Chapter 1: The Sweet Escape

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

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We had been friends since we were in diapers. He had helped me get over my brother’s death. I helped him forget that his sister had ran away. His parents were like my own. They gave me all the love that my parents didn’t. They celebrated the birthdays that my parents had forgotten about. Nobody could say Jake without saying Alyssa.

Then we started high school. He was instantly welcomed to the popular group. I wasn’t. At first we stayed friends. But over the year he changed. It was little things at first like spending his lunch with them, or pairing up with one them for a project. Then he started ignoring me in the halls and spreading rumors about me behind my back.

By the time our sophomore year of high school started we were enemies. He had a whole posse. I only had one person I could call my friend. He had thrown fourteen years of friendship out the window. That’s what I was thinking as I walked inside the huge mansion that was my house, dripping wet.

Jake had pulled anther one of his pranks. As usual I was his victim. He had pushed me into the pool. Then he and his group made fun of the fact that I couldn’t swim and was scared of water before leaving. I’m sure I would have drowned if Jessica, my only friend, hadn’t pulled me out. He didn’t care about the reason for my fear of water.

“Is anyone home?!” I called out hearing my voice echo. Nobody answered. No surprise there. I went to the kitchen; my footsteps and the dripping of water were the only noise inside the cool, empty house. There was a pink post-it note stuck on the fridge. My parents had just gotten back from a business trip this morning, but it looks like they left again.

‘Left for business. Be back soon. –Mom and Dad’ the note said. It didn’t say where they left or exactly when they were coming back. It didn’t even say they loved me. I climbed the stairs to my room, still dripping water. Once in my room I took a warm shower and got dressed in warm sweats and a long sleeved thermal shirt. It wouldn’t do any good to catch a cold.

I turned on my expensive black laptop that I had bought with some of the money my parents had left. I would much rather have them be home more often than have all the new things I could buy. Once the laptop was on I opened an internet page. Almost instantly the page was loading. I went on my my-space page. Immediately, I saw that Jake had uploaded new pictures.

I clicked to see what they were. It was me. All of the pictures were of me in the pool trying not to drown. I couldn’t stop the tears that started pouring down my cheeks. As I scrolled down I saw all the comments.

‘She’s such a loser. I can’t believe you used to be friends with her!’

‘Gosh, she’s so pathetic. Why didn’t she try to swim?’

‘OMG that was the most hilarious thing, ever. I wish I could see it again! I was so lmao.’

‘Who the hell is scared of water? Loser with a capital L.’

‘She’s such an attention whore. She should go kill herself.’ I knew I should have stopped reading at that point, but the next comments was Jake’s. Some small, naïve part of me hoped he would defend me. I was so wrong.

‘I know she’s a loser but with all capital letters. I pitied her. Her parents didn’t even like her. She really should, we would all be better off if she was dead- especially her parents.’ By now I was sobbing. Some of this people didn’t even know me, and they hated me. But it was what Jake said that hurt me the most. Every single word was like another stab to my heart. It was already cracked. Now it seemed broken beyond repair.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jake knew exactly why I couldn’t swim, why I was afraid of water. I closed my eyes and let my memories take me back to that awful day when the water took away one of the most precious people in my life.

I was twelve and my mom was driving me to one of my friend’s birthday party. Johnny, my baby brother, was strapped into his baby seat at the back of the car. My mom and I were at the front. We were driving on a bridge when I saw something coming at us.

“Mom! Watch out!” I screamed as the car came closer to us on the wrong side of the lane. My mom swerved the car and got out of the way of the pick up truck that had crashed into the rail. I let out a sigh of relief until I noticed that we were heading toward the other rail by the water. I saw my mom’s panicked expression and heard Johnny cried from the back seat.

“Mom what’s going on?!” I shouted panicked as we got closer to the rail.

“Nothing’s wrong. The rail is going to-”Mom didn’t get a chance to finish what she was going to say as we crashed into the rail. For a second, I thought we were going to be okay. The rail was going to stop us from driving into the lake. The noise that came next, though, proved me wrong.

It was a loud screeching noise. The kind of noise that metal makes when it’s being broken. It took me a while to figure out what was happening. The rail had broken. We were falling into the lake. Johnny’s cries grew even louder, but I was frozen. This couldn’t be happening. It was just a bad dream. In a minute I was going to wake up and hear Johnny laughing and mom feeding him baby food.

The car started sinking to the bottom of the shallow lake and we were being covered by water. Air, I need air were my thoughts as the blackness engulfed me. The last thing I remember was being pulled out of the car.

Someone that lived near the lake called 911 and pulled us out of the car. Only my mom and I survived. That’s why my parents are never home. Even though they don’t say it, they blame me for Johnny’s death. That’s also why I have not gotten on a car in 4 years. That’s why I’m scared of the water.

And Jake knows.

I went under my bed and pulled out an old shoe box. I took out the pictures that I had kept in there. I cried harder as I flipped through the pictures looking at the happy smiling faces of young Jake and me. I thought of the comments on face book. Maybe it would be better if I was dead. Nobody would miss me. I might even get to see Johnny again.

Thinking this, I went to my mom’s room. I got a used tube of her favorite blood red lipstick and went back to my bathroom, once again noticing how cold, empty, and unlived in the house felt. I took the top off the lipstick and wrote my last message on the mirror, in case someone noticed I gone.

I also got a pressed white rose Jake had given me freshman year. A memory of better times.

I picked up the knife I had grabbed from the kitchen and ran it over my vein. Once, twice, until the pain became unbearable. The blood fell on the white rose staining it a dark red.

Soon I would see Johnny again. I would escape from this world full of pain.

I cut my other vein and watched as the rose soaked up some of the blood. I couldn’t stand up any more. I fell to the floor, still tightly holding on to the bloody rose.

Memories of my family, Johnny, Jake, and of the life I had before filled my head.
“The sweet escape, finally away from all this pain.” were the last thoughts I had before I closed my eyes for the final time.

Submitted: November 22, 2010

© Copyright 2020 xXVampirePrincessXx. All rights reserved.


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Vampyre Queen

That's... amazing. I feel bad for alyssa. Her brother's dead, drowned. Her best friend deserted her and pushed her into a pool, made fun of her, and still didn't remember that was how her brother died?
I understand why she slit her wrists. She doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

Thu, November 25th, 2010 7:56pm


I know, no one deserves to have that happen to them....Thank you for reading it! I wish I knew how to upload the second part :(

Tue, December 21st, 2010 12:49pm


that... was amazing. its really sad though. great job!

Sat, November 27th, 2010 9:22am


Thank you! There's another part, in the boys POV of when they find her. I just couldn't figure out how too upload it......

Tue, December 21st, 2010 12:47pm


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Mon, October 5th, 2020 10:49am

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