A Relapse in Creation

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Cleo's Story

Submitted: May 25, 2008

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Submitted: May 25, 2008



Cleo’s Story
“Well…”Cleo began, and looked around to make sure every eye was focused.Of course, the only one who was really looking right at her was Raj, but she could tell easily enough that the four other girls were still paying attention- just trying to look like they weren’t.
“I was very alone, and very frightened.I had a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I still seem to live up to that assumption today.A few girls had invited me to the movies in the city, and I graciously accepted.Of course, I realize now how stupid that was, because the only reason they invited me was because they wanted someone to laugh at.To them, I seemed like the perfect target…. I had shortly cropped brown hair, which spiked up in the back, but remained longer in the front where I had a fringe above my eyes.My eyes were a dull, smoky shade of grey and very round, like I was in a constant state of surprise.I was short and small framed, with little features and nothing special.I looked fragile, but in reality life had hardened me more then most men.
“When we got to the movies, the girls asked me to go and buy all of their tickets.It was going to be expensive for me, but I didn’t care because I was happy to be included.When I got back with the tickets, they were gone.
“I was so upset, that I threw all of the tickets away, and walked out into the fresh night air.It was at that point, I realized how screwed I was.The girls were my ride, so I currently had no way home.I started to walk down the street, and soon enough found myself in a narrow, dead ally which was next to black.Just as I was getting chills up my spine, I realized how stupid it was to walk alone after dark in a big city.I was about to turn around and go back to the theater, when I saw a pair of red eyes.
“The first thing I couldn’t help but think was that this must have been some cruel joke the girls were playing on me.I shouted out to them, but the only response I heard was a low, rumbling sort of growl coming from the general direction of the red eyes.I turned to run, but stumbled and fell to the ground on the far side of the ally, where a dim glow was visible from a distant street lamp.I turned my head slowly, and saw the red eyes moving steadily towards me.Next think I knew, the eyes were inches from my face.
“It wasn’t one of the girls, and it wasn’t some crazed dog either.It was a man, and he was beautiful.I can’t remember what he looked like now, just that he was beautiful and he had red eyes- horrid, scary red eyes.
“I felt a scream welt inside my chest, but before it could escape, his jaw was fused with my throat, and my head was tilted towards the ground in agony.I could feel the warm, sticky blood flowing up my neck, across my face and into my short hair.He let go of me, and let me drop back to the ground.Then he stood over me, and made me lock eye contact with him.I locked eyes with the monster that day, a monster with red eyes.
“He was speaking, but I couldn’t hear anything he was saying.I was only vaguely aware of his voice.The only bit I caught, was him telling me I would forever be a monster, and forever capable of dooming others, as he had doomed me.”
Cleo looked up into Raj’s face, and thought she saw something stir behind his eyes.Was it compassion?No, it couldn’t be.
“Well.” Raj exclaimed.“That was a most interesting story.Who would like to share next?”Raj beamed around at the white faces, and did not falter when none of the girls volunteered.“Orya?How about you go next then?”Orya smiled crookedly, like this was something she was expecting, and started confidently into her story.

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