Love Them Boys

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Alanna is 17 lives with her older brother Jayden and his 5 best friends.Out of his friends Alanna hates Drake the most with a a passion. See how Alanna survives with the biggest players in school living with her and wittiness all her struggles and good times with her boys.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Love Them Boys

Submitted: December 10, 2012

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Submitted: December 10, 2012



Alanna's POV

"Why do you always have to bother me?" I yelled angry.

"It wasn't me so why're you always getting mad?" Drake asked, "Damn, I swear you got some serious anger issues." He mumbled afterwards.

"Whatever, just tell Jayden I'm leaving you asshole." I ordered him while grabbing my keys and walking out the door.That boy just gets on my nerves! He could at least try, for once, to not bother me with his presence. But nooo, he just had to take my bra and show the entire football team! Like Seriously?

I quickly erased him from my thoughts.I walked down the driveway and forgot the past events; I smile as I saw my baby looking as sexy as ever!My Cadillac CTS-V Black Diamond Edition. Yup, that's my baby.I just love how it sparkles under the blazing sun (which is heating me up right now). I literally ran to my car because of it, once inside I started the engine and I blessed myself with cool air. After sitting in there for a while and embracing the air, I pull out.

I make my way over to my best friend Jaeda's house. On my way there I blasted Rick Ross Ft. Drake - Diced Pineapples, and of course I sang along.

I can see Jaeda’s house by time I’m around the corner. Her huge white two-story house, balconies with large glass doors on both levels. A large, front white door, with two white pillars on both sides holding up the balconies. That backyard can be seen, from any distance, the patio stones leading two white gazebos and beyond laid, a huge clear blue water pool that was as a wide as the house it itself!

As Jaeda's driveway come into my view, I saw her 'on and off' boyfriend Riley and his friends just hanging around. Strange, I could have sworn they were 'off' this time.

I walk up to porch and all eyes were on me, or should I say on my ass and boobs. Damn, I knew I looked good but they don't have to make it obvious. Staring at me and shit.I'm not conceited or anything but I have boysandgirls constantly telling me that I'm beautiful, fine, sexy, cute, and pretty as fuck.

I have natural long layered black hair, light green eyes with thin black eyebrows. Lightly brown, toned skin and full pink lips. I’m 5’3, so you can say I’m pretty short and as boys say: ‘Girl you got body of a video vixen!’ Having a slim waist, big breasts and a huge ass. I guess you can say so.

I rolled my eyes and was about to knock on Jaeda's door when, SLAP! My ass was spanked and was left stinging. Put one and two together and one of those motherfuckers hit me! Instinctively, I turn around to connect my hands with the bitch that touched me.Looking up the tall figure I saw that it was none other than my ex, Trey. And I must say, he was Sexy!

He's standing tall at 6’3, stubble short black hair and big, dark, adorable brown eyes. His skin is soft brown with thick eyebrows, but they looked real cute on him. Oh, and them full, luscious, kissable lips. He had a few tattoos here and there too.

He stood there smirking, "You know I've always loved that feisty side of you NaNa." He chuckled.

"Fuck you," Was all I said. I turned around to knock, but before I got the chance to do it, Jaeda opened the door.Immediately, all the boys rushed in, almost knocking me over. Well Damn! Some muttered curse words under their breaths, guess they've been waiting a long time.

"Alanna!" Jaeda yelled excitedly.

"Jaeda!" I yell back just as excited as we crashed into a hug.

Once we pulled away I whispered, "Why are they here?"

"Because I invited them over," She dismissively waved her hand in my face. "I heard about what that shit Drake did, showing the football team your bra.” Jaeda said while walking in. "That nigga dumb!" she laughed.

"I know!" I replied laughing along.

"But you know everybody wanted to know what possibly could be holding them beasts." she said wiggling her eyebrows, looking dumb ass fuck as she did so!

I laughed, "Nobody wants see your little shits."

"I'll have you know I'm behind by little, I am a DD to be exact." she defended. It was true, for her size she had some big ass boobs, almost as big as mines. But like I said, almost.

Jaeda was 4’9; she’s a shade lighter than with brown eyes that complimented her thick, long eyelashes and pink, glossy lips. Long natural black, curly hair with tints of brown at the top, the same color brown as her eyes. Like mines, she had a body of a 'video vixen' too.

"Ayeee, that's only for me to know!" A deep voice from behind us argued. We turned around and saw Riley, Jaeda's man. I had to hand it to her, he was fine!

Riley, standing at 6’3, dark brown skin covered with tattoos. Thick black eyebrows and dark brown eyes surrounded by small, curly eyelashes. Short, close to shaven hair.

"Awww Ri, you know me and my girls are the only girls for you. “She breathed seductively.

He bit his lips looking her up and down."Damn." he said under his breath.She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him full on the lips. He pulled her close deepening the kiss, grabbing her booty and squeezing it hard. I don't blame the boy; the girl had a big booty. She moaned in his mouth, grinding herself on him and in response he groaned, pulling her up and wrapping her legs around his waist backing up against the wall.

No wonder she can't leave the dick alone, horny bastards. I shook my head. I remember the day Jaeda came to school limping badly, Riley was smiling Cheshire all damn day! I bet he was replaying the previous night in his head. And in the end, Riley had to go home early for five days straight!

"SAVE IT FOR THE BEDROOM!" I yelled .They broke apart laughing, letting the final kiss linger. "Ya'll tryna do the nasty in front of me."

"Lanna, you need some dick in your life." Riley said seriously but then cracking a smile. "Cause that pussy tight!" he exclaimed but soon to burst out laughing right after. Jaeda joining him, traitor. I glared at the both of them.

"LanLan you know he's right, you ain't had no dick in how long?" Jaeda stated. She was right but I would never admit to it though.

"Bitch please, I don't need no dick in my life." I defended, thought we all knew they were lies. She gave me that look that said: Bitch-who-you-think-you-fooling-you-lying-ass. I laughed nervously and she gave me another that said: I-thought-so-hoe. A look can say a thousand words, but in this case a thousand curse words.

"Well ladies, let’s head on to the living room with the rest of the crew." Riley said putting his arms around both of us and leading the way.We look at him and then shrugged; this wasn't the first time he has done this.

"I thought so!" he said.

Jaeda and I turn around placing our hands on our hips."Excuse me?" We said at the exact time.

He raised his hands in defense, "I ain't say shit."

"Mhm, I thought so!" Jaeda and I say in sync, again.

We turned around and started walking towards the living room. SLAP! He hit both of our asses immediately running away laughing, "Got Ya'll Bitches!"Thatboy, I swear!

Jaeda and I looked at each other before bursting into laughter, "You should have seen yo face!"

"Let's go get that stupid nigga!" Jaeda proposed.

"Agreed." I replied running towards the living room, laughing along the way.


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