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The Maverick Hunters




“I guess this is the tower.” said the calm leader of the Maverick Hunters, X.



“Your right.” said the S-class hunter Zero, one of X’s best friends.



“Enough talking lets get moving.” said Fang, the third of the Maverick Hunter’s team.



X, Zero, and Fang were the city New Hope’s last hope to defeat the mighty Epsilon. Since all the other Maverick Hunters have failed it was time for the undefeated team to rise up against the Rebellion. A Maverick is a rogue person who would do anything to get what they want. The Maverick Hunters are a group of A-class or S-class hunters who tend to stop these rogue people. X’s and Zero’s former S-class hunter buddy was Axl, but in a mission they sadly had to get separated form Axl. They never met again.



“I think we should call Redips.” said Fang. Redips was one of the leaders who directed this Maverick Hunter association. The other leader was Chief R. Fang opened up his black and purple communication gauntlet.



“Fang to Redips, repeat Fang to Redips.”



“I hear you Fang, what do you want?”



“Sir we are at the tower,” replied Fang.



“Good, there should be an access point but if there isn’t you know what to do.”



X and his friends went to the entrance of the tower. There wasn’t any access point so Zero got his saber, and sliced the entrance to the tower in half. The trio walked in with the red saber still in Zero’s hand.



“Zero, Fang, you guys go to the left and meet me up,” said X.



“Right,” said Zero.



The two went and X went. As X was walking he was thinking of Epsilon. To defeat him once and for all, when he arrives at the top floor. X kept walking and came across a Reploid elevator.




“This should probably take me to the top floor.”




X went in the Reploid elevator. X pressed the button that read “Sky room.”








The elevator went flying up like a torpedo but X was used to this. As the bullet-like elevator came to a halt X heard a loud, Boom!




The elevator door was stuck! X had a feeling it would be a trap. X got his MMXII Rifle. He shot a destructive blast and the elevator door went flying.




“Got to be careful.” said X.




X walked on cautiously knowing that any assault could hit him right now. X kept walking and finally arrived at the final door.




“When I open this door I will finally meet Epsilon.”



Knowing that this would be it X blasted the door open with his Ak-47 Excel. Maverick Hunters had the most lethal weapons and technology ever known to mankind. So did Mavericks. Instead of using the lethal weapons for good Mavericks use them for destruction.



“So you have finally arrived X.”



“Epsilon!” X replied back to his evil voice.






X looked at the other door that was making the annoying sound.



“Time to die!” said a very familiar voice.



X had a big grin on his face.



“Zero, Fang.” you guys made it.



“Did you actually think we would let you have all the fun, huh X?” said Zero.



“Is the reunion over or should I make it over.” said Epsilon.



X, Zero, and Fang looked at Epsilon and showed their lethal weapons.



“Ha, ha, ha are you trying to mock me.” said Epsilon.



“Why are you doing this Epsilon, why do you want to destroy the world?” said X with a serious look on his face.



“Because X this world needs a master who could take this pesky world to a whole new level. Try to realize my ideal X, Zero and Fang. Join us or I will destroy you so badly people will have nightmares about death. Mwhahahaha!”


“Ahhhh!” yelled Epsilon.




X shot Epsilon with his signature weapon Ak-47 Excel.




“I guess that’s your answer huh.” said Epsilon.



Zero went rushing toward Epsilon with his Z Saber in hand. But then, a electric whip got him and made fly off the cliff.



“Zero!” yelled X.




X looked up and saw a woman who was 19 in a dashing red costume that covered her torso but didn’t cover her fair skinned super model stomach. She had denim jeans and she had an electric whip. She also looked extremely hot.




“Hmmm, my name is Fabia. I guess you’re the Maverick Hunters plus the one I just killed who are trying to stop our boss Epsilon.”




X didn’t care who she was, he just went rushing towards Epsilon. Then a beam went racing right in front of X stopping him dead in his tracks. This time when X looked up he saw a green and yellow armored person who was very chubby. In the middle of his covered up stomach was a shiny circle that had steam coming out indicating the beam was shot from that.



“Hello the name is Botos. One of the three Cadres of Epsilon.”



“No one cares who you are,” this time Fang talking.



“Shut up!” said a piercing voice.


A bolt of thunder hit the ground and emerging from it was a handsome black and golden armored person with a mask that only revealed his dark blue eyes. One had a scar running through it. He also had a double-ended sword.




“My name is Scarface, the second in command of the Rebellion army for Epsilon is first.”



“Four on two huh, no problem.” said X determined to stop the Mavericks.



“Hahahaha, your wrong foolish X. It is five on one.” said Epsilon.



“What?” said X astonished.






X looked behind him and saw Fang holding his sword to X!




“F-F-Fang you’re a Maverick.” said X



X couldn’t believe his eyes.



“You see X, Epsilon promised to give me Supra-Force Gems.”



“What’s that.” asked X tensed.



“There is no point telling you,” said Epsilon.



Epsilon held out his hand and the five disappeared leaving X in a desolate area.



“Darn! I can’t believe Fang betrayed us.” said X who couldn’t believe what had just transpired in front of his eyes.






All of sudden everything around X exploded making X fly out the sky and landing in a waterfall.









































Submitted: November 27, 2011

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cool frist chapter, I will have to read the others latter but I will be back

Mon, November 28th, 2011 11:36pm


thnx. Im glad you liked the first chapter of my new novel. BD

Tue, November 29th, 2011 3:01pm

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