He Saved Me

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 15, 2009



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Nicks pov~~

I got out of the shower and got ready, I kept thinking about how I ended up here but I couldn’t remember I could only remember before I got wasted and baked.  I decided to give up on trying to remember anything else and call Nicole to see if she wanted to do something today.  She picked up on the fifth ring.


Nicole* “uggh wtf do you want?”

Nick*”Uh hey baby I didn’t mean to wake you up”

Nicole*”Oh what do you want babe?”

Nick*”do you want to go out for the day?”

Nicole*”Of course pick me up in two hours or so?”



I flopped down on my bed and decided to sleep for a while so I set my alarm”


I woke up to my alarm going off, I went down stairs and John & Jason where watching football, I started walking to the door.


“Where are you going? We need to talk”


“Where I’m going is none of your business John & whatever you have to talk about I’m sure if you tell Jason he’ll listen”


He looked hurt and angry at the same time so I just decided to leave I wasn’t in the mood to listen to him bitch at me and lecture me about why I can’t I be more like Jason and blah blah.  Me and Nicole walked got to the movies and I noticed Jenn and Abby ahead of us Nicole started whispering to me about Abby and I could tell she heard because her fists clenched at her sides without thinking I started sticking up for Abby and telling Nicole off and for some reason I couldn’t stop we ended up getting in a fight about it and I dumped her.


Abby’s pov~~

Jenn was finally read after like tow hours or more, we decided to go to the movies.  We walked to the bus stop and saw nicks car go flying by.


“Man I wish I had a car like that”


“Hmm? Like what abb’s?”


“I wish I had a car like nicks man that baby was amazing to drive”


“AHAh is it fast?”


“Very and you would have known if you didn’t get wasted and pass out, you know I was the only other person to drive nicks car beside nick”


“How do you know that?”


Because at first he wasn’t going to let me drive because it’s is (“baby”) but I took the keys off him, and pushed him in the back”


“You know he could have stopped you if he wanted to”


“I guess”


“You know what this means?”



“He must really like you because if you were the only other person to drive his car then he didn’t let Nicole or Jake drive it and Jake and Nick are tight and Nicole’s his girlfriend”


“Ok girl your just crazy”

The bus pulled up and we kept arguing over the fact if Nick liked me or not.  She jus wouldn’t drop the subject, we finally got there and I saw nick & Nicole walking towards the movies great me and her in the same place were not leaving without trouble.  Me and Jenn walked into the movie first so they were behind us and I could hear her whispering to him.


“uggh that stupid little whore is here, its bad enough we have to see her at school but at the movies as well, I mean its bad when nobody wants her around shes just a waste of space a lot of space”


She let out a chuckle and I felt my fists clenched then I heard nick actually stick up for me and the only person whoever does that is Jenn.


“Nicole shut up she is not a whore and just give the girl a break, its so obvious that your jealous of her”


I heard Jenn laugh and I just stood there with my jaw hitting the floor.


“What excuse me your choosing that skank over me, and why would I be jealous of that she’s fat and ugly, and I’m perfect are you getting bored of me? do you want to take her to bed now?”


She was now yelling and causing a scene so I turned around to face them laughing Jenn was in hysterics.


“No Nicole I don’t want to take her to bed and I’m not getting bored of you I’m getting sick of your attitude and how you treat people, your not perfect so you know what I can’t take anymore of your crap were over, done, threw”


Me, Jenn and Nicole all gasped at the same time and looked at him like WTF with are mouths hanging open.  Omg what is he doing? Why is he sticking up for me?


“Your actually dumping me for that stupid little nobody”


“hunny I’m not dumping you for anybody I’m dumping you because you’re a selfish little bitch. Fine but once you realize that you love me don’t come crawling back”



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