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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: October 14, 2013

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Submitted: October 14, 2013



Chapter 1:

Fourteen years later…

Tazz sat up in his bed and stared out the window.

How long has it been since he actually went for a swim? Sure, he’s surfed a few times and went scuba diving…but when did he actually go for a calming swim?

With an agitated sigh, he walked out his room and side-stepped into the bathroom as a spare tire came rolling down the hall. Uncle Third must have another car. Tazz thought as he shut the door. With a small shake of his head, he turned to look at himself in the mirror. His hair was black—literally a dark, charcoal black—and his eyes were green—Third had told him that he had his mother’s eyes. He turned a little, so he could see his bare back. His skin was tan, too. Like a dark caramel—he looked Indian. Raising a brow, he turned back to face the mirror directly and jabbed a finger at his reflection. “You, sir, are going to go for a long, two hour swim today.”

 And with that, he slid out of his pajama pants, and slipped in the shower—the cold shower. It was natural for him to take cold showers, a little easier for others too. It was like that at the time he stayed over his friend’s house. His name is Lio and they’ve been best friends for a while now.

When he got there, everything was normal—until he had a sudden urge for seafood, or the time he dunked his head in the fish tank…and the time when he took a two hour long, cold shower. Tazz chuckled to himself at the memory as he ran his hand through his wet hair and let the water hit his back. Lio had asked him if he was alright, and of course, Tazz had told him he was. At least, he thought he was.

 When Tazz finally got tired of the shower---an hour later---he got out, tied his light blue towel around his waist, and walked out to the kitchen. His hair was still wet and it was dripping in his eyes, so he didn’t notice the wall in front of him until he hit it. This, then, caused him to stagger backwards into who he thought was his Uncle. “Sorry Uncle…”

 He stopped when he realized the smell of perfume. Wiping the water out his eyes, he blinked and groaned. He had ran into Alexis—the girl he had a crush on since he was seven—while still in his towel. Just his luck. With his heart beating fast, and him feeling flustered, Tazz tried to make an excuse to leave. But then, his Uncle came in with the craziest grin he’d ever seen.

 “Well, well. Look who finally woke up and got all…” Third gave Tazz a once over. If it was possible, his grin got even crazier. “Dazzled up.” When he finished, Tazz knew the look that was on his own face: Pure embarrassment. And after realizing it, he cleared it, and then turned it into one of pure amusement. “Why yes, Uncle, you like the new look?” he asked, a grin spreading on his own face that was just as wide as his Uncle’s.

 Third was about to respond with another remark, but then Alexis had spoken up. “Tazzie, where are your clothes?” she was quiet—trying to hide her laughter. It was suddenly quiet then—Third wanted to hear his answer. He was having too much fun with this.

 Tazz gave a small, sloppy shrug. “I had just got out the shower when I got really thirsty.” He replied with a small sigh. He ran his hand through his hair and dropped his hand at his side. “Did you want to hang out today?” he asked, looking around and ready to put some clothes on. He was starting to feel the breeze rise up his thigh. He shivered lightly, waiting for her answer.

 Alexis nodded, smiling. “Yeah, anything your game for.” She replied, pushing her blond hair out her face. Her brown eyes rested on Tazz’s green ones, and they stared at each other for a moment. A half second. A minute—until Third got uncomfortable with all the staring and clapped his hands together, making them both jump. Third grinned, placing his hands on his hips. “Time to get going kiddies. Nice weather and long day. Get the steppin’.” He said, turning and going back outside. Tazz guessed he was going to finish working on whatever he was doing.

 With a small sigh, Alexis turned to the door, looking over her shoulder at Tazz. She put on hand on the door and one on her hip, then bit her lip. “I’ll be out here.” She muttered, before stepping outside again.

 Tazz slapped himself in the face. He’d been so stupid. He should’ve checked first and because of his mistake, the image of him joking about being naked might disgust her. “Wow, dude, really smooth.” He muttered to himself as he walked back to his room. There was no point getting the water now—even though he was dying to get some.

 Once he was in his room, he slid into his dark blue and white swimming trunks—with Great Whites on them—and pushed his hair out his face. He considered cutting it, but decided otherwise and ran back out his room. He went straight outside and blinked against the sudden light of the sun.

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