything up, she waited in the living room for Her to wake up.

A few minutes later, she heard the footsteps of the Wicked Witch descending down the stairs. \"I need money to buy food for you, Miss\" She said politely. She didn't need another beating, her bruises from last night still hurts. Rolling Her eyes, She grabbed a wad of cash out from her bra, and handed it to her. Looking at the money in disgust, she took it. \"Great, now I have to disinfect my hand with acid now.\" She thought. \"There's your damn money now get outta my sight! And I expect a lovely dinner when I get home!!\" She said. \"Yes ma'am\" she said sarcastically and walked out the door.

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