He Saved Me

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read and find out lol

Chapter 1 (v.1) - He Saved Me

Submitted: June 09, 2009

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Submitted: June 09, 2009



It was another boring day at school as always everybody as to bug me.  I don't know whats so fun about it but they love to. I was in english class listening to my teacher rant on and on and on about some love story and how everybody will find there true love ad blah blah blah, if you ask me i think shes crazy, for one i will never ever fall in love and second no guys here like me i guess its because i'm not as pretty as the other girls or as skinny i'm not a preppy type thats scared to break a nail and i am defiantley not easy.  Yuck this clas is starting to make me sick everyboy and girl were flirting uggh maybe i can fake sick or something never mind theres only 5 mins left, all of a sudden the door opens and in walks nick the school bad boy who moved here a couple of months ago who sadly sits by me gets horrible grades destroys everything does drugs & drinks and screws anything that moves every girl wants him well except me i'll give him one thing hes gorgeous but hes ruining his life.  Mrs.Macdonald notices his apperance

"nick how nice of you to finally join us, whats your excuse this time?"

"i have better things to do"

" and like other people don't nick you can stay here after school"

"what thats bullshit"

"and for the rest of the week oh you as well Abby"

"uhm excuse me miss but what did i do?"

oh nothing dear i just need to speak to you'

jeez i thought i was in trouble for a second the bell finally rang me a nick both stayed seated. 

"Abby i want you to help nick with all his classes since you do have all the same ones"

"WHAT" me and nick shouted at the same time we did not get along we were two completley diffrent people.

"i'll take that as a yess then"

"uhm miss i can't i have things going on and he dosen't want to learn anything"

he huffed and said what would you know princess

PRINCESS??? oooh that set me off.

"do i look like a fucking princess to you, if i was a princess i'd be a pretty, skinny, little rich girl whos daddy would be paying my way through school and i wouldn't have to work my ass of to get the grades i get

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