The Court Yard

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Gemma is a younge adult {Teen} Who isn't fitting in well at her new all girls school.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Court Yard

Submitted: September 04, 2010

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Submitted: September 04, 2010



It was a dark and gloomy day at all girls school. One girl always stood in the same spot everyday while it rained. She always stood against the cold damp wall. The wall was made out of bricks. The bricks where a boring gray. The uniforms were gray, black and while. The most boring colors that could ever appear on ones clothes. These girls were theonlyin the whole town who whore dull colors. The rest of the town wore lovely pinks and oranges and many other colors more than you could imagine. These girls were sent to live at the school till they are of age to leave. 18. The girl who always stood in the same place. Her name was Gemma. She was 13. The youngest off all who attended. She had given up caring when her father was sent off to fight in the war outside Germany. She was sent to Ms.Priscilla'sall girl school in Virginia. She spoke ,German,Spanish and french. Not a single word of English. Everyone at the girl school spokeEnglishand no other language because it was thoughtimproper. She was shunned upon.Amongst the girl she was the most prettiest but unliked girl in the school. Everyday she walked down the dark hall passing the black slave Lottie. Lottie always hoped Gemma would smile like her first day at the school but she did not.

When Gemma first arrived at the school she was a happy young 12 year old. She Said Bonjourt o everyone but no one understood but her, her father and Lottie wasn't aloud to talk to Gemma untilafter she received a letter that her father was dead. She had to help Lottie clean a little bit everyday to earn the speaking rights.Gemma became depressed. She never met her mother. Nor anyone else in her family just her beloved father who she missed alot. She wondered what if she had her mother instead of her father? She started writing what she predicted it would be like. Some times she shook the thoughts out of her head because these things happen for a reason right? Not exactly. You are like a writer who writes there own stories. God may or not be real. We will ever know. Gemma and her father are athiest. They don't believe in god.
All the other girls at the school were catholic .Gemma Had never felt so alone on the afternoon after finding out her mother had came to see her but she was sent away from the school. Gemma had learned her mother was alive and didn't die. Gemma felt a jolt of hope that she will get to see her mother. But the hope quickly vanished from her thoughts.
By writing Gemma became less depress and felt less alone. She wrote that her mother couldn't take care of her alone so she sent Gemma to an all girls school and that she was liked and she learned to speak englsh and her father was sent away from the school instead of her mother. Gemma disided that she wanted to speak english but it would be difficult for her but it was for the best.

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