He Saved Me

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 30, 2009



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Nicks pov~

I woke to my alarm and walked down stairs to see John (Nick’s dad) and Jason watching football.


“Where are you going we need to talk”


“Where I’m going is none of your business John and whatever you have to talk about talk to Jason about it I’m sure he’ll listen”


He looked hurt and angry about what I said so I just walked out of there before he could say anything else and sped off to Ncole’s.


John’s pov~

I walked into the house and the first thing I heard was fighting of course Nick & Jason would be fighting.  I decided to listen to what they were saying.  Wow nick really thought we didn’t care about him and Jason was my favorite son? We only acted that way so he will smarten up and get his life together but so far it isn’t working.  This is getting out of hand and he’s right I should have went after there mother and I should have put my family before my job but I didn’t and that’s a mistake that I’ll always have to live with.  I zoned out for the rest of there fight thinking about how I’m going to tell them that I haven’t been going away for work I’ve been visiting Laura (Nicks mom) we got remarried and now she’s 3-4 weeks pregnant I have never been more happy.  She’s going to be moving in with us soon maybe this will fix everything.  I came back to reality when I saw my sons practically wrestling with each other shit.  I pulled them apart and threw them on there asses.


“What the hell is going on here I leave for two weeks Jason you back for a day and you & nick are already trying to rip each other apart, both of you go to your rooms, Nick grow up your to old for this shit”


He looked at me like I had ten heads, and then walked off, shit, no matter what I do I keep fucking things up, I ruined our family.  Those boys use to be so close I never thought I’d see them fight the way they just were, I’m going to try and make things right I have to, I can’t keep this up any longer, I have to get my family back to the way it used to before its to late, oh god I hope its not to late.


“Dad are you ok?”


I looked up to see Jason standing there with a concerned look on his face.


“Yeah I’m fine & what the hell were you doing earlier your 20 Nicks 17 you should be looking after him not trying to rip him apart” I snapped


Jason actually looked shocked that I yelled at him I guess I’ll have to do that more often.


“Dad I didn’t even start that he started acting like a S.O.B and we started fighting I’m sorry, I really am”


He did look like he meant it I hope he did.


“Make sure you apologize to your brother; now come watch some tv, me you and Nick have to have a serious talk when he comes down”


We decided to watch football I wasn’t really watching the game I was hoping that Nick would forgive me.  I don’t know how long it was before Nick finally came down stairs, but he just walked by us like we weren’t even there.


“Where are you going we need to have a serious talk”


“Where I’m going is none of your business John and whatever you have to talk about talk to Jason I’m sure he’ll listen”


I was so shocked and hurt that he called me John instead of dad that I couldn’t stop him before he walked out the door and sped off down the street.  I just walked up stairs to my room ignoring Jason calling after me, I locked my self in my room and looked at the pictures on the night stand there was one of me, Nick, Jason & Laura and then there was a picture of me holding Jason the day he was born and one of me holding nick the day he was born.  I felt the tears stream down my face as I remembered how happy we were and what a mess we are now.


“What have I done to us?” I whispered


Jason’s pov~

I walked upstairs to my room thinking about everything nick said. We did use to be close, am I really turning out like our dad?

Does he really hate me as much as he hates our father?

Everything he was saying was so selfish, he wasn’t the only one upset when mom left, we all were, and dad is still upset about it.  The only reason we treat him the way we do is because dad thinks it will help but so far it’s making everything worse.  I wish the college I went to wasn’t so far from here I hate leaving Nick here alone all the time. Uggh I have to fix things between us.  I better go make sure dad’s ok, I walked down stairs and saw him slouched over looking at the floor deep in thought with a painful expression on his face.


“Dad are you ok?”


“Yeah I’m fine & what the hell was that earlier, you’re 20 Nicks 17 you should be looking after him not trying to rip him apart” he snapped


I was actually shocked he yelled at me, the last time he yelled at me was when mom left, it’s usually Nick who gets yelled at he must be coming to his senses because he’s right I should be looking out for my little brother.


“Dad I didn’t even start that, he started acting like and S.O.B and we started fighting I’m sorry I really am”


I was serious I was going to try and fix everything with Nick I can’t stand the way we treat each other.

“Make sure you apologize to your brother now come watch some tv, me you and nick need to have a serious talk when he comes down” 


We decided to watch football, I don’t think dad was really watching it though, he seemed deep in thought I just hope whatever he has to say is something good and nothing that’s going to make everything worse.  Nick finally came downstairs but totally blanked us.  I heard him getting snappy with dad and calling him John, oh shit this is bad he wont even call him dad anymore this is way worse then I thought.  Dad just stood there looking hurt then he just walked upstairs ignoring me calling after him.


“What’s happened to us” I whispered.


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