Chapter 2: Chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Selise ran over to me. Thankfully, jumping up and down screaming "I did it!Were together again!"

"Well? I asked. "What happened?"

"Ok so! I went over to Micheal alone andwas like, 'I love you I dont know how our fight started or what it was about but i dont care anymore I love you!!!!' And Isaid all of that kinda stuff and he said he still likesme to!! She said still overly happy.

"Thats good." I said, already bored. But still happy for her. "Well, Igotta go put my stuff in my room but I'll be back later. Ok?"

"OK!!!!" She squealed, and rantoward FK's table again. Oh joy. I thought to myself as I remembered I still hadto get picked for a team. Although I'd never admit this, I secretly hoped it would be FK.

I walked into my new room and put my bags down. I then started unpacking. Once all my packing was done, I decided to take a look around my room.It was a pretty nice room. Ithad a king size bed, a huge closet, a celingfan, heatand ac, a couch, a desk, a laptop, and ofcourse a bathroom.It also had a small 'kitchen.' The kitchen consisted of a mini fridge/freezer, a sink, and cuboards. It also had a TV w/ a dvd player. I then dressed in my suit of armor and went outside to find FK.

When I arived outside with FK I felt very out of place. But I mosly hung out out with Selise. I went over to her and Micheal.

"Hey." I said. And looked at the sunset.

"Hey Bree!!" She said and smiled.

"How are you to?" I nodded toward Micheal and Selise.

"Great." Micheal replied. "By the way Bree, sorry 'bout earlier..I just dont like messengers."

"Its fine." I replied. Hopin the question I wanted would pop up within the next few sentences.

"Wanna join FK?" Micheal asked. He read my mind.

"Sure." I said trying to hide the utter happiness I felt.

"Welcome to FK Bree." A guy who had wavy short black hair and was tan. He had green eyes and looked to be middle eastern, greeted me with a smile.

"Thankyou..?" I asked trying to question his name.

He Laughed. "The names Jason." He smiled. "I know this is sudden..and we barley know eachother-." He stopped mid sentance. "If you want you dont HAVE to say yes right away if your going to say yes at all.. But will you go out with me?"

I stood there shocked. Along with everyone else who was inFK. "I-I'msorry Jason. But I'm already dating Nick." I said feeling bad.Espesially since I hadn't seen him inmonthsand I dont know if you could really say we were together still even. Yousee, Nick is a year younger then me, and he went here last year. He asked meout during my short visit here. At the timeI was trying things out with the not so knownteam 'Green Army.' I was only here so I could getused to the new school a little bit. I got a guest room and assined to Green Army. I was only here for 3 days and weve been "together" ever since. Now that I'm here I've had no luck in trying to find him. And I kinda like Jason..but until I try finding Nick a little longer. I'm not dating.

"Nick.." He sounded sad."Oh. Ok." He finished, and walked away.

"Sorry.." I sadly called after him. I then decided that that was enough foroneday and I said goodbye to everyone and retreated back to my roomto get some sleep.

Submitted: November 16, 2008

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