As Cream Follows

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning/ Crush.

Submitted: September 04, 2010

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Submitted: September 04, 2010



~As Cream Follows~

By: Matty.


I dedicate this story to my one and forever love,

Lucas F.

I don’t know what I could have done without him beside me all this time,

I love you, Lucas.

~Story Soundtrack/Chapter Titles.

-Chapter One: Crush by: David Archuleta.

-Chapter Two: I’m Yours by: Jason Mraz.

-Chapter Three: About You Now by: Miranda Cosgrove.

-Chapter Four: Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by: Landon Pigg.

-Chapter Five: Dirty Little Secretby: All-American Rejects/ All My Loving by: Jim Sturgess.

-Chapter Six: Jesus Take The Wheel by: Carrie Underwood.

-Chapter Seven: Can You Feel the Love Tonight? by: Lion King (Disney)

-Chapter Eight: When Your Gone by: Avril Lavigne.

-Chapter Nine:I'm Awesome by: Spose.

~Chapter One~

“Hey Mary, wait up!” yelled Vanessa, running to keep up with me. “You don’t need to hurry, we are just going to Cold Stone; slow down!”

“But ‘Nessa, we neeeed to hurry, before all the good ice-cream is gone and all is left is the icky, mushy, healthy stuff; now run faster!” I grabbed Vanessa’s hand, and we ran through Desert Ridge until we couldn’t run anymore and ran smack into the front door of the Cold Stone restaurant. We flung open the door, and ran right to the counter.

“What can I get you two ladies today?” said someone behind me. I turned and saw a boy. He was sixteen, tall, and tan-ish. He had long dark brown hair, which was long enough that it gently brushed his chin; with long dark brown bangs that covered the left portion of his face. He had the most adorable nose and the darkest, dark chocolate brown eyes I have ever seen. He had the most perfect lips, which gave him that naughty and mischievous vibe. His name, was Jude.

“May I have a medium, two scoops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, with sprinkles please?” asked Vanessa, batting her eye lashes.

“Coming right up!” said Jude as he turned and grabbed a medium cup and the ice-cream scoop to fulfill Vanessa’s order. I watched as Jude scooped two large scoops of ice-cream out of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough container, and pour a spoonful of lively colored Rainbow Sprinkles on the top. He put a small spoon into the ice-cream and handed it to Vanessa.

“Thanks!” smiled Vanessa as she took a bite into the ice-cream.

“My pleasure; and what may I get you?” asked Jude curling his lips into the perfect smile.

“May I have… M-may I have… M-m-m-may I-I h-have…: I couldn’t stop stuttering. I don’t know why. Looked into his eyes, they held my gaze, and I found it impossible to look away from his perfect gaze, his perfect smile… his perfect face.

“I-I would be happy to get you anything you wish.” Jude and I still never drifted from each others gaze. It was like we were lost in space, with nothing but us and the stars that surrounded us. “I-if you don’t mind me asking, b-but what is your name?” without blinking, I blushed and allowed a smiles to grown on my face,

“M-my name is Mary-Jane; m-my friends-“

“That’s me!” Vanessa interrupted before shoveling a big spoon full of ice- cream into her mouth.

“A-as I was saying, my friends call me Mary.” Jude winked at me. He pulled off part of a recite and took the pen on the counter, he wrote down something and gave it to me.

“Well, Mary, call or text me if you ever need anything alright?” He smiled and handed me a small cup of Strawberry Ice-cream he had behind the counter. I blushed and held the ice-cream in my hands,

“I would be glad too, come one Vanessa, let’s go.” I said pulling on Vanessa’s sleeve. “It was very nice meeting you J-Jude,” I said as me and Vanessa walked out of the store.

“It was very nice meeting you too… Mary…” whispered Jude as he started to clean up the store before closing.

“Well he seemed nice,” said Vanessa with a mouthful of ice-cream, “You guys seemed to be sharing more then money; you guys even seemed like you were crushing on each other-“

“Mmmm this is great ice-cream don’t you agree?” I interrupted while eating my ice-cream.

“Mary- Jane Parkingson, you know I know when you are crushing on someone, or when someone likes you; and I know that you guys definitely clicked—like a perfect puzzle piece to another.” I blushed but tried to hide it by eating ice-cream,

“He was pretty cute… and he had a dreamy voice… and an amazing smile… and… and… okay I have a crush on him; it’s not like this can go anywhere-“

“Ha! Stop right there!” said Vanessa finishing then throwing away the empty container. “You guys are both sixteen. You both like each other. And! You guys go to the same school! Ha it’s perfect!”

“W-we don’t go to the same school…Do we…?”

“Yeah he’s in our Home Ech class.” I finished my ice-cream and threw away the container, being careful that I hold onto Jude’s number.

“Oh… I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah he was switched there yesterday; now you guys are even closer” she smiled happily.

“Look I will talk to him later okay? Will that make you happy, but I don’t think he will-“I looked down at my phone “One New Message” I opened it “From 602-667-6609”.

“Do you know this number? “I showed Vanessa the number, and then I looked at the paper. I quickly saved the number as “Jude” and opened the text.

“Ooooooh what did he say?” I reread the text a few times before I told her…

“It says… meet me at the park in a few hours”

“Ooooooh I wonder what Mr. mischievous is planning for you?!” I looked into the ice-cream shop one more time then at Vanessa smiling,

“I’m not sure, but I bet I will find out soon enough.”


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