Last Goodbye...

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012



  She sluggishly opened her eyes to find herself in a small dark room. She tried to rub her throbbing sore head only to find her hands manacled to the wall.

She yanked at the chains then cried out in pain as the metal bit into her wrists.

She groggily surveyed her stark surrondings. The room was empty apart from a big wooden box in the corner, and a blood stained table in the middle of the room.

Her vision blurred as the feeling returned to her arms and legs.

She felt weak. A sudden noise made her start. Footsteps getting closer and closer and closer to the door. She struggled with the chains again. She didn't know who was coming, but she felt it wasn't going to be good. She struggled some more, opening fresh wounds on her wrists and ankles. Blood trickled down her arms. From outside the door there was a howl. Her blood ran cold. She whimpered in fear and as the door creaked open she passed out again...

When she came to the vampires were there. One of the vampires looked no older than her. His face was as pale as moonlight that cascaded upon them, his hair was short, a shining golden like a lion's mane, everything about his body screamed predator but the sexual attraction was overwhelming. His soft blue eyes burned with passion and desire. The other vampire was a female who looked well older than her. Her Black hair was as dark as charcoal, but as soft as silk. Her eyes shone with an aged intelligence, as though she had seen every large atrocity and each feeble passing. She was strong. That's what April was thinking at the time. Stronger then most like her and faster. Older, too but it didn't show.

Then the female stepped forward and spoke.

"Look what the cat dragged in." She spat while folding her arms. The vampire smiled wickidly showing two sharp fangs. "Where did you find this one." She turned to her male companion and he stepped forward.

"I found her wondering around on the streets..." His voice trailed off then he said quietly. "Outisde that Montgomery House." He looked upright and his eyes shone with fear. The female vampire hissed silently then stared at her.

"Never mind...we will just finish her off, rip her from limb to limb..." The vampire chuckled silently to herself.

April stood strapped to the wall trembling. The female walked closer until she could feel the vampires bitter breath on her bare naked skin. The aura eminating from the vampire brought goosebumps to the back of her neck and sent shivers through her spine. Her insides squirmed involuntary. A warm trickle ran down her leg.

The vampire hissed and slapped her. "You disgusting vile creature! Hope you tatste better than you smell..." The Vampire then turned to face her male companion. "Magnus," She looked at me with a cruel smile before walking off and saying. "Bon appetite, hope she doesnt give you indigestion..." The female laughed in a blood curdling tone. Then walked out of the room.

The male vampire showed his fangs and hissed, as he approached her. Looking into his eyes was like looking into oblivion. She struggled as he got nearer, he smelt like a crypt of death of decay. As his head came down a freezing chill permeated her body, and she barely felt the needle like pierceings as his fangs dug into the soft flesh of her neck. She screamed, then everything turned black...


"So did you kill her?!" The female vampire paced constantly across the room. The male vampire mumbled something under his breath and shuffled his feet, looking at the ground. The female vampire turned to face him and walked up to him. She brung her hand back and slapped him across the face. "I told you to kill her your worthless bastard not turn her! What vampire doesn't know the difference from change to kill! Seriously!" She removed her hand and had left a red hand print on the vampires cheek. She walked over behind her desk and sat down on her Midnight coloured chair. "Now where is she?"

"She is, in the room, still, manakled to the wall still..." His voice trailed off.

"As long as she hasn't escaped we are all goo-." Crash! Boom! Crash! The female vampire shot up out her chair. "What was that!" She ran up to the door and swung it open and screamed. The male vampire walked swiftly up to her and was horrified at the scene. "She...she..." She turned to the male vampire and grabbed him by the throat. Her eyes turned red like fire and her breath was ragged. She continued to strangle him gripping him tighter. A few minutes after she unhanded him and his body flopped to the ground. She laughed. Walking off she looked at where the girl once stand and snarled before jumping out the window.


"What the hell just happened." She sighed letting out a ruffled breath of air. She panted heavely then started to tremble. "What the hell did he do to me..." She pressed her trembling hand against the place the male vampire had bit. A soaring pain rang through her body and she collapsed to the ground. She screamed into oblivion. What's happening to me?! She started to breath more raggedly, and sweat began to trickle down her face causing her make-up to intermingle with one another making her look like a goth or an emo. She stood up and made her way towards what it looked like a coffee shop. She winced in pain with every step she took.


"Do you want me to close up!" Eve shouted from inside the staff room.

"Yeah because I need to pick up Mark from the airport before dawn. Eve's boss charles walked into the staffroom. He was tall and dark. With brown curly hair which he usually ruffled with his hands to try and 'impress' the girls. His eyes on the other hand...

Eve scooted past Charles and he grabbed her arm. When she stiffened he let go.

"Why..." She stuttered. Charles breathed in heavily.

"Because Eve...I love you, I always have from the moment I met you I knew you were the one." He smiled a sweet smile and took Eve's hand, this time she let him. He twisted their hands together and brought her in to a hug. He wrapped his arms delicatly around her.

"But we can't do anything...we can't be together." Eve felt pain in her heart. It felt like a heart attack.

"I know...the age" He sighed and pulled back. He looked into her eyes. For a few moments there was just silence, then he kissed her. She tried to pull back because it was just wrong but she truly loved the guy. They intermingled their hands so they were locked. Charles pressed his body up against hers. She gasped as he placed his hands on her hips. Charles continued to kiss her, sticking his tongue inside and exploring her.

"Charles..." She mumbled and pulled away. Both were panting heavily and their breathing was rapid.

"Sorry I carried away I guess. Im really sor--" Eve stepped forward and kissed him, and the sentance was lost forever. Eve placed her hands at the rim of his shirt, and Charles placed his hands on her hips. Charles then moved slowly towards the spare room. He pulled back. "You sure you want to do this?" He gazed deeply into her hazel eyes, which were swirling with pools of blue.

"Im never sure, but right now im defenetly sure...please Charles I really am ready for this."

Charles smiled and kissed her again, then led her into the room locking the door behind them.

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