The Saint Soleil Romance

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



The car ride to Saint Soleil seemed to take forever... Syn saw nothing but trees of different kinds and pure nature; much like what she had grew up around. She couldn't help but think that it wasn't too bad. If she could have thought that for the rest of her life, perhaps she would have been happier. But no... soon enough, the trees started to get more and more scarce; same with the pure nature scenery. Houses came in to view next; and they were nice looking houses; however they made Syn's nerves go crazy. By the time they entered the actual city, Syn's insides were running marathons. As they drove through the middle of town, syn had gotten so scared that she couldn't even sit straight on her seat, She tried to hide from the place she had come to... But nothing seemed to work quite like she wanted.

Mr. Stephens only noticed she was hiding under her seat as they pulled up in to the drive way where Syn would live out her days. Or at least that's how Syn saw her situation as.
"Good lord child, are you alright?" Andrew asked, his face filled with concern. Syn shook her head, too frightened to move from under the seat.
"Oh it's alright Synphony, please come out" Again, Syn shook her head, tears beginning to come from her eyes.
"What's the matter, dear?" Andrew asked, worried, as he sat on the edge of the car to talk to her. Syn didn't answer at first, unable to form words at all at that point.
"Haven't you ever been to the city before dear?" Andrew asked becoming a little confused.
"I've never left my house" Syn finally spoke up with her shy, quiet voice. She sounded like a frightened child; and felt like one too. Mr. Stephens sighed and said something under his breath that she couldn't hear.
"Don't worry, synphony, I'll help you okay?" Hereassured her, reaching out his hand to help her out from under the enormous car seat. Syn hesitantly grabbed Andrew's hand and allowed him to pull her out of the car. Her beautiful white dress was a little wrinkled, but overall still looking great. Syn fixed the black sash that was tied around her waist and shook her hair out a bit. She walked beside Andrew, jumping at every tiny noise or movement. There was a huge dark oak door that was opened to let Mr. Stephens and Syn inside their enormous beutiful house; which was hardly a house. Syn looked around, frozen with shock. She stared at the marble staircase that was right in front of her. The help carried in all her bags of things while she was mesmerized to her surroundings.
"This is your new home, Synphony" Mr. Stephens told her with a wide smile. Next thing Syn knew, a friskyblonde woman came running out screaming about how cute she was. Syn's eyes almost fell out of her head from surprise. Before the woman could reach her, Syn ran behind Andrew in fright.
"Oh is she alright, Andrew?" The woman asked what Syn suspected to be her husband.
"She's a little nervous to be in civilization" Andrew commented, taking hold of Syn's right arm lightly and bringing her in front of him.
"Shannon, could you go up and inform Aiden of our guest?" Andrew asked his wife with a smile. She nodded excitedly and turned to walk up the giant staricase that Syn had been staring at.
"I'm sure you will like him" Andrew told Syn.
Syn nods her head and waits to see this guy who she's supposed to be marrying against her will. Her anxiety starts to rise every second that passes by. Shannon comes back downstairs looking a little disappointed.
"He says he's not leaving his room" She says as she approches them. Andrew sighed then looks down at Syn.
"Well Synphony, Marie will take you to his room, since that's where you'll be sleeping" Andrew says with a smile. Syn gasps from fright.
"But..." She tries to argue out of the situation but is quieted by Andrew.
"It'll be okay" He sends her his famous smile as Marie shows up. Syn follows marie upstairs and around the corner to a black and red door.
"This is Aiden's room, your stuff is already in there so just go right in" She smiles and walks away to do more work around the place. Syn gulps and breaths in a couple heavy breaths to slow down her heart. She reaches out and takes hold of the door knob and slowly open the door.

It was a huge room with a king size bed and a computer desk filled with electronic stuff and a wrapped up little red table with a large mirror on it with a matching black and red bench. At the computer desk, Syn noticed a tall boy with scene boy black hair, a tight black shirt and dark faded jeans on. He was wearing a gamers headset and staring at the tv screen that was beside his computer desk. Aiden glanced sideways quickly then glanced again for a couple seconds then turned back to his game. He kept that up for a few minutes before he put his game on pause and slowly removed the headset from his head.
"Who are you" He asked slowly, looking Syn up and down. Syn blushed lightly at his gaze.
"I'm Syn" She said very quietly, not knowing how to talk to anyone outside her family.
"Oh, you're the girl my dad brought home right?" He asked nicely. Syn nodded quickly, but didn't talk much.
"Are you tired?" He asked, noticing the bags that were under Syn's eyes and red marks from crying. She nodded that she was and he pointed to the bed before putting his headset back on. Syn walked over to his huge bed and lay down on the side away from the wall over the covers. Before long she had completely fallen asleep.

'She looks like a fallen angel...' Aiden thought in his head as he took occasional glances at her sleeping body.

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