He Changed For Me

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Rhiarne is a knockout at TNA, she is 24 years old and she is making her long awaited return the ring, after a falling out with her former friend Eric Young.

She's returning tonight with her friend of many years Sean Waltman, whose got a problem with Eric, and like wise Eric has a problem Sean. How will things pan out when Rhiarne has to men chasing her, for her affection.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - He Changed For Me

Submitted: April 15, 2010

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Submitted: April 15, 2010



I stood in the parking lot of the hotel waiting for Sean and Scott to come down from their rooms so we could go to the Impact! Zone. I was excited to make my return with Sean this week because I'd get to see Jeremy. I hadn't seen him since I left and it had been a while. He had just changed so much, but lately he'd been hanging out with Kevin and Kevin was doing good things from what I could see. "Oh! Fianlly about bloody time Scotty I've only been wait for twenty freakin' minutes!" I sighed in relief when he and Sean stepped out of the lift and started walking over to me.

"Sorry Rhi!" Scott grinned at me. I glared back, but my glared turned into a smile once he pulled me into a bear hug.

"Dude get off my woman!" Sean barked as he got in the back seat and waited for me. Scott let me go and jumped into the driver's seats and and buckled up. I got into the back with Sean and shuffled over to the middle next to him and he wrapped his arm around me. I smiled up and him and he smirked back.

"Since when was Rhi your woman!" Scott yelled and I giggled.

"Since forever!" Sean stated with a smirk.

When we got to the Impact! Zone I was nervous, I was gonna have to go and see Jeremy sooner or later. Sean grabbed my hand as we walked through the door. I saw lots of people I knew and I passed Hulk Hogan in the hall, he smiled and nodded at me. We walked past Kevin in the hall way and he said hi to, but not Scott or Sean. We got to the locker room and I sat down on the couch and took a deep breath. "Sean will you come and see Jeremy with me?" I asked.

"Do I have to?" He complained and I frowned.

"You don't but it would be nice if ya did." I pouted.

"Why must you be so god-damn cute!" He cursed, Scott chuckled and started unpakcing his stuff. "Okay! Fiiine!" He moaned stood up pulling em with him. I smiled and kissed his cheek as we walked out of the room. "This way Rhi!" Sean pulled me in the right direction when I attempted to head to where his old dressing room was.

We got to his door and I stood there for a few seconds not knowing what to do. Sean got fed up and knocked on the door for me. I smiled and sqquuezed his hand before letting go. "I think i can do this by myself." I whispered to him. He nodded kissing my head and walked off.

"Rhi?" The door opened and Jeremy was standing in front of me, he was wearing jeans and a leather jacket and he looked different, completely differnt since I had seen him last.

"Hi ..." I didn't know what to say to him.

"Wow, I can't believe you're here! I thought you were never coming back! ... come in!" He opened the door wider and I stepped past him and into the locker room. I bit my lip and turned around. He was staring at me, looking me up and down. "You ... you look amazing!" He said and he lead me to the couch. I sat as far away from him as possible I was still nervous.

"Thanks ... Um I just wanted to see you before the show." I said.

"That's cool, so how are you?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm okay, I ... I came here with Sean." I gulped, not knowing what his reaction was going to be like. I knew he didn't like Sean at all, he didn't like Scott either.

His facial expression changed for the worst. He frown and then looked up at me. "Really? You still hang out with that tool bag?" He spat.

"Yeah Jeremy I do, do you have a problem with that?" I asked, I wasn't gonna let him beat me down like last time. I was gonna stand up for myself.

"Oh come on Rhi can you not see he's a piece of dirt? You can do so much better then him!"

"I didn't come to see you so you could insult my bestfriend Jeremy! Forget it!" I stood up hastily and walked to the door.

"Rhi come on!" He stood up after me but I slammed the door in his face.

I sighed and made the walk back to Scott and Sean's locker room. "How'd it go bub?" Scott asked when I walked in, I didn't see Sean. I slumped myself on teh couch and gronaed. "That bad huh?" He asked and I nodded.

"All he did was tell how much a tool Sean is." I sighed.

"He may be a tool babe, but he's your tool." He chuckled sympathetically.

"You Scott Hall are no help at all!" I frowned and he laughed.

"You love me!" He poked his toung out. I stood and went to sit on his lap and we had a chat about what was gonna happen tonight, for a while I was gonna be heel which I was really looking forward to because I've never played heel before, it's kinda the reason I left in the first place.

"Dude what did I tell you! Keep your hands off my woman!" Sean walked in a few minutes later and seemed surprised to see me. Scott ejected me from his lap and I moved over to Sean on the other couch to give him a hug.

"Ugh I'm outta here, you two are too lovey dovey for me!" Scott hit the road and I'm pretty sure that Sean was silently cheering as he walked out because he had the biggest smirk on his face, it was cute. I snuggled up to Sean seeing as there were a few hours until the show started.

"You got back here quickly, so I guess your talk with 'Eric young' didn't go so well." I nodded and giggled as he said Jeremy's name in a girly way.

"It was crap!" I frowned.

"Never mind, I'm a better friend then he ever was ... right?" He kissed my cheek.

"Yep, bestest friend ever!" I smiled and leaned up to give him a kiss back.

"Mmm this kissing is nice, let's do more." He grinned and gave me another peck this time lightly on the lips. I didn't return it because Scott came back into the room to get his phone.

"Sorry didn't mean to wreck the mood!" He raced in and raced back out because Sean sent him a death glare.

I giggled as Scott left the room once more. I wasn't sure how I was meant to feel about this whole, I'm your bestfriend let's make out thing so I leant my head on Sean's shoulder instead and hoped he wouldn't try any more.  

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