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The sound of claws scrapping against the stone walls echoed around the three wolves. Taro watched as a large black mass emerged from the hole in the wall. It's bright red eyes locked with Taros.

"What is that?" Seki quietly asked. Bronwyns eyes flickered from Seki to Taro.

"It's a bear, run Taro!" She called just as the bear swiped a large paw at Taro. He dodged it quickly but he soon found himself cornered. Glancing from the rock wall back to the bear Taro got an idea. The first swipe of the bears paw had broken nearby rock so he knew what he could do.

"Seki, come help me!" He called to her. She nodded and dashed to his side. The bear roared as its paw collided with the rock wall behind the two wolves. Thankfully a small ledge had been there.

"I need for you to trust me." Taro suddenly said, his eyes locking with Sekis for a brief moment. She hesitantly nodded. The bear stood on its hind legs and let out a roar that shook the rocks around them. Its red eyes crazed as it stepped towards the two. A loud crack was heard as the rock struggled to hold all three up.

"You first."

"What do you plan to do?" Seki asked as the bear took another step. Taro met her gaze with unwavering determination.

"Jump." He stated. Seki looked at him as if he'd lost his mind.

"Jump? Are you-" The bear swiped at her and she had no choice but to jump. Groaning she turned and lunged forward, the ribbons around her legs flowing behind her. Seki felt a tug at the ribbon on her hind leg and she was swung around, Taro had grabbed a hold of the ribbon and was going to throw her. He put all of his strength into this throw. Swinging her around, he released her and she seemed to fly right behind the bear and beside Bronwyn. Taro smiled and thought about cheering until he remembered: he was still in danger. The bears paw slammed into his side and sent him sliding back, the breath knocked from him. Taking another step, the rock gave out and began to fall from the mountain side. Taro tried his hardest to stand but found he could not. Looking down at his side, all he saw was crimson before he lost consciousness.

Seki watched as the rock began to lean. Taros unconscious body quickly siding from it. She knew that her powers had not yet fully returned, she would be able to lift the rock with Taro but not all three including the bear.

"I'm coming, Taro." She muttered under her breath. Bronwyn watched as the she-wolf lunged forward, her eyes beginning to glow yellow. The bear had returned to all fours and was breathing heavily. Taros body was so close to falling, Seki knew she had to be fast. Darting, she slide around the bear and bit down onto Taros scruff, a small whimper coming from the wolf. She mentally thanked Juno that he was alive. Seki tried to begin running again but her energy had left her.

"Bronwyn!" Her muffled voice called just as the rock slipped over the edge. The she-wolf focused as hard as she could on the two and the rock they had been on.

"Juno, give me strength." She murdered as she put all her energy into saving the two. The rock, thank fully with both wolves, lifted back to where it once was. The bear was no where to be seen. Seki heaved Taro onto the flat surface of the cave and she collapsed beside him. He opened his eyes and smiled.

"You are one crazy wolf, you know that?" Seki asked, for the first time since they had met, she was smiling and she even let out a chuckle.

"Thanks, you too."

"Seki, we have to get him patched up." Bronwyn said. Seki rose and untied the ribbons from her legs, deep mahogany fur underneath. The two she-wolfs wrapped the ribbons around Taros middle. He winced at the pain, he had never felt anything like it.

"There. Once we get back to Terra he might be able to do something better."

"Terra?" Bronwyn asked. Seki nodded.

"An elemental guardian, the one of earth. He sent us here to find a fountain and to get water from it."

"You must mean that fountain, come with me I'll take you to it." She said simply, her light voice soothing both wolves tension. But then it crossed Sekis mind, why was Bronwyn here when the magma pack valley was farther east?

"Bronwyn," she started," what exactly are you doing here?" The nearly all white she-wolf sighed and looked down.

"My pack leader, Ares sent me a message in my dreams. He told me that two wolves would need my help here so I came here and waited for days. I noticed the bear soon after arriving but it didn't seem right to me, I could walk right in front of it and it wouldn't react at all. But it changed when you two came." She explained, her voice drifting near the end. Seki nodded, fully understanding what the she-wolf had meant. She helped Taro to his feet and the three went back into the cave, Seki remaining at Taros side.

"There are stairs near here so be careful."

"Stairs?" Taro asked.

"Yes, these steps are said to have been made by Juno herself to help others to the fountain. But only those with good intentions can find them." Just as got done saying this, Taros paw hit something hard. He looked down to see a stair.

"I think I found it."

"Good, now we don't have to look. Let's go."

Ah, action it's been to long :3 It definetly is'nt my forte but I tried, please tell me what you think it's my first written fighting scene in a long long time :D

Submitted: January 25, 2011

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Quit good action, and you're right it isn't easy to write and I think you've done well for such a hard thing to write. I enjoyed the chapter, well done.

Wed, January 26th, 2011 3:06am


Thank you, it was pretty hard but this book is going to have a lot of it so I need to get some practice! Thanks for reading and commenting! ^__^

Tue, January 25th, 2011 8:24pm


Love it! The action was great, saw it perfectly in my mind! =D As always, can't wait for more and amazing job on the story so far! ;D

Wed, January 26th, 2011 1:06pm


Aw, thank you~ Im glad you like it! ^__^

Wed, January 26th, 2011 7:10am

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