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Scientist Kevin K. started injecting people with marine genes. He started with Adult-from ages twenty to thirty. And, to his demise, they never lived through the transformation. It dawned on him that they might just be too old, so he switched the ages he wanted to work on and decided to go for teens-aging from fourteen to seventeen. Again, they all failed. But, something struck him that was worth trying: Infants. Not even infants when they were born, but while they were still inside their mother. He could make them looks however he wanted and thats exactly what he dd with one.
Everything was going great. He had made sure she got pregnant so that she could give birth to a baby that was half marine animal; He made sure the other few survivors were healthy. But, one day something happened. The one he made-the one that was now pregnant (which you wouldn't be able to tell unless you felt her stomach) managed to escape. How will he find her before someone else does? What about the baby? He needed to find a way to get them both back, and fast.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sh47k

Submitted: October 14, 2013

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Submitted: October 14, 2013



In the beginning…


Kevin K. started injecting people—infants—with marine animal DNA. They weren’t supposed to make it to Adulthood. The human body just couldn't’t keep up. But, it all changed when one of his female specimens managed to escape. She had tricked him. Tricked him good. She tricked him into thinking that she was a new one of his employees. And, of course, being who he was, Kevin K. believed her. He even thought he’d be able to get her in bed—in a few days’ time.

How, ironically,typical of him.Everything was going as it was supposed to:His specimens were about to die; some were about to conceive; they were all in the right tank—the usual news. But, as he was about to deal with the ones about to die, he noticed that his new assistant was leaving.


Pulling his clip board under his arm, he turned so he was facing her. “Where are you going?” he asked, raising a brow. Don't all the employees—even the new ones—know not to leave before being dismissed? She seemed startled when he called her and she turned around slowly.Kevin K. crossed his arms and frowned. “Well?” he said impatiently. He was not a man who had tolerance for slow acting. It was part of the reason he kept this job. He took a few steps towards her and started tapping his foot. Who was this woman? Why did she seem so familiar?

He almost did what his son used to call a “no-no” in his pants when a filled syringe came flying his way. Lucky for him, he was able to drop his clipboard and hit the deck—landing on his stomach. By the time he got back up and registered what just happened, all he saw was the door closing. The hell was that? He thought, running right after her without time to actually think about it.

Once he was outside, he spotted her turn a corner, and he followed. He hadn’t run this fast since middle school. And he wasn’t too proud of that, now. Cursed when he almost slipped on the pavement, he straightened himself up and pushed his legs harder. The woman was fast. And so damn familiar!When he got to his car, he slowed and let out a hard, wheezing, sigh. Good thing I parked outside today, he thought as he slipped inside, starting the car. She might be fast, but there was no way she's going to get away from me while I’m in this thing. He thought, as he pulled off and kept on her.

He was just as surprised when he made another turn andmade itto the harbor. Confused andslightlyannoyed at the chase--He's getting to old for this--he jumped out the car, slammed the door and called out to her again. “Hey! Lady! I just want to talk!” Classic lines. They never work—she kept running towards the water. He was suddenly a little fearful.

Was she going to jump? He felt like he’d be responsible if she did, since he was the one chasing after her. Cursing again, he ran after her atfull speed and almost immeadiatlyskidded to a stop, falling over himself. He couldn't believe what he was seeing and his mouth had fallen open--there was no way he was going to close it. If he did, he believed that the sight would disappear.

Kevin K. almost cheered.

He had done it.

He had made a successful specimen. Usually, his specimens never lived past fourteen. But somehow, this one had. And she could fool humans easily. She looks exactly like us. He thought, as he watched her swim away. Now he knew why she looked familiar:

He had made that specimen to look exactly like his wife, before she was brutally murdered because of his mistake: She was tall, with green eyes, and shoulder length brown hair. Her skin was the color of caramel. After she wasn’t able to be seen, he sighed, and walked backwards to his car. His specimen had also grown the dorsal fin of a Great White. A smile crept its way on his face.

He had done it.

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