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Enter Jango


X was in the forest that he had soon wandered into after the explosion he just countered. X’s gauntlet started imitating a light. That meant someone was trying to contact him.



“Zero!” X hoped that it was Zero.



“Its Chief R, X. Have you successfully captured Epsilon?”



“Sorry R but I was ambushed by some of the army commanders. I found out some thing that might not amuse you. I have found out that Fang is a Maverick and he fights for Epsilon! Not just that Zero sadly was thrown off the Sky room by one of the Cadres. Fang was talking about a thing called Supra-Force Gems.”



“I will send a teleport device to you.” said Chief R.



The gauntlet closed. X looked in front of him and saw a device forming. It was the teleport device better known as a TP. X walked on the device. It was round and blue. It also had little stands.




When the blue light was gone X found himself back at HQ. Before X went to the control room where Chief R was he quickly got some new weapons for upcoming missions. He got an AK Sniper-Rifle, Death Balista, Glock mm gun, a brand new machine gun, and two knives for close combat.


X walked up the gray polished stairs and into the control room.


“X I was waiting for you.” said a voice that didn’t sound at all like Chief R’s.



“Chief R, is something wrong with you?” asked X hesitating to walk up to the chief.



When the figure turned around X quickly got out his machine gun.



“Who are you, I know one thing you are definitely not Chief R!” X said full of desire to kill the figure if it was a Rebellion commander.



The figure had an intimidating lion mask. He had five knives equipped to his hands and a thing that almost looked like a jetpack on his back. On his torso he had a Rebellion sign.



“What have you done with Chief R you creep?” said X putting his finger on the machine gun’s trigger.



“Chief R is in good hands, hahahaha! said Jango.



“I have come here to infiltrate with my mini army your HQ. What is a better way to start the Rebellion’s invasion then getting control over their HQ?! Hahahaha! Hahahahahahaha!” 



“Oof!” Jango let out with a yelp.



X pulled the trigger on Jango. Now steam was coming out the place where Jango got shot. But for some reason Jango some how managed to stay alive.



“Do you really think you foolish Maverick Hunter that a simple bullet can stop me, Ha!” said Jango sounding powerful.



“No but a lot can.” X pulled the trigger again this time not letting go of the trigger.



Jango thought fast and amazingly deflected the bullets.



“What?!” said X amazed at the skill Jango possessed.



“Hm, so be it” said X “I guess I’ll just have to go solo with knives.



X got his two knives he got when he returned to HQ and rushed towards Jango. Jango used the five knives on each of his hands to counteract against X’s assault. The two battled and battled.





The door to the control room opened and five men with blades coming out from every single of their body parts came in. Each of them had a Rebellion sign on them.



“Seize the hunter.” said Jango.



X looked at the five men rushing towards him, and then he scanned them looking for their weaknesses. One man had a not as good leg and the rest had a soft neck. X somersaulted through the air and landed behind two of the five men. He got his two knives and sliced their head off.





The three men remaining rushed towards him. X had a slight grin on his face and threw two low- powered bombs where he was standing. When the bombs exploded it made a little bit of destruction since both of them were low-powered. But the explosion was enough to blow the three men remaining into smithereens.



“Curse that X.” said Jango frustrated with his minor loss.



“Time to do plan B.” said Jango.



Jango got his gauntlet and contacted a person who had a slick black attire. The person had two handguns clipped onto his belt that he put some of his weapons on. He had a sword that was carried in place with a strap that the person wore on his back.



“Kaname I need your help.” said Jango.



“What’s it worth?” asked Kaname.



“I’ll give you all the money you want once we the Rebellion Army take control of the universe.” said Jango telling his and the Rebellion’s Army shared ideal.



“Fine, but if your lying then you won’t even be alive to see this “ideal” of yours.” said Kaname in his sleek, bone-chilling voice.



Jango closed the gauntlet.



“Prepare your self X, for the best bounty hunter is going to bring your head to me, hahahahahaha!” said the evil Jango.



Submitted: November 28, 2011

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